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Have You Ever Been Led by Passion?

By Chris Wilson     What is your “fuel” in life? More specifically, what “thing” in your life do you think about 24/7 (besides chicks guys) and want to constantly find ways to get better at doing? I’m not talking about...

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Interview With WBFF Pro Sharon Polsky

Interviewed by Ben Tatar Interviee: WBFF Pro Sharon Polsky CRITICAL BENCH: How did you get involved in the fitness industry? I have been an athlete my entire life and at the age of 16 was looking for a part time job. I went to...

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4 Weeks to Crunchless Abs

The key or should I say “keys” to a ripped 6 pack that impresses the onlookers at the beach are NOT what you think. It’s not the 100 sit ups every day that get you there nor is it the sets of 50 crunches. I’m fairly confident...

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