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Critical Bench presents October Training Sessions at the Monster Garage Gym

A variety of powerlifting training methods are featured in this video being seen FIRST, at Critical Bench.

Included in the video is training footage of Washington Redskins, Defensive End, Phillip Daniels co-owner of the Monster Garage Gym. Some training methods seen in this video include: Deficit deadlift, reverse green band bench press, rackable cambered squat bar box squats and rackable cambered squat bar good mornings, small band deadlift, safety squat bar box squats, close grip bench press, and more.
Monster Garage Gym is the premier powerlifting gym in Northern, Illinois and Southern, Wisconsin and is a hard core supporter of Critical!!!! Learn more at

Redskins DE Phillip Daniels Opens Monster Garage Gym

phillip2Friday night is a big night for me, there’s a lot on the line. Actually I’m not leaving the house but I made a bet with my wife. She’s a huge Patriots fan and I’m a hardcore Redskins fan. It’s just preseason but our teams face each other this Friday.

The veterans don’t have a lot at stake, but as for me, well if the Pats win I’ll never hear the end of it.

One my favorite players is the NFL is Phillip Daniels who is a DE with the Washington Redskins going into his 14th season.

This guy is an Ox! Other than the fact that he slams QBs to the ground and is one of the best run-stuffers in the League, Phil is also an offseason Powerlifter.

I got him on the line to talk with us about a hardcore gym that he just opened up.

It’s called Monster Gargage Gym located in IL and he opened it with co-owner and 2 time WPC powerlifting champ Eric Maroscher.

As a skins fan, fellow powerlifter and the fact that I train at a barbell club and warehouse gym myself I definitely want to help get the word out about this new facility.



Some of today’s fitness centers just make me sick, so I’m happy every time I hear about one of these underground barbell clubs opening up.

Enjoy the interview‚Ķ.Phil is a real down to Earth guy and you’re gonna love his energy.

Go Skins!

Mike Westerdal
(Fan since the 5th grade)

P.S. Why am I Skins fan when I live in Tampa Bay? Because I was born in raised in northern VA and because I like watching them destroy the Bucs! That’s right, I said it!

Training footage from Monster Garage Gym, featuring members of the Maroscher Powerlifting Team and NFL Washington Redskins Defensive End, Phillip Daniels

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