I guess I’m one of those people who believe that “NORMAL” was a word that AVERAGE people invented to justify their mediocrity. From the moment you embark on a feat, task or journey that surpasses the boundaries of a lukewarm imagination, you’ll be accosted by those who seek to derail, discourage and disenchant you.

I guess not knowing I COULD fail was a tremendous asset, as it enabled me to relentlessly pursue dreams without the obstruction of doubt. I’ve excelled in sport, despite a plethora of childhood illnesses that precludes athletics. At least according to doctors. I’m currently the number one male Bodypaint model in the WORLD.

I’ve played several Super Hero characters internationally and I’m honored to say I just won the WORLD BODYPAINT FESTIVAL in the U.V. paint category with an amazing team of artists and female models. I’ve always been an athlete with an unquenchable desire for art and artistry.

I’ve always aspired to transcend the bodybuilding stage. I love the sport, but I needed to do MORE than flex. I needed THEATRICS and modeling enabled me to do so and my quest allowed me to meet many great individuals around the world, including Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, while I was painted as a PREDATOR. He found that very entertaining.

I’m a fan of doing WHATEVER WORKS. For me, that’s Heavy weights. Not for the purpose of making a spectacle in a gym or for any other superficial reason. I just happen to find raw power fascinating. Not just for gym related activities, but for the purpose of ABILITY. So what are some of MY feats? Well;

  • 505 front squats ROCK bottom for reps
  • 605 back squats for reps And a pause at the bottom for each rep
  • 220 dumbbell with 25s duct taped to each end and dumbbell rows (STRICT) for 8 reps
  • 700 deadlifts for reps
  • 225 plus humans ranging from 125-295 pounds on ONE ARM Hammer strength row. One of these was Dana Lynn Bailey
  • 505 plus humans standing on hammer strength row for 10-12 reps
  • Chinups and pullups (6-12 reps) with humans from 120-180 pounds
  • Hammer strength shrug with THREE people standing on the bars.
  • Leg extension with 90 pounds attached to rack for 85 Reps.
  • 100 meter fast walk pushing an AVALANCHE SUV with my HEAD.
  • 120 pound dumbbell hammer curl
  • 212 dumbbell incline bench press for 12

I will let others tell you the rest. — Sean Jones not only has the physique of a freaky professional heavy weight bodybuilder, but he also has accomplished some incredible and unique feats of strength. Here is one of Sean Jones extremely hardcore leg routines:

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Wheels of Fortune Leg Training by Sean Jones