I remember when all I used to care about was figuring out ways to build muscle.  I would read all of the magazines and web sites in order to educate myself.  I quickly realized that high testosterone levels were responsible for adding more muscle.

In plain English, testosterone is the hormone responsible for muscle.  That’s why you see men naturally able to build muscle easier than women.  Now, there are so many ways people suggest when it comes to building muscle such as taking supplements, doing this type of work out, sleeping etc.  However, one thing I’ve learned is without eating the right foods, it can make building muscle a challenge.

You can always use a simple 10 second trick to boost your testosterone.

I have done a lot of research and even wrote a book called “24 Hour T Fix” regarding ways to naturally boost your testosterone.  In the book I go over all types of things to skyrocket your testosterone levels.

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In the meantime, here are 4 foods that I feel can have a positive impact on your testosterone levels and make you feel more like a man today.

#1: Beef

I’d say this food in particular is a favorite for most men.

Not only does it boost testosterone levels but it also tastes amazing.

I personally do enjoy meat on many occasions.

It’s best to incorporate a little bit of meat to help add protein to your diet as well.  An 8 ounce steak cooked to perfection will get those testosterone levels buzzing.

#2: Beans

I am a fan of red and black beans.  However, there are many beans that can help boost your testosterone levels.  In general, try to incorporate beans in your diet as they taste great and yield many other health benefits.  Beans are low in fat and carbohydrates.  However, they are high in fiber!

My wife typically makes them with rice and mixes the beans in and they make for a great side dish for a main protein meal such as chicken, fish or even steak.  Now, let’s talk about the next food.

#3: Tuna

One of the healthiest foods you can eat is tuna.  It is a great source of lean protein and yields many other health benefits.  A majority of fish are high in Omega 3 fatty acids.

I remember back when I was bodybuilding and I’d do whatever it takes to add some muscle.

I’d eat canned tuna with egg whites because it was inexpensive and loaded with protein but now when I want Tuna, I prefer fresh tuna with my wife as it tastes much better!

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#4: Shellfish

I am a fan of just about any seafood.  I love shellfish in particular.  They taste great and are loaded with nutrients to keep your testosterone levels buzzing.

If you’re going to buy shellfish at the store, I’d suggest going to Whole Foods or some other grocery store like Trader Joe’s for the best quality.

It really depends on your location as to whether or not you’ll have access to Whole Food’s or Trader Joe’s or some other type of natural health food market.

So What Should You Do Next?

Now that you’ve discovered 4 foods to keep your testosterone levels buzzing, it’s time to take the next step.  If you’d like a bullet proof resource that gives you 101 ways to naturally boost your testosterone levels, then check out 24 Hour T Fix.

It’s a great way for you to boost your testosterone levels naturally.  You’ll discover lifestyle hacks, foods, herbs, spices and many other things to increase your testosterone levels.

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Written by: Anthony Alayon