Yesterday, I told you about Intermittent Fasting, which is quickly becoming one of the hottest and most successful nutritional practices around.

Today, I want to focus on one of the (many) reasons why: hormones.

We briefly touched on the hormonal benefits of fasting in yesterday’s article, including an increase in one of the most powerful hormones around: Growth Hormone, or GH.

Also known as “the fitness hormone,” GH has a myriad benefits, ranging from increased sleep quality to enhanced metabolism.

While a full description of this amazing hormone is beyond this writing, it’s enough to say that the more GH your produce, the faster you can lose fat and gain muscle.

And so today, I want to share with you the top three instances when you naturally produce more Growth Hormone, and show you a way that you can combine all three to get the best possible outcome–a synergistic BURST of GH production, all leading towards incinerating fat.

Let’s take a look.


Three Instances of Naturally Increased Growth Hormone

When does your body create the most growth hormone?

There are three crucial times when your body pumps out GH:

  1. When you sleep
  2. When you are in a fasted state
  3. When you train with weights.

That’s correct — you product the MOST growth hormone when you sleep, when you eat, and when you train.

So, how do we use this knowledge to increase fat loss?

Well, let’s look at it.

We know you’re producing tons of growth hormone when you’re fasting–which means you’re NOT producing it when you’re eating.

We also know you’re producing it when you sleep.

So, if you’re producing GH when you sleep…why do you STOP producing it when you wake up? EASY–because, when most people wake up, the first thing they do is EAT…which we just said stops growth hormone production.

Which means that by doing something as simple as skipping breakfast you can extend the natural secretion of growth hormone that occurs during your sleep cycle; in addition, staying in a fasted state will actually help you product MORE growth hormone.

With just that simple change, you’ve double your fat burning production of GH.


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Optimizing Growth Hormone for Maximum Fat Burn

And…forgive me for sounding like an infomercial host, but this is the perfect time to use this line…

“But wait, there’s more!”

Because, it actually does get even better.

You see, we also know that you produce a ton of growth hormone during and after your weight training session; now if only we could figure out a way to combine that knowledge with the previous points to increase GH further…

Oh, wait: that’s exactly what we did!

You see, imagine what would happen if you put your GH producing weight training session at the end of your GH-producing fasting session…which was used to extend the effect of your natural GH-producing sleep?

Exactly: you would create a perfect storm production, sending growth hormone production into overdrive, allowing your body to burn fat at an accelerated rate, while you’re already in a calorie deficit.

Here’s the abbreviated cheat sheet:

1) Get a good night’s sleep
2) Push your breakfast back until after your workout
3) Train with weights any time between 12 and 2pm.

Follow those three simple steps, then have a healthy meal—do those things, and you’re on your way to losing fat, and keeping it off forever.

Can you imagine that? By simply skipping breakfast and having a workout, you can burn triple growth hormone secretion and burn up to three times as much fat.


Guest Post By John Romaniello creator of Fat Loss Forever


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