Eric is a metabolic typing advisor and the founder of the Raw Unity Meet.

In this interview Luke digs deep and gets Eric talking about some of these topics that I found interesting and I think you will too.

Luke said it best after the interview. He told me this guy really cares about the sport of powerlifting.

  • In powerlifting there are many “national champions”. The quantity of people that legitimately claim this title actually devalues the title.
  • How the Raw Unity Meet can determine a raw champion even though it’s not a sanctioned meet.
  • Comparing powerlifting to boxing. How at one time boxing had multiple feds and multiple champions and nobody could really say who the official champ was.
  • It’s all connected. Sponsors, television coverage, prize money and drawing big lifters.
  • Eric walking the walk. How he’s going back to the gear.
  • Eric talks about not putting crap down your pie hole!
  • Walking the dogs and how it helps GPP.
  • Contrast showers, vinegar baths and recovering from workouts!

Eric put on a show. The interview is going on 1-hour so if you don’t have time to listen to the whole thing download it for later. There were a few cut offs during the interview and some technical issues at the end. It’s kind of funny actually hearing them try to figure out how to end the interview. Feel free to skip the last few minutes.

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