In today’s world, “time” has become a very valuable thing.  It’s the ONE thing that money just cannot buy.

Many of us wish we had more of it in the day but sadly besides tricks like daylight savings time (DST), it’s just not possible.

Work, family, bills and errands all rob us of our valuable time and pull us in multiple directions.

And because of this “lack of time” issue, our bodies have a tendency to get neglected.  That means soft, mushy, and weak.

Enough with the depressing news…let’s talk about getting leaner, more muscular and burning off unwanted fat.  Yeah, that’s better!

How can this be done effectively from home in just a few minutes per day???

It’s actually much easier than you think.

chris wilson

Calorie burning, muscle gains and fat loss ALL happen at the same time, regardless of what you’ve read in the past.

Our bodies can do LOTS of things at once…without us even having to think about them.

Our bodies are so adaptive and so intelligent that we just never give them the credit they deserve.

Talk about a TRUE multi-tasker.  In as little as 5-10 minutes every day, you can have lingering effects on your metabolism, muscle building capabilities and fat burning processes.  That’s the TRUTH!


By doing a series of Continuous Anaerobic Movements (CAM) you can have a HUGE impact on all the muscles in your body allowing you to burn some serious calories in very short bursts.

The bonus is that this method has an aerobic element even though you’re not on a boring treadmill, uncomfortable bike or in an over-chlorinated pool at the local “Y.”

Aerobic activity is simply defined as your bodies need to consume oxygen more rapidly due to the physical nature of what you’re doing.  Thus, you breathe heavily when jogging or doing sprints versus walking slowly at the grocery store.

By forcing your body to move nonstop with resistance exercises, you create this perfect blend of anaerobic and aerobic activity which not only impacts the muscles but also the heart, lungs and circulatory system.

Whenever you mention the heart, lungs and circulatory system you are talking about CARDIOVASCULAR exercise which is NOT what you’re actually doing.  That’s the amazing side effect of C.A.M.

Getting the heart to pump and work hard is a result of your bodies demand to get oxygen to the muscles which also places great stress on the respiratory system.  This is a “healthy stress.”

Much like a well-oiled race car, the body is a machine doing several things at once.  It WANTS to move, it LONGS to perform.  Age should not be the reason for laziness and living a sedentary life.

No matter what your age, there are exercises that can be done daily to enhance your body’s ability to slash fat, build muscles and devour calories.

Here is a list of some of my favorite C.A.M. movements and how they can be used in a workout program:

Take any 4 of the exercises above and create a circuit workout.  The key is to either count reps or do them for time.

For example, you could do 10 reps of each OR do each movement for 30 seconds.

The reps and time amounts will vary and should become more challenging over time.

The other KEY element to this is rest period.  Rest should only come at the end of a round and try to only rest when you must.

Whether you can devote 5 or 10 minutes or somewhere in between, try to minimize rest and maximize movement. 

Just the 8 exercises listed above can yield tremendous results for the man or woman trying to slash annoying belly fat, add quality muscle tone and feel healthy and energetic!

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