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12 Week Front Squat Cycle for Strength & Mass

I’ve got something really cool to share with you today courtesy of Steve Thompson from

But First Here Are 4 Reasons why you must Front Squat…

* The ultimate exercise for posterior chain and quad development.
* The Front Squat teaches muscle awareness.
* Huge upper back development
* Gains in flexibility and mobility

Now that you know the value of front squatting check out this 12-Week Front Squat Cycle for Strength & Mass. Below is the direct download link to the PDF program:

Download Link:

Check Out This Front Squat Highlight Video Using the Front Squat Harness

Having problems with front squats?

Before I started using this training aid called the Front Squat Harness I didn’t really like front squatting that much. I know it’s a great exercise and it’s awesome for your entire core, but the dang bar would dig into my delts.

Sometimes I had trouble keeping my elbows up as well and the bar would start to fall forward.

Well there’s a solution, No more shoulder pain, Instant technique adjustment, No Squatting depth issues, Train the legs to there full potential. Check out this page that Steve set up for us about the Front Squat Harness. There’s a chance to win one for free and he’s cool enough to offer free shipping worldwide.

Enjoy the 12-Week Front Squat Cycle! You don’t “need” the front squat harness to do it, but it sure will make the program more fun and get you better results when you focus on lifting the weight instead of shoulder pain and balance issues.  Besides like Steve  says it’s the ultimate tool for posterior chain development.


6 Responses to “12 Week Front Squat Cycle for Strength & Mass”
  1. ed says:

    LOVe doing this exercise. I think i’m the only one who do this kinda exercise with my friends. They hate me when they see me do this. For me it is so awesome.
    That equipment is a must have…..

  2. Prophet says:

    interested in this program. But it appears you/clickbank have not made provisions for those in Nigeria. How can those of us in Nigeria place our order?

  3. Bill says:

    No offence, but the second gentleman with the glasses has a really nice belly. IMHO, most of weight training people don’t want to bench or squat a lot of heavy weight AND have a big belly; they want a nice body with six pack and a moderate strength (I mean above average joe) is satisfied enough. Look at the competiors of the World Strongest Man contest; they ALL are very verystrong and all have a big round beer keg stomach. Mike, I think exercise to sculpt the body would hook more viewers

  4. Mike Westerdal says:

    The program is free you don’t need to buy it. If you want to buy the harness you’ll need to talk to the vendor.

  5. Mike Westerdal says:

    The belly is probably due to nutrition not training.

  6. Tony says:

    Bill, you try eating 4500cals, devouring protien like it goes out of fashion and not getting a bit of a keg. Strength trainers tend not be so dismorphic as those who are influenced by the photoshopped Mens Health wannabes. Substance over asthetics anyday!!!

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