Brand New Program

Unlock Your Spine

Holistic Health Practitioner Tonya Fines once struggled with debilitating lower back pain which left her frustrated, depressed and out of alignment.

Our spine has a natural S-Curve, and it is designed this way for flexibility and support. It is this S-Curve that allows our spine to function properly, giving us good balance and stability. But once this S-Curve becomes compromised, it wreaks havoc on our body affecting the very core of our foundation of balance, mobility and our ability to function and move the way we are meant to in our environment.

Unlock Your Spine is a detailed flow that works with your body to naturally realign your spine and correct an exaggerated S-Curve.

If you have been living with debilitating and agonizing back pain for years, this program is for you!

Put Your Spine Back Into Perfect Alignment So That You Can Eliminate Back Pain, Have More Energy & Sleep Better…

Neuro-Balance Therapy

Every Year, 2.8 Million People Fall. Every Year, 800,000 Of These Men And Women End Up In The Hospital From These Falls. And Every Year, 28,000 Die From Them.

The complete balance-strengthening protocol DVD series was created to help prevent and prepare your body for out of the blue trips and falls. With Neuro-Balance Therapy you’ll revive your body’s natural ability to move around feeling strong, stable and balanced with each step.

Whether you’re in your home or out and about. And it all starts with the wildly simple 10-second ritual using this weird looking rubber ball every morning before starting your day.

This life-saving protocol steeped in real-world results and groundbreaking research has been combined in one to get you back up and skipping around like you were years younger without the fear of falling haunting your every step.

Awaken Your #1 Balance Nerve to Feel More Stable & Grounded

The Menopause Rescue Protocol

If you’re a woman who’s currently in menopause, perimenopause, or you’re approaching that 45-55 year range when menopause commonly occurs, this is made for you. In fact, you can be in the driver’s seat of your menopause journey starting today!

The Menopause Rescue Protocol is your lifeline while navigating the changes that come with menopause.

This program comes with done-for-you follow along videos and PDF workbooks so that it feels like the creator of Menopause Rescue, Holistic Health Practitioner Tonya Fines is right there guiding you through this new season of life with ease.

Don’t let menopause stop you from feeling like you. You can gain control and feel like yourself again.

The Menopause Rescue Protocol, Your Lifeline Through The Change

3-Day Immune Boosting Protocol

The 3 Day Immune Boosting Protocol is a simple and effective way to support your immune system, protect your loved ones, and gain more peace of mind by taking just a few easy steps that are scientifically supported to help you maintain your health and immunity.

Aside from drinking this powerful and delicious tea remedy each day for 3-days, you can also follow along the complete 3 Day Immune Boosting Protocol to support your immune system beginning day 1… and everyday after that… Giving you max-security support from what’s recently been going around.

Discover the 3-Day Immune Boosting Protocol that will help you maintain your health!


Metabolic Stretching

There is a way to quickly and easily improve your flexibility while torching fat and building strength and it’s called Metabolic Stretching.

Everyone knows that stretching exercises are great for improving flexibility but they are also the key to unlocking unlimited weight loss and fat burning if done the right way.

This new method incorporates various styles of dynamic stretching that uses stretching to burn fat like you’ve never seen before! Whether you’re beginner level or more advanced, you get coaching videos to guide you through every exercise as well as follow along workouts that can be done in your own home.

It’s a revolutionary flow of simple stretches that can rapidly melt body fat, tone muscles and leave you feeling full of energy…

Discover the World’s Greatest Fat-Burning Stretch and begin to literally ‘Stretch Your Way Lean’ in just 15 minutes!


Delicious Anabolic Protein Shakes & Smoothies

Building lean muscle has never been so easy…and now you can do it ABSOLUTELY FREE!

With over 30 tasty recipes, you finally have easy to make shakes you can blend at home or on the go. Providing your muscles with adequate protein can be hard to do, especially if you’re missing meals… but not any longer.

Now in just a few minutes you can prepare a shake or smoothie to help ramp up your testosterone levels, boost muscle growth and get stronger in the gym.

You’ll be energized all day long as you upgrade your physique and save yourself time and money with the best tasting shakes & smoothies around.

Enjoy this special 46-page recipe book PLUS you get a Critical Bench Shaker Cup ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Firm and Tight Mini Band Workouts

Featuring Targeted Triple Toning Movements To Gently Activate Your Hidden Toning Muscles And Quickly Sculpt The Lean, Firm, And Feminine Body You Crave In 10 Minutes Or Less WITHOUT Leaving Your Living Room…

Our newest program offers 7 workouts: 2 lower body routines, 2 upper body routines, 2 full body workouts and 1 total body core workout. Each routine takes 10 minutes— and you can dial up your workouts by repeating the exercises as many times as you’d like or by challenging yourself with a tougher resistance band.

Get ready for these routines to firm instantly rev-up your metabolism for all day fat burning, so you can *melt* those stubborn pounds and drop pants sizes, even while sitting or sleeping!

Get Flat Abs, Tight, Lean Legs and a Firm Butt Without Lifting Another Heavy Weight at the Gym!

101 Pro Bodybuilding Tips

When it comes to exercises, physique champions are not bound by the shackles of just doing the regular so called core exercise movements all the time; rather they are always experimenting, looking for unusual or more efficient exercises to perform.

This new release from and bodybuilding historian Dennis Weis consists of an almost endless quick-check-list collection of the shortest, Most Explosively Powerful Exercise Tips & commentary Ever Published. We like to call them CHERRY BOMBS because of their EXPLOSIVE impact on muscle gains.

All Of The Following “How-To” Pro Bodybuilding Exercise Tips Can Be Read And Understood In 3-5 Minutes Or Less, Many In 60 Seconds.

I Want Over 230 pages of Muscle Pounding Exercise Tips from the Pros!

The Inner Thigh Solution

The “secret” to strong, attractive inner thighs is your adductors…but no one knows how to train them properly! 

The adductors are your body’s most neglected muscle group. But that’s not all. Your adductors are the main supporting muscle group for almost every lower body movement you make. They deliver stability, strength and power. That’s why it’s crucial to train them properly to not only improve their function but to get that perfect sculpted, strong look.

When you discover the right way to train your adductors, EVERYTHING changes. You can finally put all the frustration away and really go after your goals. It’s time to stop struggling… It’s time to lean on science and what works to get the sculpted, firm inner thighs you’ve always wanted!

Now Is The Time To Stop Wishing You Had Sexier, Stronger Legs and Finally Get The Results You Want!

Unlock Your Glutes

It’s time to UNLOCK the “Sleeping Giant” Within…  Everything you know about training your body’s LARGEST Muscle for greater shape, power, strength and long-term health is wrong.

Your glutes are your body’s Most Powerful muscle, yet they’re also the most misunderstood. 

The fact is most people think that squats and lunges are the best way to grow the glutes. Science has proven that thinking wrong. Weak glutes are often the “hidden” factor in most injuries, including poor posture, lower back pain, knee pain, hamstring strains, muscle imbalances and lower body injury.

Your glutes are the true POWERHOUSE of your body and it’s about time you discovered how to sculpt powerful glutes and a strong butt.

Click Here for the #1 Exercise to Develop a Rounder & Stronger Butt

Muscle & Strength Products & Solutions

Crunchless Core
The Most Effective Way to Sculpt Chiseled Abs and an Iron Core in 60-Days
Getting ripped 6-pack abs or super strong core muscles has VERY little to do with traditional exercises like crunches and sit-ups.

In fact, new research says otherwise and that’s exactly why strength experts have abandoned these dated and potentially dangerous exercises found to actually screw up your spine!

The Crunchless Core program was designed by a Certified Strength Coach to help RESET your core by strengthening the deep layers of your core and build the rock solid abs you’ve been working so hard to get.

It’s time to stop getting frustrated with all of the misinformation out there and struggling to develop a six-pack. Crunchless Core is the workout blueprint for perfect abs whether you’re a pro athlete or amateur.

You will breathe better, stand taller, improve posture, enjoy better health and more vitality, every waking hour. Finally, sculpt chiseled beach body abs built properly from the inside out that turn heads wherever you go and give you real explosive power!

Get Chiseled Abs & an Iron Core without Screwing Up Your Spine

REAL LIFE Self Defense

We like to believe we can handle ourselves when faced with an attacker. It’s not a situation anyone wants to think about, but we like to think we could protect ourselves when a thug thrusts a knife in our face or pushes a gun into our chest.

The World’s Most Experienced Tactical Trainer Mike Gillette reveals how to avoid the 3 Fatal Mistakes every assault victim makes so that we may survive, defend and protect ourselves in ANY situation.

If you’re not prepared, you make mistakes, serious mistakes.  

The shocking fact is most people don’t know what to do. In this highly pressurized situation, most people crumble. Because contrary to popular belief, when things go south we don’t rise to the challenge. We fall back to our best level of preparation, which for most people, that means NONE.

Protect Yourself and Those You Love with REAL LIFE Self Defense

The Critical Bench Program 2.0
Increase Your Bench Press 50 lbs in 10 Weeks

This best selling Power Building “Bench Specialization” program helps you add 50 lbs to your bench press in 10 weeks while packing on lean muscle mass in the process.

Power Building is a hybrid powerlifting and bodybuilding training style.  You’ll get strong like a powerlifter but look as jacked as bodybuilder when you combine compound lifts with targeted auxiliary exercises.

Join over 25,587 others that have already experienced the amazing results from the very program that has been our most popular seller for over a decade!

Click here to read the true story about a skinny kid with asthma that achieved a 452 lb bench press while packing on pounds of muscle mass in the process and guarantees you can do the same. Read more….

Bench Press Explosion
18 Of The Best Bench Press Routines Of All Time

The bench press has long been counted among the most important muscle and strength-building compound exercises, it is only natural that all powerbuilders want to develop a respectable bench press weight.  However, building shapely armor-plated muscles in the chest is just as important as the weight you bench.

That is the challenge I strive to address with this book.

I’ll show you how to perfect your form in an easy to understand step-by-step manner but you also get access to the very best 18 bench press specialization programs of all time.

It has taken over five years to create this masterpiece  now I’m sharing the secrets of the world’s most powerful men with you.

Bench Press Twice As Much As You Think You Can!

Anabolic Aftergrowth
The #1 Workout to Build Size & Strength SIMULTANEOUSLY

The BEST way to Gain LASTING Muscle Size & Iron Bending Strength is by spending your time doing what matters most in the gym.

STOP making the same mistakes over and over again in your training leaving you feeling defeated and frustrated.

Body-part split routines, countless ab exercises and too much time spent on what doesn’t give you true Strength and Size is a thing of the past…

Unleash your Anabolic Hormones like never before by working out LESS and training with the BIG lifts that create a stronger physique that not only makes you look like a superhero but helps you perform better than ever!

The specially designed workouts in Anabolic AfterGrowth will change your body quickly and your muscle building potential forever!

Awaken your MAN-MAKING Hormones NOW

Vince Gironda Legend & Myth

New, Updated Version Contains 334 Pages!

This is the most complete and comprehensive writing on Vince Gironda…Ever! This is a must read for anyone interested in Vince Gironda. The “Iron Guru” was perhaps at his pinnacle of fame in the “Golden Years” of bodybuilding, the 1960′s. During that time, Vince dominated the scene and Vince’s Gym, was known as the Mecca of bodybuilding.

Not only champion bodybuilders trained at Vince’s Gym, movie stars were also regular visitors to seek Vince’s advice and training. People like Eric Estrada, Clint Eastwood, Clint Walker and many others. Hollywood studios used Vince and his gym to shape up their stars.

This Updated eBook contains over 300 pages of text, drawings, and pictures in PDF format. It contains a wealth of information on and from Vince Gironda.

There never has been, and presently there is nothing in existence, that can compare with the Updated Vince Gironda Legend and Myth for information on his methods, and concepts.

Click Here To Order Or Read More About Vince Gironda

The Psychology of Strength
For Guys Who Want to be Tough as Nails

strength-psychologyNo one is born with a tough mind. Developing mental toughness is a learned skill. If you want to be the guy who NEVER loses his cool when situations get REAL and life seems out of control, you need to listen to Mike Gillette.

Mike Gillette was one of the smallest and weakest kids in his class who grew up in a household overwhelmed by domestic violence and substance abuse. Yet, he overcame all this to become a real life action hero.

His resume includes time as an army paratrooper, SWAT commander, member of the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame, counter-terrorism consultant for the Department of Homeland Security, bodyguard to Fortune 500 corporate execs and record-setting strongman.

His personal story is one of weakness transformed into strength. He knows what it takes to go from your ‘today’ self to your tough-minded ‘warrior’ self. He understands you can literally take ANYONE – applying his Three Steps of mastering mental toughness – and instantly improve how they deal with situational changes or a crisis when it arises.

Learn How to be a Combat-Ready Warrior with Nerves of Steel without having to go to War

The Savage Strength Training System
Don’t Pump Iron – Become Iron!

Former SWAT Commander and Executive Bodyguard Mike Gillette Grants You The Hidden Keys To Unlocking Near Super Human Strength.

Over The Years Mike Has Trained Everyone From Military and Law Enforcement Personnel, Bodyguards, Competitive Fighters, To Regular Guys Like You And I To Get Strong…

Real strength makes trouble go away and isn’t about “puffing your chest out” and acting cocky… it’s about projecting a capacity for effective action. I am talking about strength and all of the different ways it can improve your life. And believe me, I am talking to YOU.

Because everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, can get stronger than they are right now.

Click Here To Release Your Strength Potential

40 Strong
The Only System Designed For Guys Hitting 40 and Beyond

40-strong-groupThis program is dedicated to helping you become more powerful, more mobile and have greater energy and vitality.

Listen, you’re NOT 22 anymore!

The workouts a 22-year-old can get away with and still gain aren’t right for guys 40+

40 Strong achieves serious results in minimal time doing the activities you love. The program helps you gain muscle, melt away stubborn body fat and build an iron core. Together, these protect your body from “fat, old-guy” problems.

40 Strong gives you a step-by-step blueprint to transform how you look and feel. Backed by science, these workouts are designed to fit around your busy schedule. In just 60 days, you can look at yourself in the mirror again and know you’re back to your best.

The Best Way To Continue Building Muscle Into Your 40s & Beyond

14-Day Muscle Mass
Expect To Gain 5-6 LBS of Muscle in a 2-Week Period

14-Day-Muscle-MassThis program was strategically designed so that you can add more muscle mass. It was created for the “ectomorph” or hard gainer that struggles to put on quality muscle.

The challenge is how to get muscle mass & strength growing in an explosive way quickly and, with a minimal accumulation of body fat. Can it be done? Yes, with a bold approach.

Put aside your ideas of conventional eating and training and dare to go with me on a bold journey to startling increases in both muscle mass and strength with very little fat accumulation.

Click here to learn more about this program designed by a renegade Swedish scientist.

Body-Weight BEAST
Get Completely Ripped & Chiseled in 30 Days

This Body-Weight BEAST program is 4-weeks of full body strengthening mixed with cardiovascular training, resistance conditioning, core development and metabolic bursting and incorporates all FOUR strength types.

As we age, we lose major ground with our strength to weight ratio unless of course it’s part of our routine. Most guys spend all their time moving around free weights and sitting on machines in the gym to gain strength and muscle mass and that’s not a bad thing because working out is awesome….

However, the trouble with ONLY using that approach is that over time these same guys will lose something very important to them: Body-weight Strength.

Moving your own body effectively is vital to a healthy life, to survival and it becomes increasingly important as we age.

Get GREAT at moving your body again by focusing on body weight only exercises.

Click Here to Become a Body-Weight BEAST

Super Arm Growth
Add Up to 1/2 Inch to Your Arms in Just 24 Hours

If getting HUGE arms is your goal and you’d like to do it in just 24 hours, then look no further.  Inside of Super Arm Growth, you will learn of a “little known” technique that was created by Dennis Weis to help you get there fast.

This is a friendly warning that this method is advanced and has not been taught in any of the magazines or popular media outlets.

STOP wasting any more time trying to build big guns and use this “under the radar” method to see “real world” results in just 24 hours.

Click Here to Add Up to ½ Inch to Your Arms in 24 Hours

Men’s Health Solutions

24 Hour Testosterone Fix
Boost T-Levels, Have More Energy & Slow Down Aging

Coach Anthony was only 27 but had a lower sex drive than his 62 year old father.  Inside this program, you’ll discover the real reason you’re getting fatter, struggling to build muscle, constantly tired and why you can’t get aroused.

You’ll also learn about the 24 hour fix to reset your metabolism, slow down the aging process, skyrocket your metabolism, pack on lean muscle and have more sex without drugs.

There are also “hidden” ingredients that have been plaguing men for nearly 50 years and in this program, we’re going to expose these harmful foods and give you a healthier solution so that you can burn more fat, have more energy, increase your sex drive and pack on muscle faster than ever before.

Click Here to Grab a Copy of 24 Hour Testosterone Fix

Man Breast Solution
Turn Your Moobs to Pecs


Look, we know how important it is for you to find a way to fix your man boob problem. It’s embarrassing and it’s something you want to hide from everyone.

Trouble is there’s a lot of confusion and misinformation out there about man breasts and it’s time to set things straight for men of all ages everywhere.

The clinical term for this condition is gynecomastia and this is a hormonal problem. When a hormonal imbalance occurs caused from rising estrogen levels and sinking testosterone levels, men begin to take on feminine characteristics, one of them being an enlarged chest.

The Man Breast Solution will show you the fastest way to end the pain of having man breasts, how to AVOID estrogenic effects in your life and how to swap your fat chest for chiseled pecs WITHOUT pills, creams or expensive surgery.

It’s time to tackle the root cause of your man breasts and stop fighting the symptoms leaving you defeated and frustrated.

Click Here to Find the Secret to Turning Your Moobs to Pecs

Injury & Pain Products & Solutions

Unlock Your Hip Flexors


Your hips are the bridge between your upper body and lower body and the
hidden key to strength and vitality. They are at the center of your body’s movement and the true source of power in your training.

But unfortunately, most people unknowingly damage and abuse their hips every day due to too much sitting. Even elite level athletes cause stress and damage to their hips.

The reason few people manage to fix their hip flexors is simple, it’s really a hard area to reach because the primary hip flexor muscle called the psoas is buried deep inside your core making it very tough to access.

It’s a hard muscle to find, let alone train.

So it’s little wonder why trying to loosen it requires more than a simple static hip flexor stretch like the ones you see in most gyms.

You’ve probably found you’re spending (or wasting) hours of your time stretching this way only to find it’s having minimal effect on how you feel and how you function during your workouts.

That’s because you need to attack the muscle from a variety of angles using a variety of exercise techniques and modalities in order to “unpack” the muscle in the right way.

The truth is, you can learn to release your tight hip flexors on your own in as little as 15-minutes!

CLICK HERE to Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Fix Ugly Forward Head Posture


Forward Head Posture or FHP affects nearly everybody, yet hardly anyone understands the serious long-term physical and mental damage it can cause.

Your neck is literally the BRIDGE between your head and your body. It’s the balance beam from which good posture flows.

As the main connector between your upper torso and skull, the neck has the crucial task of cradling the body’s computer — the brain.

Not only does Forward Head Posture give your back that ugly hunch and crouched-over look, it also causes much deeper, serious problems.

Although there are a number of major muscles in the neck and back, there is one “vital” muscle at the front of your neck which does all the lifting and that muscle is the sternocleidomastoid.

When your sternocleidomastoid is strong and supple, your head sits perfectly upon your neck.

This muscle is the key to your postural health.

When you see how deeply connected the muscles around your neck and back are to each other, you realize there has to be a right order in which to exercise these for optimal effect.

If you don’t, you’re wasting your time doing ANY stretching. You need to hit the muscles from different directions using a combination of exercise techniques to properly target them.

Once you know the right way to do it, you can learn to fix your head posture on your own in 15 minutes per day!

CLICK HERE to Fix Ugly Forward Head Posture

101 Superfoods That Stop Your Joint Pain & Inflammation

One of the deadliest causes of diseases is chronic inflammation.  That is correct!

According to a recent study, chronic inflammation can cause asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, heart disease, arthritis, obesity, tumor formation, cancer, type 2 diabetes and even Alzheimer’s.

In order to prevent this from happening, you must eat certain superfoods filled with the right vitamins and minerals to FIGHT these harmful diseases.

This is exactly what you get with this program.

Get 101 Superfoods That Stop Your Joint Pain & Inflammation Today

Fix My Back Pain

Do you suffer from back pain?

If so, then I have some great news for you.  Instead of going to pointless doctor appointments, spending $$$ on expensive medication or surgery, you can get the all-natural solution to your pain with The Fix My Back Pain System.

This system is strategically designed to get you back to pain free workouts using the BR3 method which will reshape your back and eliminate the pain once and for all.

This has worked on thousands of happy customers world wide and can do the same for you today.

Fix Your Back Pain With The BR3 Method 

Fix My Shoulder Pain

Fix My Shoulder Pain was created by Injury Specialist Rick Kaselj, MS.  Utilizing his trademarked SR3 Method  which is short for “Shoulder Reshaping 3-Part Method“, Rick is literally making headlines world wide.  Rather than just stretching and strengthening which only provides temporary relief Rick’s Method actually reconstructs the shoulder joint from the outside and inside.  

Fix My shoulder Pain and the SR3 Method is the first shoulder injury system ever created to help you get back to pain free workouts by focusing on alignment, tissue quality and activation & endurance.  The best part; this program has been specifically designed to help serious fitness enthusiasts who want to avoid expensive and time consuming appointments and would prefer an alternative to medication or surgery.

Get Back To Pain Free Workouts By Fixing Your Shoulders Without Appointments, Medications or Surgery

Fix My Knee Pain

Get Back To Pain Free Workouts By Fixing Your Knees Without Appointments, Medications or Surgery.

Escape a Major Blowout & Fix Your Knees in Just Minutes… So You Can Get Back to Your 100% Intensity Pain-Free Workouts…WITHOUT Feeling Bullied Into Time-Wasting Appointments, Expensive Medications or Going Under the Knife.

Get Back To Pain Free Workouts By Fixing Your Knees Without Appointments, Medications or Surgery

Fat Loss Activation
For a Leaner, Stronger, Healthier Body in Less Than 15-Minutes a Day

Unlocking your BEST body in less than 15-minutes a day is possible! The Fat Loss Activation program is intended for men & women who want to lose stubborn belly fat but struggle with the so-called expert advice of eating less & exercising more.

What most people don’t realize is that there’s a “Hidden Hunger Hormone” in your body that you’ve never heard of that can make it nearly Impossible to Lose Belly Fat!

By taming this hunger hormone and using Pro Trainer Ryan Faehnle’s ‘secret’ muscle activation techniques, you can do short, targeted 15 minute body part workouts to transform yourself into a fat burning machine!

Click Here to Tame Your Hunger Hormone & Activate Your Muscles with Fat Loss Activation

CB Gear

Get your Critical Bench Gear!

You’ve seen the fitness pros and coaches at the Critical Bench Compound wearing some awesome Critical Bench apparel.

These designs were formerly reserved for clients and friends, but they are now available to fans as well!

We’ve got our classic designs available now, and we will be adding more designs each month, so keep checking back!

Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook or IG when you wear your CB Gear!

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You can know find many of our books on Amazon Kindle for easy e-reading experience at your fingertips.

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