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How To Burn Fat Around The Clock 24-7

November 9, 2011 by  
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Download the exclusive “audio interrogation” with Joel Marion and Craig Ballantyne and special guests John Romaniello by right clicking the link below and selecting “Save Target As”. You may also left click the link to stream the audio without downloading. 53-minutes of UNCUT rapid fat loss information, yours FREE!

After listening to the interview be sure to check out Joel and Craig’s Greatest Hits program called 24-7 Rapid Fat Loss which takes all the best features from their programs combined into one foolproof system for burning fat every minute of everyday.



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Don’t Buy 1000 Calorie Challenge Until You Read This!

October 15, 2010 by  
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1000 Calorie Challenge is Now Live for $50 Off – Click Here.

by Mike Westerdal

1000caloriechallengeA lot of people are really curious and excited about Joel Marion and Arnel’s new 1000 Calorie Challenge.

To give you the basics about the program, it was designed with the goal of rapid fat loss. It’s very intense and has the goal of achieving a calorie deficit as fast as possible.

Three times a week you’ll be performing workouts that burn 1000 calories. This is no easy task which is why there are previous phases in place that build you up to that level.

These workouts are combined with some low calorie days where you only eat 1000 calories for the day. It’s spaced out so that you have cheat days and moderate carb days to get you through the 1000 calorie workouts.

It’s a pretty extreme workout/diet, but will get you fast results. I’m not sure if you’d be able to stay with something like this long-term, but it could be a good challenge to put yourself.

To be honest if I read about this in a magazine, I’m not sure what my initial reaction would be. My BS meter might go off. However I do know the creators Joel Marion and Arnel R personally and their programs have been very successful in the past so I’m willing to give this a try.

In fact I’m going to give this 600-calorie burning workout a try this weekend.


Oh, people have been asking if this a good system for building muscle and strength as well. The answer is NO. This Challenge based workout is for burning fat rapidly. You’ll tighten up and lean out but you’re not going to build muscle mass or gain any significant strength. You will improve your cardio, strengthen your heart and shred some fat if you can make it through the workouts.

Some people are saying this is too hard. It probably is for some, but if you can complete the program there’s no doubt you’ll see rapid results in minimal time.

If you’re interested in learning more about how this works, feel free to download the report below called, “4 Keys To 4X’s Faster Fat Loss“.


Flavia and Vince Del Monte Wedding Trip

July 2, 2010 by  
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My wife and I just returned from Niagra Falls, Canada where our friends Flavia Dragos and Vince Del Monte just got married.

Congratulations to the happy couple. They both come from great families. It was a time to celebrate and rejoice and to thank the Lord for bringing them together.

The food was amazing. After the ceremony which took place at the Niagra Parks Botanical Garden we headed over to Club Italia which was founded by Vince’s grandfather.

We got there at 5:30 and didn’t stop eating until 10:30pm. It was awesome. The wedding was a blast. Check out the video below to see the wedding parties do a dance routine during the introductions. That was really cool. We also heard some really really passionate and well prepared wedding speeches along with a video presentations. Good times all around.

I got to meet up with some of my fitness buddies like Lee Hayward, Dave Ruel, Adam Steer, Mike Geary, John Romaniello, Joel Marion, Eric Wong, Patrick McGuire, Craig Ballantyne and a crew of other people.

I didn’t realize it but Niagra Falls, Canada is like a mini-Vegas. Lots of stuff to do from boat rides, helicopter rides, tours, bike paths, a wine trail, casinos, bars, clubs, a space needle building, a sky wheel, haunted houses and more. We didn’t have time to do half the activities we wanted, but there’s always next time.

Here are some pictures from the trip.

Niagra Falls, Canada

Niagra Falls, Canada

Me, Karine and Dave Ruel aka The Muscle Cook

Me, Karine and Dave Ruel aka The Muscle Cook

My Wife Courtney & I Before Ceremony

My Wife Courtney & I Before Ceremony

Patrick McGuire, Dave Ruel, Mike Westerdal, Lee Hayward

Patrick McGuire, Dave Ruel, Mike Westerdal, Lee Hayward

Here Comes the Bride!

Here Comes the Bride!

Vince Anxiously Awaits His Bride

Vince Anxiously Awaits His Bride

Exchanging Vows

Exchanging Vows

Time To Party - Pic From Video Below

Time To Party - Pic From Video Below

Vince Del Monte and Flavia Dragos introduced as Mr and Mrs. Del Monte for the first time. Very entertaining wedding party dance routine. The girls dance to Beyonce’s Single Ladies. Check out Joel Marion’s dance moves in the background.


They both looked phenomenal for their special day. They’re off on their honeymoon in Europe right now and totally enjoying themselves because they both have been busting their butts in the gym to get ready for the wedding and the honeymoon.

Do you have an event that you’re trying to get in shape for?

If so check out Vince’s The Best Of Series. It features all of his best muscle building and fat loss exercises on DVD.

The cool thing is you can keep using the same workout your on right now and just use some of these exercises in your program.

Joel Marion Burns Fat With Strategic Cheating

June 12, 2009 by  
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About a month ago a guy named Joel Marion contacted me on Twitter. I guess I’m out of the loop sometimes but I had never heard of him.


I guess he’s “kind of a big deal” in the weight loss industry. He won the Body For Life transformation contest in 2001. At the age of 19 he was already getting published on sites like T-nation and magazines like Men’s Fitness.

He gave me a ring and wanted to tell me about his new program called, Cheat You Way Thin. Right away I was a little turned off by the name. The dudes I usually talk to online aren’t really concerned about being thin, in fact that’s probably our worst nightmare.

I had my guard up big time. After he started explaining to me that it had to do with cheat days and not cheating all the time, I thought okay, that’s nothing new. Sure there’s a physiological benefit to taking a break from healthy eating to help keep on you track right?

Well Joel started explaining that there’s much more to it than that. There’s a reason your body needs to cheat in order to keep burning fat. It has to do with a recently discovered hormone called Leptin.

I’m not the science guy. I set up an interview. Luke Allison of interviews Joel about his new program. Luke was skeptical going into this as well, but listen for yourself, I think Joel is pretty convincing in his argument.

Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know what you think. He’s promoting a discount price which is over now, but still want to what everyone thinks of ths.

Click the link below to read Joel’s story of how he was a personal trainer that kept screwing up his healthy eating habits by eating pizza with his roommates and going to party with a buffet and it actually helped him burn more fat! ———- <<<<<<<< Click Here

Click the play button below to listen to the audio podcast.


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