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Staying Anabolic

  By Chris Wilson, Head Strength Coach Q: I am a natural drug free bodybuilder and it seems to me that I hit sticking points in my training a heck of a lot quicker that some of my buddies who are on the “juice”. No matter...

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Try THIS for a New Deadlift PR

  By Chris Wilson, RKC, CPT, CSN   Have you ever seen yourself do a deadlift? I don’t mean looking forward into a mirror since that doesn’t reveal much about your form.  It’s from the side that you can really see...

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Anthony Catanzaro Interview

  Interview with Natural Bodybuilding Champion and Actor, the Superman of Fitness, Anthony Catanzaro By Ben Tatar 1) Anthony you are known as having one of the greatest physiques in the fitness world. How did you do it?...

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Scott Herman Interview

  Click Here to Get a FREE Month to Scott’s Membership Site Click Here to Like Scott’s Facebook Fan Page Click Here to Subscribe to Scott’s Youtube Channel AA = Anthony Alayon; SH = Scott Herman AA: What’s...

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Victor Richards Interview

Interview with Vic Richards By Critical Bench Reporter Ben Tatar Today Ben Tatar goes one on one with one of the biggest, smartest and most honest bodybuilders of all time, Vic Richards.  In this exclusive interview, Vic...

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