After a hard 2-hour workout at the gym building muscles and sweating hard, the last thing you want to eat is a protein bar or your regular chicken salad.

But you don’t really have a lot of time to do a lot of cooking, and you are not exactly the chef to begin with; so you feel trapped between on your daily carousel of canned tuna meals and protein shakes.

Do not despair; today I am going to teach your some fast recipes for some extremely delicious means you can cook in 5 minutes each – and which will do wonders for your muscles.

How Often Do You Need To Shop?

Twice a week should be more than enough; refrigerate and freeze the food that requires special treatment.

You can prepare these fast meals in the morning and place them inside your portable cooler so you can enjoy them throughout the day, especially when working hard at the gym.

They will provide you with the protein and carbs your body needs to grow and regenerate and you will enjoy some different tasting food for a change.

Do You Need To Cook In Advance?

Yes, but to a minimum. You will need to cook pasta, boil eggs, cook brown rice or skinless chicken breast in advance, but there are also plenty of ingredients you will not need to terminally prepare: canned vegetables such as corn, beans, chickpeas, fresh apples, bananas, strawberries, canned salmon or chicken, cheese sticks with low fat percentages, cottage cheese and lean deli turkey or roast beef meat, to name just a few.

Grilled Chicken Wrap Recipe

For this fast recipe you will need cooked shredded chicken breast, light creamy dressing, lettuce, whole wheat tortilla, and a slice of nonfat cheese.

Place the tortilla on a flat surface ad put the chicken pieces in the center, pour dressing over it and top it with the shredded lettuce and cheese, then roll it tightly and use a toothpick to secure it if necessary.

Use plastic wrap to preserve it for later consumption.