Target Areas of Weakness & UNLEASH
Your Body’s Potential

Let’s get right to it!

There is a lift LOTS of guys struggle with improving at the gym that can be extremely frustrating and defeating…

The Bench Press

These guys work as hard as any of the other guys in the gym but feel so inferior, especially when one of them asks, “So how much can you bench?” They embarrassingly mumble “My max is 205 pounds.”

If they weigh 225 pounds but struggle to rep out their own body weight, it’s as if they can hear people chuckling throughout the gym at them.

This ‘strength technique’ I’m about to share with you is for the guys who are getting sick and tired of justifying their weakness in the bench press and being the laughing stock of the gym.

With this training technique, you will have a shot at increasing your bench in only 6 weeks!

So you SUCK BIG TIME when it comes to bench press…


Don’t feel like you are alone as I can relate to you (as well as many other guys) with regard to a having a weak bench press at some point in our training.

Back in the day, I could do full barbell back squats with 315 pounds for 15 reps without much of a warm-up easier than I could bench press 225 pounds for ten reps.

Basically I could easily rep out my body weight PLUS 100 lbs on squats but only hit my body weight for like 10 reps. Compared to other guys with big benches, I felt like a failure.

I just wanted to feel the same kind of confidence while lying under the bar that I felt while standing under it.

If there is a positive to my bench press weakness it is that I have researched nearly every bench press routine known to mankind over the years. I know what works and what is monkey crap when it comes to bench press routines.

Here is a 6-week bench press routine, which will give you the most amount of gain factor in the least amount of training time.

It is called ‘Flashpoint Bench Pressing’.

This training technique uses a fixed poundage percentage of a maximum un-fatigued single-effort. The percentages of maximum and corresponding poundage increases only once every seven days, over the next six weeks. Here is an outline of the six progression training levels that many bodybuilders in both the amateur and pro ranks will use in their quest for upping bench press power.

Do this workout on Monday and Friday or…Tuesday and Saturday

The point is to have 3 days off in the middle of your bench days.

Level One (Week #1)
After a couple of light specific warm-up sets perform 5 sets of ten reps with 65% of current un-fatigued maximum single effort (MSE).

Level Two (Week #2)
5 sets x 8 reps with 72% MSE

Level Three (Week #3)
5 sets x 6 power reps with 79% MSE

Level Four (Week #4)
5 sets x 4 power reps with 86% MSE

Level Five (Week #5)
4 sets x 3 power reps with 93% MSE

Level Six (Week #6)
1 set x 2 power reps with 100% MSE


NOTE: Always be sure to do a couple of light specific warm-up sets at each level of training.

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