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Win a FREE Copy Of Bench Press Explosion!

Lets keep this simple. If you’d like to win one of ten free copies I’m giving out of my new Bench Press Explosion eBook that contains 18 of the best bench press routines I have ever come across here’s your big chance!

The problem as I see it is addressing how powerbuilders can simultaneously achieve big numbers in their bench press weight and still develop sculptured, striated pecs in a minimal amount of time. That is the challenge I strive to address with this book.

Here’s what you need to do for a chance to win.

Look over these two interview posts below (will open in new windows) where I talk about my powerbuilding approach to bench pressing for BOTH strength and size.

Part 1: How To Bench Press 300 Pounds & Beyond!
Part 2: How To Bench Press 300 Pounds & Beyond!

Now leave a comment below on this page using 250 words or less explaining why you want to increase your bench press to get bigger and stronger and how my new eBook Bench Press Explosion would help you reach your goals of gaining this strength and size.

This contest will be open until the end of the day on Monday, March 12th. Everyone has the same fair chance to win and all entries will be read. Just do me a favor and don’t use lack of finances as a reason you want to win. Even if you don’t win I’m going to make this super affordable so everyone can get their hands on it next week when it’s released.

Good luck. Enter you comment below to win. Contest ends at the end of the day on March 12th.


236 Responses to “Win a FREE Copy Of Bench Press Explosion!”
  1. craig cameron says:

    Yo! Mike.
    I’v got strength questions and you’ve got the answers.

  2. Orland says:

    I want to get my bench press numbers up, and help my goal to be the strongest version of myself!

  3. Eric Cieplinski says:

    I was very excited to hear that you compiled a B-O-B workout journal. I first got the original Critical Bench routine about four years ago. The five day split routine was amazing. It produced great results in every lift i exercised. Of course i bought it for the bench routine, which went from my old one rep max of 275 all the way slowly but surprisingly to 365! Since then, work and the birth of my first son has had me put the five day split on the back burner for a while. Family first! So now i do mainly assistance exercises once or twice a week and bench for maintenance once a week. My one rep max is 350 strong now. I have a goal of the wonderful 405 and ultimately the 500 point someday. I can remember only being able to do 225 for four reps and how good it felt to hit three plates. Three plates is the new two plates and four plates the new three plates! Can’t wait to see the top 18 Mike! Thanks for being a significant outlet in my life! Benchprsr 4 ever!

  4. terry donovan says:

    i am 42 and just getting back after a 4 year break, I was a very avid lifter with my bench reacing 500 at one time. I got back lifting help training my oldest son for playing college football. He is heading into his senior yr in high school and is a very different body type than myself, so using my old routines dont seem to be the best for him. Plus this has my competitive juices flowing again and I would like to go for a minnesota 40 and over bp record. terry donovan

  5. Michael Esguerra says:

    I’m Mike and I’m 43 years old and your Bench Press Explosion will help me a lot in improving my technique and adding pounds but most of all ones I’ve learned the technique, I can also share my knowledge to others at the gym so I can help people out too..

  6. Taylor says:

    I am a believer in being THE strongest version of yourself. I have been through losing friends and loved ones, having a hard time paying for school, getting a job, social life going down the drain, and my family going against each other. But one thing that has been consistent and made me happy throughout my life has been working out and getting stronger. I’ve applied philosophies I’ve received training to my personal life, and no matter how hard life gets I still keep my head up because I am a strong person, both inside and out, and I know that life will get better. I love the confidence and the physique strength training gives me. Even now I have never been more proud of myself for what I can accomplish. This program will help me greatly because it will help me accomplish so much more, and it will lead me to where I want to be.

    Thank you for reading

  7. Ben says:

    Hey Mike,,,,To be honest I just want anything you’ve written for free. I do want to increase my bench. I am 53yrs young started lifting 3 years ago. I have been stuck at 235 for my bench. I weigh 190. I just keep working it. I do enjoy all you write and your videos Keep up the good work

  8. ben says:

    I would like to increase my bench press for football. Right now my bench is at a pitaful 150lbs and im embarassed about it. I would like to get my bench past my body weight at about 185lbs by the beginning of football in May. I would like to learn new ways to increase my bench press and have more confidence.

  9. Toine Waldo says:


    I’m getting into personal training and have pretty much been an active and fit guy most of my life. I started hitting the gym early in high school and stayed active by playing many sports. Most recently I’ve just been so into the lifestyle which is something I want to distill into people’s minds is that being fit is a lifestyle not a fad or diet. However gaining size is something I find hard for myself to do. I feel that my metabolism is so fast I cannot get my body to keep weight on. I am about five eight feet tall and 180lbs I have virtually no fat content and pretty much very muscular athletic build. I feel I gain size but I usually fluctuate a few pounds below or above 180lbs. I’ve been about 185-187 before and was a little bigger, but I am about 181-182lbs and feel stronger than ever. I like to switch my workout routines all the time and confuse the muscles so they don’t get used to same thing over and over. I could defiantly use some pointers. My max bench press rep is over 225 and I use to press 225 regularly now I use less weights and more body weight workouts which I mix with things like kettle bells and trx. I have set a goal to significantly increase or at least get back to where I used to be bench pressing

  10. Tyler says:

    Hey mike this is tyler. I am 16 years old and I love working out. My father played d1 college football and I hope to do so also. Pops also was able to bench press 475lbs raw. As a kid I loved watching him workout and on some of the lighter sets he let me spot him lol well at least i thought i was spotting him. He always said when I got older he would teach me how to work out the right wayno steroids just hard work. Sadly in 2006 he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. When this happened i let myself go let my grades drop and just stopped caring. That is until i came across your friend elliot hulse’s channel. Man you elliot and chris barnard have helped me tremendously im now passing all classes with a’s and now I am even takin 2 college level courses. I really hope i win this book so i can do better in the bench press at combines. And my mom would be so happy if I could earn a college scholarship. Thanks mike for everything

  11. Zeney says:

    Well mike im 28 yr old and i ve been lifting weight for 8 yrz and i still have a flat chest, i would like to use a new technique to see if i can gain more muscle mass….thankz

  12. Brian says:

    A few years back I came so close to benching 300 pounds. I am 5’8″ and at the time was weighing only 154 pounds at around 5% bodyfat. I had been regularly flat benching with 225 pounds for 8-10 reps on my last working set and was throwing up 110 pound dumbbells for 10 reps as well. One day I decided to see what my max was and ended up doing a triple with 275 and I even paused at the bottom of each rep and only got a little asssitence an the third and final rep. My buddy was like Bro throw 300 on the bar but I said no because I felt that I didn’t want to over do it and figured that I had plenty of time to get that 300 especially because I was so close. In fact I felt I could have got it that day but wanted to play it safe to avoid injury. well long story short, just a few weeks later I woke up with a really stiff left shoulder and what I think was either a pinched nerve or a tear but whatever it was it kept me from benching or shoulder pressing for almost 3 months. Now a couple of years later that shoulder still bothers me from time to time and I’ve never been as strong since. I’ve gotten back up to 225 but can only press it 3-4 reps and it feels heavy as shit whereas before it felt light and I felt like a was throwing it up with ease. I still think back to that day when i did a trip with 275 and how strong I felt and only wish that I went for it and I would have been able to know that at least once in my life I got 300 pounds, and It would have been especially sweet because I was only 154 pounds so it would have been almost double my bodyweight. Amyway I would love a copy of the program because I feel that I need a systemized way to get my bench strength back up and hey maybe I could be a great success story for ya “The skinny bastard who benched twice his weight” haha…whether i get a copy or not I appreciate the opportunity bro


  13. Shane says:

    I have been a trainer for about 10 years now. Over the years I have taken numerous courses and researched every aspect of powerlifting and bodybuilding. Always a perfectionist, I am one of the rare guys that train my calves as hard as I train my “beach muscles”. The last 3 years I have been active in training high school and college athletes. My biggest complaint with school age weight lifters is that they are not recieving proper guidance in the weight room. Terrible technique, lack of proper mechanics, poor posture and zero bar control! Hand placement, angle of the humerous, shoulder blades pinched, arch in lower back and bring your feet back ???? They don’t realize how technical the bench is let alone the deadlift and squat..Ask a school age lifter what: time under tension, mind muscle barrier/connection is and they’ll look at you like you have horns growing out of your head! The more variety you try with lifting, the better chance is you’ll find what best will work for you. This book would be a great addition to my arsenal for lifting the correct way. sorry for the rambling!

  14. Gabriel says:


    A few days ago I made a pitiful message about my lousy bench press, the lousy poundage I use (at this time 225 lb max for 2 reps), and that I felt like doing almost what inimaginable to get a stronger past the 350 lbs mark by tthis time next year.
    I know I´ll accomplish that personal goal, whatever it takes, and I would like to read your book to learn more, and so help me God.


  15. Austin Yurko says:

    Your ebook is everything I need. I am currently a senior in high school and I’m playing football next year in college for western state. My main goal is to get bigger, faster, and Stronger. And this would help me so much in accomplishing that. I have very strong legs, I squat over 600 ass to grass And I’m only 17. But my bench is lacking as i have had back surgery and 2 elbow surgeries. I would really appreciate this gift, and I would do everything in my power to become the strongest version of my self. I haven’t caught a break in my life as I can’t seem to stay out of the hospital. And your programs would help me a ton as I haven’t been able to get out of my plateau on bench in forever. So I know I have to be doing something wrong. And I know your program would help me figure out whats right, and I know it will help me become much stronger.

    Thank you,
    Austin Yurko

  16. Nick says:


    I’m a 48 year old body builder weighing in at a lean 190lbs. I’m stuck at a plateau…I really would appreciate your input…this book just might be the ticket!!!



  17. Dallas F says:

    I do Olympic lifting and I would like to learn more about the bench to aid my training.

  18. Chris Warn says:

    I’m the classic hardgainer who has trained off and on for the last 25 years without exceeding a 225 lbs bench PR. This is the main reason you may not want to give me the free copy because I must be genetically deprived. Allthough my frame should support it 5’11, 180 lbs at 42 years old, 225 should be somewhere in my second set of my bench routine. I finally maxed 225 while deployed to Iraq at the age of 38. If you believe this program works I’m your guy to test the program. I want desperately to rep 225 and one day max at least 300 before it’s “over”. To many they would say dream bigger, and I wish I could, but reality has me by the “short hairs”.


  19. Mike says:

    Im sure my technique is terrible – only able to bench 165 max. This would aid me in using the correct technique to be able to progress.

  20. Sami says:

    I’ve been training for years and while my results have improved in every other move, bench has remained weak. It’s very frustrating – even if I compete only against myself – to be able to squat more than most in my gym but in bench I’m at the bottom. I haven’t tried maximums for a long time but I think it would be about 90 kilos (198 pounds) for one rep. I’ve tried different routines and tried to better my techinque but to no avail. I’m sure my downfall is the lack of proper technique and proper methods and routines. I’ve enjoyed your blog and you seem to really know what you’re talking about so I’m confident your book would really help me get better and stronger.

  21. James Sharpe says:

    I am 71 years old and would love to win a copy of your new methods
    of bench training. I have been lifting since I was 10 years old
    and still want to keep up on all the new methods of training

  22. Martin Balderas says:

    I’m martin and I just turned 17 years old. I would like to win this Book because I think I would help me out tremedously I am about to be a senior and am trying to do good in my sports such as football and powerlifting and and I think if I eon this book It can help me reach the goals I set out for myself one being to win state in powerlifting, we’ve only had one guy win before and that was back in 2003 and I’d like to he the 2nd one to win, this year will be my second year to go and I’m am currently ranked 2nd in state and I’m doing fine with squat and deadlift but I’m suffering a little in my bench and this book could help not only get my bench up but help one of my dreams a reality and that is to win state. Please to me to be one of your winners

  23. bruce cox says:

    i am a strentgh and conditioning coach. i try and take football players to the place they need to be as fast as possible. however, i am stuck at what to do many times if what i do doesn’t work for them. it tears me up to see the disappointment when they miss a lift for a new pr. i need help period. can you help? Bruce

  24. gary says:

    Hey guys.I’m one of those guy’s “they”said would never be able to certain things again after serious injury.I’m 59 now,but let me take you back 20 years.I started training martial arts,”they said I was too old to compete,and won.I started weight trainng to compliment my arts.They said weights would be no good.Funny,I got stronger,my martial arts got better.Two years ago,I ruptured my distal bicep tendon,my bicep ended up into my shoulder,and my wrist was so broken up they fused it together.They said i would never be able to lift again.Through your programs,I dead-lift,squat,and yes,even bench press.I am just getting back little gain by little gain.I am just at the 200 lb mark for reps,but I can feel my strength coming back.I couldn’t even squeeze my hand before,now I’m working out and don’t even think about it(though I do have nerve damage,and can’t really feel my forearm.I refuse to quit.My training is my medicine.It doesn’t matter if I get this for free or not,honestly.I WILL bench 300.I WILL buy this on my own when it goes online.Just wanted to say Thanx for all the info,programs you have put out.BTW,I am an old Marine,too.Thx guys Gary G

  25. Alle says:


    I’m not looking to be able bench press 300 pounds or beyond, but the technique behind it, so I can train in a proper way.
    I’m sure this new method will help.

  26. Khaya says:

    Hi guys I’m 28 174cm(5.8ft)and my mass is 115kgs(253 pounds)always gained easily on my chest.My arms we not growing as fast so I stopped training them so that so I could focus on my weak areas.As my arms were getting stronger injured my left shoulder had grade tears on my tendons.I’m only getting back to training my chest but I tend to favour the right fearing my previous injury.Your book will be of great assistance in order for me get my confidence because at 18 could bench 100kgs(220 pounds) and only weighed 82kgs (180 pounds) please help.

  27. John says:

    Hi mike, I’ll keep it short. The reason why I think this would help me out. there’s alot of info on the internet , alot of it does not work. I’ve used mike critical bench program and that works great. with that one type of program i’ve increased both my raw and shirted bench, 100 lbs on both. that’s why I think this program would work. Mike has proven his methods on all levels. I trust what he say’s. thanks mike keep up the grat work

  28. Keith says:

    I am 41 and bench presses is my weakest exercise along with the chest. I believe this program is what I would be looking for to be able to not only perform the bench press correctly; also, will help me increase my poundages which is a goal of mine. I have been working out for over 10 years;however due to suffering post traumatic stress working as a paramedic several years ago, I had stopped working out and just last year started back up working out with my wife and helping her with her fitness goals.

  29. caleb says:

    When I was younger I was bullyed for being to small and weak. I waste the smallest on my whole school even though I was a senior l.right then and there I promised.myself that this would never happen again and that I would be the biggest one in the school. And this book could really help me achieve this goal so please pick me.

  30. bill says:

    hi there, I want to increase my bench press, because my girlfriend ask me and personnally, I am feeling realy good

  31. i deinately need this i am curently doing the 7 fastest ways to increase benching.i am curently one repping max 335 but wanna be at 450.please consider me.i want to increas my bench in the littlest a big fan of critical bench i read lots of the posts and always find new ways to expand my benching.please give me a chance.

  32. Drew Denning says:

    I would like to use your program because I feel it will take me to the next level to be able to go to a national meet and dominate, right now I lift in the mens open 275lbs class, I have been stuck with a shirt bench of 6001bs, I want to be able to put up a mid 6 bench and other workouts I have tried just don’t push me

  33. Brandon wood says:

    I need something new to help push me past my limits. I weigh280 lbs and in fairly good shape at 5`11. I’ve competed in several apc bench competitions and have done s
    A couple of strongman contest. I have been trying many different routines including the original critical bench program and while the shoulder rehab worked wonders my bench is still sadly stuck under 4 plates. Seriously need some help to take my strength to the next level.I do all raw lifts so i’m in desperate need of help to make my numbers look impressive.thank you.

  34. David Garard says:

    Im in need of some good training information that would help launch me to the next level. Im 59, 215, and a lone ranger plugging away in my cellar. I have tried the moderate weight routines which sounded right for a guy my age, but it just hasnt done anything for me. So im back over 300 on my bench but its at a stand still. Some Pro advise on the right Pro-gram would be great motivation to keep trying and to prove ur never to old to improve

  35. Austin Johnson says:

    The reason I am looking to increase my bench press is a combination of two reasons. The first and most important to me is the fact that I am an athlete, a baseball player. I feel as though if I could increase my bench press it will help the rest of my upper body develop, thus giving me more power at the plate. The second reason is to help push my good friends and lifting partners in the gym. I had just recently gotten a few of my best friends into weight training, and it would be awesome to help them get some of the gains they dream about.

  36. mario says:

    hey Mike i would live to resive the bench press explosion. The reason is becuase i want to achieve a goal and it is to break the 400lb bench press record on my high shool. I’ve been seen your emails on strenght and their awesome. But i always have this goal to break the 400 pound guy before leaving high shool. And i would like to have the bench press explosion. And it would be a an honor to have achieve my dreams and improve my bench.

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