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Win a FREE Copy Of Bench Press Explosion!

Lets keep this simple. If you’d like to win one of ten free copies I’m giving out of my new Bench Press Explosion eBook that contains 18 of the best bench press routines I have ever come across here’s your big chance!

The problem as I see it is addressing how powerbuilders can simultaneously achieve big numbers in their bench press weight and still develop sculptured, striated pecs in a minimal amount of time. That is the challenge I strive to address with this book.

Here’s what you need to do for a chance to win.

Look over these two interview posts below (will open in new windows) where I talk about my powerbuilding approach to bench pressing for BOTH strength and size.

Part 1: How To Bench Press 300 Pounds & Beyond!
Part 2: How To Bench Press 300 Pounds & Beyond!

Now leave a comment below on this page using 250 words or less explaining why you want to increase your bench press to get bigger and stronger and how my new eBook Bench Press Explosion would help you reach your goals of gaining this strength and size.

This contest will be open until the end of the day on Monday, March 12th. Everyone has the same fair chance to win and all entries will be read. Just do me a favor and don’t use lack of finances as a reason you want to win. Even if you don’t win I’m going to make this super affordable so everyone can get their hands on it next week when it’s released.

Good luck. Enter you comment below to win. Contest ends at the end of the day on March 12th.

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236 Responses to “Win a FREE Copy Of Bench Press Explosion!”
  1. Drew Denning says:

    I would like to use your program because I feel it will take me to the next level to be able to go to a national meet and dominate, right now I lift in the mens open 275lbs class, I have been stuck with a shirt bench of 6001bs, I want to be able to put up a mid 6 bench and other workouts I have tried just don’t push me


  2. Brandon wood says:

    I need something new to help push me past my limits. I weigh280 lbs and in fairly good shape at 5`11. I’ve competed in several apc bench competitions and have done s
    A couple of strongman contest. I have been trying many different routines including the original critical bench program and while the shoulder rehab worked wonders my bench is still sadly stuck under 4 plates. Seriously need some help to take my strength to the next level.I do all raw lifts so i’m in desperate need of help to make my numbers look impressive.thank you.


  3. David Garard says:

    Im in need of some good training information that would help launch me to the next level. Im 59, 215, and a lone ranger plugging away in my cellar. I have tried the moderate weight routines which sounded right for a guy my age, but it just hasnt done anything for me. So im back over 300 on my bench but its at a stand still. Some Pro advise on the right Pro-gram would be great motivation to keep trying and to prove ur never to old to improve


  4. Austin Johnson says:

    The reason I am looking to increase my bench press is a combination of two reasons. The first and most important to me is the fact that I am an athlete, a baseball player. I feel as though if I could increase my bench press it will help the rest of my upper body develop, thus giving me more power at the plate. The second reason is to help push my good friends and lifting partners in the gym. I had just recently gotten a few of my best friends into weight training, and it would be awesome to help them get some of the gains they dream about.


  5. mario says:

    hey Mike i would live to resive the bench press explosion. The reason is becuase i want to achieve a goal and it is to break the 400lb bench press record on my high shool. I’ve been seen your emails on strenght and their awesome. But i always have this goal to break the 400 pound guy before leaving high shool. And i would like to have the bench press explosion. And it would be a an honor to have achieve my dreams and improve my bench.


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