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April 2, 2006
Female Bodybuilder Brenda Raganot Tribute

Brenda Raganot's Stats

Height : 5'3"

Weight :135lbs contest / 150-160lbs off season

Hair : Brown w/ highlights

Measurements :

Arms - 15 1/2"

Quads - 24"

Calves - 15 1/2"

Chest - 44"

Waist - 26"

Ethnic background : Filipino - American

Place of Birth : Annapolis, Maryland

Home : Seattle, Washington

Years of training : Started in 1984

Trainer History :

Began training with Debbie Houck ( a well known Northwest trainer) in the year 1991. She brought me from the amateur level to the pro ranks in 1998.

Currently, I train with Anthony Aponte of "Aponte Training"; a talented and knowledgeable young trainer with his own unique style. He is one of the most supportive men for womens bodybuilding, besides my husband that I know. I am blessed to have train with both of them.

Brenda's Contest Titles:

(Amateur) 1998 Middleweight & Overall NATIONALS Champion

(PRO) 2000 Ms. International Lightweight Champion

More About Brenda

Favorite muscle group on you : All of them :)

Favorite muscles to train : Don`t have one...I love to train all my muscles!

Personality Traits : I don`t judge a person. I try to find the good in them.

Favorite color : White/ Always look good with a tan

Favorite foods : Red Robin Monster Burgers and French fries w/ tarter sauce

Favorite lingerie : Black & White sexy lace or/ latex

Hobbies : Nightclubs and dancing all night long.

Going to the movies.

Listening to music ( R&B, jazz, techno, some heavy metal rock, pop)

Playing with my baby dog "Prince"

Future goals :

Win a major PRO show!!

Be the best person I can be and help others in their goals.

Just be happy and successful in life.

Having lots of R & R with family & friends :)

Personal message to my fans :

Bodybuilding is my passion, my love and through bodybuilding I have met the greatest people...you the fans! I never imagined it would be like this! Your support has touched my heart very deeply and has meant the world to me. Believe me when I say it............Thank you to all and I love you!

Another important message :

I have to give thanks to my Lord Jesus! I truly believe each and every one of us on earth have a reason to be here. We have to find it and in return by helping others either through kindness or what ...goodness will come.

Hugs & Kisses, BRENDA

Brenda Raganot's Videos

1997 Nationals - Brenda Raganot

Maury Povich Show - Brenda Raganot

Brenda Raganot Bodybuilding Posing


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