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May 25, 2024
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An affiliate program just means that if you send people to buy the Critical Bench Program, we'll share the money with you. Whether you have a lot of Web site traffic or just a little you can start earning extra money right away. There's no cost to you.

All you have to do is point people to the Critical Bench Program and you'll earn 50% of every sale. Why would we pay you half the money you ask? Well without the referral we wouldn't have had the sale, so it works for both of us.

Reliable Tracking, Reporting, and Payment

We have teamed up with ClickBank.com. Clickbank is the company that takes all the credit card orders on the Critical Bench website and they also track all affiliate sales and send out your commission checks. You can log into your account at anytime to check how much money you have earned. If you haven't registerd for free at Clickbank you can do so using this link:

Already Have A Clickbank Nickname?

Then it's simple, you can start earning 50% commission right away. Use the link below, replacing the "xxxxx" after the question mark with your nickname. Now everybody clicks on the link you created you'll credit for the sales it generates.


Why Join?

Reason #1, is you'll earn a 50% commission. The program sells for $37.00, so that means each time you generate a sale you'll earn $18.50! What's even better is you don't have to create your own product or handle any of the customer service, we take care of everything for you.

Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Link

1. BANNERS - COVER Images- Not everyone pays a lot of attention to banners. However we have designed some good ones that have a nice click through rate. Use any of the banners below. To save any of the images below just right click and select "save as".

Critical Bench

Critical Bench

Critical Bench

2. TEXT LINKS- Here are some examples:

Text Link 1:

"How To Increase Your Bench Press By 50 Pounds in 10 Weeks!" PLACE AFFILIATE LINK HERE

Text Link 2:

"Amazing new weight lifting program reveals how you can finally gain size and strength while at the same time taking your bench press to a new level." PLACE AFFILIATE LINK HERE

Text Link 3:

"Are you ready to learn how to train smart so that you avoid over training. Your muscles need time to rest and recover. They grow between workouts not during workouts. Over training is the #1 mistake made by lifters of all levels and we'll make sure it doesn't happen to you when you try the Critical Bench Program." PLACE AFFILIATE LINK HERE

Text Link 4:

"Beat your genetics with a proven customized muscle building bench press program." PLACE AFFILIATE LINK HERE


Some of our highest paid affiliates have simply written a letter to their web site visitors describing the results they have achieved with the Critical Bench Program.

4. USE OUR ARTICLES- Put any of our articles on your site or run them in your newsletter followed with your affiliate link. Remember to give the author credit and you can link to CriticalBench.com using your affiliate ID. Then you cut a blurb at the bottom of the article that says, "Increase Your Bench Press 50 lbs in 10 Weeks". Here are some articles you can use:

All articles found at this link: http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Mike_Westerdal

You May Also Use These Article By Ben Tatar

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4. GIVE AWAY OUR FREE "Branded" eBOOK- 50 Keys To A Bigger Bench Press The download link below for the eBook gives you the eBook itself and also our affiliate branding software which will allow you to embed your clickbank affiliate link into the eBook permanently.

After saving the new "branded" pdf version you can then upload / ftp the eBook to your web site and allow visitors to download it. Not only does the eBook offer quality information with appealing graphics and bench press tips, but it has permanent affiliate branded links in it which will earn you automatic revenue.

The conversions from the eBook is strong and consistent. There is a full page ad for the Critical Bench Program at the end and there are several text links throughout the document.

50 Keys to a bigger bench

50 Keys to a bigger bench

Download the Freebie e-book and
branding software here:

Free eBook Description Sample : Feel free to write your own description

50 Keys To A Bigger Bench Press - Free Special Report

Most people when they go to increase their bench they work their chest three times a week figuring more work will mean more gains. There is more to the bench than just the chest. You also have to work the other muscles involved in the bench press. Determine your sticking point whether it be the bottom, middle or top and train to overcome the plateau. If you want to increase your one rep max and become a better bench presser download this free ebook compliments of our friends at Critical Bench entitled,

Click Here - 50 Keys To A Bigger Bench Press

Note: You will need Adobe Reader to view this free Report.

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