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Welcome to the Bodybuilding Universe t-shirt store at Critical Bench. Bodybuilding Universe is proud to sponsor 2006 Mr. Olympia JAY CUTLER! They carry many novelty Bodybuilding & Powerlifting tshirt designs such as the "Arnold is Numero Uno" Pumping Iron t-shirts, & the Bench Press 300-Pound Club shirts as well as retro vintage style t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, hoodies, muscle shirts, sleeveless T's, mugs, and more! If they don't have your FAVORITE Bodybuilding t-shirt please keep checking back...we are always adding new designs!

Talented friend and artist Jake Jones offers the world's best muscle shirts as seen in Planet Muscle and Body Talk Mags! Jake also designed many graphics for the Critical Bench Web site.


bodybuilding powerlifting muscle shirts

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New Muscle and Bodybuilding tshirts
New Muscle Shirt Designs
Bodybuilding Tshirts
Bodybuilding Tshirts
Powertec Weight Lifting Equipment
Powerlifting Tshirts
Best Selling Muscle Shirts
Best Selling Muscle Shirts
Bodybuilding Tshirts Under $15
Muscle Tshirts Under $15
Muscle Bodybuilding Powerlifting Apparel
Best Selling Muscle Shirts
Women's bodybuilding apparel
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Muscle Bodybuilding prints and posters
Muscle Posters & Prints
Muscle Bench Press Shirts Apparel
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Favorite Bench Press Muscle Shirts - Click Images For Shirt Styles

New Official Bench Critical Bench Muscle Shirt
Official Critical Bench Press Logo

New Muscle and Bodybuilding tshirts
Bench Press Clubs
Vintage Bench Press Muscle Shirt
Vintage Bench Press
Dedication Muscle Shirt Shop
Dedication Muscle Shirt
Muscle tees
Bench Tshirt
Bench Press Muscle Tshirt
99 Problems
Dedication Muscle Shirt Shop
Got Bench?
Muscle Apparel
Honor Student
Powerlifting apparel
What Does It Look Like?
Bench Press Poster
Bench Press Poster

Official CriticalBench.com Tshirts!


Critical Bench Muscle Shirt
Trainer Chris Wilson

White T-Shirts & Muscle Shirts
100% Cotton, High Quality.
T-Shirts L-3XL

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Fitness Model Kelly Jacobs



Black Muscle Shirt Critical Bench
Powerlifter White Rhino

Black T-Shirts & Muscle Shirts
100% Cotton, High Quality.
T-Shirts L-XXXL

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Modeled by DeeAnn Donovan



Tribal Design T-Shirt
Sizes: Large - XXXL
100% Cotton, High Quality.

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Weight Lifting T-Shirt

Weight Lifting T-Shirt

Tribal Design T-Shirt
Sizes: Large - XXXL
100% Cotton, High Quality.

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Apparel designed for the truly dedicated athlete, competitor or hardcore gym rat.
The official producer of the Ronnie Coleman Special Edition T-shirt series.

Team Super Training Bench Tshirt

Team Super Training bench tshirt
99 Problems Bench Tee

You might have at least 99 problems, but if you're like this guy your bench ain't one of them. This shirt features the Super Training logo in distinctive silver-gray and white on the front and the gym's bench motto on the back. "Super Training" also runs vertically down your chiseled midsection. Order Here!
99 Problems But My Bench Ain't One

Disciple Training Gear Shirts

Disciple Training Christian Powerlifting Gear
Verse Psalm 55:22

God will lift the weight from your shoulders!

22 Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall. Order Here!
Disciple Training Christian Powerlifting Gear


Muscle Powerlifting Bodybuilding Shirts and Apparel



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