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Muscular System

The Anatomical System Most Directly Affected By Exercise...

...is the muscular system. While bones and joints provide the framework for the body, it is the contraction (and relaxation) of specific muscles that enable us to move. There are three types of muscle tissue. They are: Skeletal, Cardiac, and Visceral.

Skeletal muscle tissue is attached to bones by tendons, and is typically named according to its location. Skeletal muscle is voluntary muscle; that is, it can be made to contract by conscious effort.

Cardia muscle tissue forms the walls of the heart and is involuntary by nature.

The third type of muscle, visceral muscle is found in the walls of internal organs like the stomach and intestines and in blood vessels. The contraction of visceral muscle also is involuntary and, thus, is not under conscious control. While all three types of muscle have vital functions, the structure and function of skeletals muscles warrant the chart below.

Both ends of a skeletal muscle are attached to bone via tendons (a cord of connective tissue). In some cases, skeletal muscles are attached to bone by an aponeurosis, a broad, flat type of tendon. The wide, flat insertion of the rectus abdominis is an excellent example of aponeurosis. While there are more than 600 muscles within the human body, only the major muscles are illustrated below.

Skeletal Muscular System - Anterior & Posterior Muscular Anatomy

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Skeletal Muscular System - Front View

Chest Muscles

Rotator Cuff Muscles

Shoulder Muscles

Bicep Muscles

Abdominal Muscles

Quadricep Muscles

Adductor Muscles

Hip Flexor Muscles
Muscular System - Muscle Anatomy Front

Skeletal Muscular System - Back View

Muscular System - Muscle Anatomy Back Back Muscles

Triceps Muscles

Glute Muscles

Hamstring Muscles

Calves Muscles