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Muscular System - Calve Muscles

About Your Calve Muscles

The Gastrocnemius is the calf muscle that is visible from the outside of the body. It attaches to the heel with the Achilles Tendon and originates behind the knee on the femur, crossing two joints.

The Gastrocnemius has two heads: the medial and the lateral. When fully developed, these two heads appear to form a diamond shape.

The Soleus is not visible when looking at the body from the outside as it lies underneath the Gastrocnemius on the rear of the lower leg.

The Soleus is most active when doing calf exercises where the knee is bent, such as seated calf raises.

Calve Muscle Functions

Calf Muscles anatomy

The function of the Gastrocnemius is to elevate the heel (known as plantar flexion).

The function is the Soleus is exactly the same as the Gastrocnemius: to raise the heel. The only difference is that it works in a different position: with the knee bent.

Calve Muscles Exercises

Standing Calf Raise Using Machine
Seated Calf Raise Machine
Dumbbell Calf Raise
Donkey Calf Raise
Stability Ball Hip Extension For Calves

Calve Muscles

The muscle anatomy descriptions and picture on this page were provided courtesy of Nick Nilsson.


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