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May 25, 2024

Weight Lifting Accessories - Weight Training Accessory

Weight Lifting Weight Training Gear

Special Promotion

Weight Lifting Accessories Pictured to the right is a photo of Alan P Thomas of APT Pro Lifting Gear and myself. Alan is a good guy and one of the few people in the iron game that I trust. I personally use APT products such the bench belt, power belt, convict wrist wraps, knee sleeves, kettlebells, and forearm bar to name a few. You get the point. Why do you care though?

You care because I worked out a promotion with APT to offer you one free set of 12" Wrist Wraps in any Design OR one free set of Basic Lifting Straps. (one free set per order of one or the other)

If you are interested please see the details below:

Main Wrist Wraps Page:
Main Store Page

Simply place ANY size order with NO Minimum order amount. When checking out & in the "Extra Info/Comments"section state the design by Name and if you want 12" Wrist Wraps OR the Basic set of Lifting Straps (Black or Natural).

In the "Coupon" section when checking out use the Promo code of CBENCH (one word no spaces) and you're good to go. That's it, simple and you're all set.

Keep training hard,

Critical Bench, Inc.

Weight Lifting & Training Accessory Categories

Wrist Wraps Only Fitness

Wrist Wraps Only
12", 20", 24" & 36" Wrist Wraps-Convict Pro, ZRV-Pro, Black Mamba, Blue Power, RWB, Blue Bamba, Phantom, Blood Stripe, Thug, Black Reaper, Commando, Pink, Baby Blue.




Knee Wraps Only Fitness

Knee Wraps Only
2m, 2.5m & 3m with and without velcro knee wraps. ZRV-Pro, Black Mamba, Blue Power, RWB, Blue Bamba, Phantom, Blood Stripe, Thug, Black Reaper, Pink, Baby Blue. "FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS SQUAT HIGH"




Knee Wrist Wraps Only Fitness

Knee Wraps & Wrist Wraps ALL
12", 20", 24" & 36" Wrist Wraps. 2m, 2.5m & 3m with and without velcro knee wraps. Convict Pro, ZRV-Pro, Black Mamba, Blue Power, RWB, Blue Bamba, Blood Stripe, Thug, Black Reaper, Commando, Phantom, Pink, Baby Blue.




Lifting Straps for Exercise Fitness

Weight Lifting Wrist Straps Famous APT Custom Built
APT CUSTOM BUILT, 10,000+ weight lifting wrist strap design options, 80+ designs, Largest selection in the world, Light to SUPER HEAVY.




Lifting Hooks for Exercise Fitness

Weight Lifting Hooks Exercise Hooks Workout Hooks
Steel, Aluminum & Extreme weight lifting hooks, Light to Super Heavy, Red/Black & Black. Forward, Reverse and For/Rev grip options.




Lifting Chalk for Exercise Fitness

Weight Lifting Chalk, Athletic Gymnastics Chalk
Weight Lifting Chalk, Grip Spray, Paste & Powder. Many options. Norberts, Mueller, Ivanko. Cans, Jars,, Shakers 1 block or one box, you choose.




Resistance Exercise Bands Muscle Fitness

Resistance Bands Weight Lifting Powerlifting Exercise
Resistance Bands for Powerlifting, Weight Lifting, Exercise and more. #1 through #7... 5 lbs to 200 lbs. Over Stock Bands #2, #4 & #5.




Exercise Fitness Weight Belts

Weight Lifting Belt Powerlifting Belt Exercise Belts
Weight Lifting Belt Powerlifting Belts Exercise belts. Light lifting through Super Heavy. Don't forget to support your back!




Heavy Hand Grips for Hand Strength

Hand Grips Hand Grippers Grip Strengt Forearm Strength
Hand Grip Hand Grippers 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350 pound resistance.




Super Grippers for Hand Strength

Super Grippers IVANKO IW & VICE Super Hand Grippers
Super Grippers...IVANKO, IW Super Gripper, VICE Super Gripper with Knurling...and extra springs for each.




Bodybuilding and Powerlifting Contest Trophies and Sculptures

Weight Lifting Trophies and Sculptures
71+ ARTIST Quality sculptures and Trophies. Super detailed and made of poly resin. These are not hollow, they are solid. Sculpture Shipping Fee: The shipping fee is Not collected or charged at the time of order. The Shipping fee will be charged to your credit card as a separate charge. PayPal users will be sent a money request for the shipping fee.


Dumbbell Power Hooks

Dumbbell POWER HOOKS, Excellent product if you use Dumbbells and better if you use HEAVY dumbbells.




Fractional Record breaking plates

Free Weight Fractional Plates
Fractional Plates? Sets of 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" & 1 lb weights for when you don't want to add a full 5 lbs from two 2.5 lb plates. Niceeeee!! 1" and 2" holes.




Dipping Belts

Dip Dipping Belts Weight Lifting
Nylon regular, Nylon Wide/Heavy, Leather Regular, Leather Deluxe, Red, Red/Black, Natural & Black Leather.




Knee Sleeves

Knee Sleeves Brace Support
Regular, Heavy Super Heavy Knee Sleeves Brace Support S, M, L, XL.




Elbow Sleeves

Elbow Sleeves Brace Support
Regular, Heavy Super Heavy Elbow Sleeves Brace Support S, M, L, XL.



Neck Harness

Head Neck Harness
Nylon and Leather Head & Neck Harness. Excellent for growing a strong thick neck!!




Powerlifting Chains

Chains Powerlifting Free Weight Lifting Exercise
1/2", 5/8" & 3/4"... 30 to 65 lbs & Chain Collars. Chains for Powerlifting Free Weight Lifting Exercise.




Squat Bar Support and Pads

Squat Bar Support & Pads
Manta Ray & Sting Ray front or rear squat support. Squat bar Pads Red and Black.




Strength Training Bars

Free Weight Forearm Upper Body Bars
6 Bars to choose from, the Pro Bar, AMP Bar & E-Flex bars. Choose Standard 1" or Olympic Bar 2".




Ladies Fitness Equipment

Gear for the Ladies,.......and men!!
Gear for the ladies but also for men. Products from Light to Super Heavy designs depending.




Ankle Strap Attachments

Ankle Cuffs for Pulley work and exercises
Ankle Cuffs in Leather, Nylon and Heavy designs for pulley stack adjustable working out and more.




Amonia Nose Tork Smelling Salts

Nose Tork, Ammonia Caps Smelling Salts Inhalants
Nose Tork Bottles NEW NOSE TORK, Ammonia Caps in 10 pack, 10 packs of 10 or full 100 pack box. Ever see a powerlifter sniff something before they lift? This is it.




Strongman Truck Pulling Harness

Sports & Strongman Truck Pulling Harness
Truck Pulling Harness for all sports and Strongman training and events. S, M and L sizes.




Thick Dumbbell Handles

Thick Fat Heavy dumbbell handles
Thick Fat Heavy Dumbbell handles. 2", 2.5" and 3" handles for 2" olympic plates. Want to try something different, give these a try.




Kettlebell Weights

Kettlebell Dumbbell Solid Free Weights
Kettlebells Standard lbs, Metric Kettelbells kg's and Amuminum lbs kettlebells dumbbell free weights, 10 through 80 lbs. 6.5 and 7.3 inch diameters.




Wrist Roller hand forearm grip strength

Wrist Roller Grip Roller, Forearm Strength
Wrist Roller Grip Rollers For Forearm Exercise & Grip Choose from several different designs, great pricees!!! Wrist Roller and Wrist Roller Grip Roller & Twister




Abdominal Sling

Abdominal Cuffs & Slings
Abdominal Sling and Cuff, Excellent for attaching to the pull up bars and stack weight pullies.




Muscle Rub

Hot Stuff Muscle Balm cream, Works WELL!!
Hot Stuff, Mild and Extra Strength tubes. ....not stinky like BenGay (R) (tm)




Exercise Journal Log Book

Weightlifting Log Books
Weight Lifting Log book Journal, Nutrition Log Book Journal.


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Weight Lifting Weight Training Gear


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