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April 22, 2024

Amazing new training manual reveals how you can...

"Decrease Your Forty Yard Dash By .2 Seconds In 8 Weeks!"

"Using training methods taken from World-Class athletes and coaches, one easy-to-follow program has been developed that guarantees you will be running faster!"

how to run fasterFrom:

Mark Strasser, MS, CSCS
North Bergen, NJ

Dear Friend and Athlete:

Speed is the difference between an average athlete and a great athlete. By developing speed, an average athlete can become good, and a good athlete can become great. That is why speed, for any athlete in any sport, is a good investment. If you put in the time, sweat, and hard work you will see the results.

There is a common misconception that people are born with speed. But speed is like intelligence; it is invisible until developed. Speed is a developed skill. One of the challenges of athletes is to recognize that speed is a physical attribute and can be enhanced through proper preparation in any athlete at any age.

Traditional speed training focused on increasing an athlete's muscle and power. The assumption was the stronger the athlete the faster the athlete. On those premises it is part of the truth. If you have ever been to a track meet, you can notice the difference between sprinters and distance runners. The difference between the athletes are strength, power, and lean muscle mass. This is not the determining factor of speed though. Contemporary speed training programs now incorporate a number of components in developing and maximizing an athlete's speed potential.

Have you ever been caught on the field of play by someone chasing you?

Have you ever had someone run past you on the track? Have you been thrown out trying to steal a base? Have you sat on the bench because someone is faster than you? If you are interested in gaining speed and training with a World-class strength and conditioning coach, then this is the most exciting message you'll ever read!

Here's why:

There is an amazing new ebook called the Critical Speed Manual. As a strength and conditioning coach I have molded athletes from the high school level to the professional level. Athletes who have run a 5.1 in the forty-yard dash have improved their time to a 4.7 in just two weeks!

How did the athlete do it? A simple formula that anyone can easily use to increase their speed and decrease times. This new ebook reveals it all.

This "How To Run Faster" ebook is amazing. Here's a sample of how it can benefit you:

  • A simple warm-up routine that will help improve your running form in two weeks

  • The most important tips on sprinting technique used by World-class sprinters

  • How to perform speed drills that are guaranteed to increase your speed by developing perfect running mechanics

  • Pictures and Descriptions of common mistakes that can save you valuable time

  • The greatest workout routines used for developing massive strength gains

  • Secrets of medicine-ball training used by professional European track athletes

  • Killer core training routines-including Ab workouts for beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes

  • How to gain muscle and lose body fat

  • What to eat before/after training or competition for peak performance.

  • How to set goals and achieve ultimate success

  • A complete 8-week program broken down day-by-day, with specific comments by your own coach. The program includes: running workouts, weight-room workouts, speed drills, and plyometric programs

  • Cutting edge legal supplement recommendations that average coaches know nothing about

  • How to effecitvely distribute your bodyweigth at the starting line

  • You'll learn how to avoid overtraining and pulled muscles

  • Dozens of the best-kept speed secrets of sprinters and pro-athletes that almost NOBODY knows about...compiled by a 10-year, rare study of the "fastest"athletes on earth

  • Find out the 10 simple exercises you absolutely MUST DO in your routine to get the most out of your speed training

  • And much, much more!

Pretty amazing don't you agree? But don't take my word for it. Listen to success stories of real people who've read and completed the Critical Speed Workouts:

"I purchased your book 8 weeks ago and started the program immediately. At the time I was running the 40 yard dash in 4.9 seconds, and was 3rd string tailback on my high school football team. When I came into camp this year I was timed at a 4.5. I have now become the starter, and looking forward to a great season! I can't believe what a difference the program has made! Thanks for your help!"

Dale Smith - Milwaukee, WI

"I was skeptical that any program could improve my speed. However, I was so intrigued by the promises your book made, I bought it. That was six months ago. I am enjoying the rewards of my past season. I broke the school record in the 100m dash, and took 6th in state. Because of my improved speed I've received scholarship offers from Division I schools. Your program prepared me for my season better than I could ever have imagined! I don't know how to thank you!"

Melissa Weir - North Reading, MA

"As a college athlete I know that speed is extremely important in one's performance, and with dedication, high intensity personality, and knowledge of speed and agility, the program can help raise any athlete to a higher level of performance."

Mary Maciulewski (Basketball Player-Central Connecticut State University)

"It is usually stated 'success finds hard working and well informed people.' The Critical Speed Manual is a tremendous resource for strengthening and conditioning athletes. It has been a great resource for me and anyone else who solicits their help. Jump at any opportunity to gain some of this knowledge. Now I can pass and scramble!"

Keith Toolan
(Quarterback for the Manchester Wolves, Arena Football League)

"I would highly recommend the strength and conditioning programs designed by Mark Strasser for any athlete that is interested in getting better. His programs are the best programs that our athletes could find anywhere to make them faster athletes as well as better players. The combination of weight lifting, stretching, and conditioning that he put out there, if followed properly, can enhance a players chances to play at his maximum ability."

Joe Davis (Head Track and Field Coach) North Reading, MA

running faster"I was the defensive coordinator under Coach Strasser while coaching a pro football team in Europe. We all know speed kills, and the first thing Mark did was work with the defensive backs. Improving the mechanics of the players alone tremendously improved their 40 yd dash times. It sure made my job a lot easier. I have personally seen Mark work miracles with athletes of all levels. He has coached high school kids as well pro football and baseball players. Mark is one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the nation which is why I asked him to put together the Critical Speed Manual.

Besides that Mark and I were teammates in college and he helped me decrease my 40yd dash from a 5.0 to a 4.7 during one off season, without losing any bodyweight. That was enough to win me the starting the OLB position I had been working for.

Mike Westerdal, Certified Personal Trainer, Owner of CriticalBench.com

That is just a few of the testimonials from satisfied athletes that have used the Critical Speed Manual. I'm practically blushing and barely expect you to believe what you're reading. That's why I want you to try the ebook out for yourself, risk-free for a full 60 days.

Here's My Simple, Proven Method For Gaining Speed And Muscular Strength...Guaranteed To "Shortcut" Your Way To Results!

My Risk Is Your Opportunity

The price of the ebook is $39.95. Order a copy of the ebook completely at my risk. Read and try out the Critical Speed Manual for a full 60 days. And, if you are not satisfied for any reason - you'll receive a full and fast refund. No questions asked. No hassles. Put it this way if you sit on the coach for 8-weeks, eat junkfood all day and then tell me it didn't work, I'll still give you a refund! Why would I do that? Because I'm confident that the information you'll receive will help you get faster.



Who Am I And Why Should You Trust Me?

run faster and sprint faster techniqueI don't want to use this section to brag about accomplishments but rather let you know that I am qualified, educated, and certified to teach and coach on this topic. From an educational standpoint I have a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology. In addition I am a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Working as the strength coach for the Minnesota Twins Organization I have developed cutting edge speed workouts used by many pro baseball players. In addition I have coached professional football, as well as high school track, basketball and weight training.

I have also trained elite athletes on an individual basis charging more than $75 per hour. For half that price you can own your own copy of the Critical Speed Manual. I am available to answer any of your questions online. After purchasing your copy of this ebook you will have access to a professional strength and conditioning coach at the tips of your fingers. I take pride in answering questions and helping you acheive your goals. Don't think that after you make this purchase your support will dissapear. I know how that feels, and I want to make sure you get much more than your money's worth. We all work hard and deserve to reach our dreams.

run faster speed training

Table Of Contents - 173 Pages

1. Introduction
2. Warm-up Routine, Stretching & Cool-down
3. Sprint Technique
4. Speed Drills
5. Common Mistakes
6. Strength Training
7. Plyometrics
8. Medicine Ball Training
9. Core Training
10. Sports Nutrition
11. Goal-Setting
12. The Complete Program

You Can't Teach Speed. Or Can You?

I've heard fellow coaches say it over and over. "You can't teach speed". In all my years of competitive athletics I have yet to see a coach teach running mechanics to their players (other than track ofcourse). As a football player in college I actually went to the track coach to get some tips on decreasing my 40 yard dash. You see it's not that you CAN'T teach speed, it's that nobody does, and I don't understand why! I mean we did plenty of conditioning, weight training, and quickness drills but nobody covered the basics on getting faster.

If you've read this far you already know how important speed is when playing sports. Think about it, if you have any hopes of becoming a pro football player 2 tenths of a second on the forty yard dash could cost you thousands of dollars on a contract or several rounds in the draft. If you want to play football in college you better believe speed is important. Ask any college player what the biggest difference between the highschool game and the college game is and they'll tell you it's the speed of the game. Athletes playing at a D-1 school compared to a D-III school aren't usually bigger and stronger they're just faster! Compare heights and weights of rosters of different universities and you'll see what I mean.

Don't Get Left In The Dust...Follow These Steps to Develop Killer Speed

Critical Speed Manual - How To Run Faster

  1. The Critical Speed Manual is an electonic eBook. You will be given access to download it as a pdf file. Pdf files are viewed with Adobe Reader which you can get for free on this page if you don't already have it.
    http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html. A hard copy will NOT be mailed, this is an electronic product. The ebooks is almost 200-pages long and making it a digital product lets me pass on the savings to you. If you'd like me to burn a cd for you that's not a problem, just ask.

  2. Now you're ready to place your order over our Secure Server with your credit card. After you check out you'll be taken to a thank you page where you will be given immediate access. If you're not a computer wiz, don't worry about it. I'm email away if you need help.



Mark Strasser, MS, CSCS
mark at criticalbench.com

P.S. If you order today, I will include these FREE Bonus Items Valued Over $290!

BONUS #1: 50 Keys To A Bigger Bench Press

Most people when they go to increase their bench they work their chest three times a week figuring more work will mean more gains. There is more to the bench than just the chest. You also have to work the other muscles involved in the bench press. Determine your sticking point whether it be the bottom, middle or top and train to overcome the plateau. If you want to increase your one rep max and become a better bench presser this ebook is for you! Imagine being faster and stronger!


sport and bodybuilding recipesBONUS #2: Bodybuilding Recipes

Gives you dozens of great muscle-gaining and fat-loss recipes. Includes high-protein and low-fat recipes you can use to make your nutrition planning a lot easier. It includes recipes for homemade meal replacements and protein bars, saving you money.


BONUS #3: FREE Online Coaching From A Pro Strength Coach

Order your copy of my ebook the Critical Speed Manual and I will assist you via email throughout the duration of the program. Athletes getting paid millions of dollars a season have access to me during practice and you'll have access to pick my brain after practice anytime you want! Like I mentioned earlier in this letter I usually chage $75 per hour for one-on-one training however email consultation is included free with your purchase if you act today. In the manual you will receive access to my personal email account.


Take Advantage of This Special Offer and Pay Only $39.95 for the Download of the
Critical Speed Manual With Bonuses.

Developing Killer Speed

After checking out you will immediately be given access to dowload the Speed Manual with BONUSES.


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