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Ab Secrets from Mike Geary Mike Geary is the founder of TruthAboutAbs.com and author of the internationally popular book, The Truth about Six Pack Abs, with thousands of readers in over 100 countries worldwide. Mike is also a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer currently living in New Jersey. Mike's fitness articles have been published in hundreds of fitness websites, newspapers, and several print magazines.

Mike has been known to develop unique workout styles that blend the best of the worlds of powerlifting, olympic lifting, bodybuilding, kettlebell lifting, and sports training. Check out Mike's website at TruthAboutAbs.com for several free gifts.

Mike says, "I dedicate myself to constantly staying up-to-date on new and innovative training strategies as well as nutrition in order to pass this valuable information on to you, my customer, and help improve the quality of your life. I'm also not a hypocrite. I don't preach to my customers about fitness and then go off and eat a box of donuts. I stay lean and rock-hard year round by following smart training progressions and eating a fun and delicious healthy diet. Fitness is my passion and I'd love to help make it your passion as well! So stay with me, and I'll never let you down."

Articles Written by Mike Geary For Critical Bench

What's Keeping Your Abs Hidden?
Why excess abdominal fat is more DEADLY than you think
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Target Heart Rate is Pointless for Losing Body Fat
Cardio Workouts Are Not the Ideal Way to Lose Body Fat
Ab Exersises Do Not Cause Stomach Fat Loss
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Abdominal Workouts - The Truth
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The Best Thigh Workouts for Sexy Thighs and a Firm Butt
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The Best Butt Workouts for a Sexy Firm Butt and Thighs
The Best Secrets to a Flat Stomach and Six Pack Abs
Fall Asleep Easier, Sleep Deeper, and See Your Body Fat Disappear
The Unmatched Muscle Meal Plan
Energy Drinks - Do They Give You Energy or Just a Big Gut?
Great Outdoor Workouts in 20 Minutes or Less
The Ultimate Fat Loss Secrets for Flat Six Pack Abs
Do You Actually Need Cardio?
One of the Top Secrets to Life-Long Leanness
Healthy Trans Fats vs. Unhealthy Trans Fats Uncovered
My Top 15 Non-Traditional, Muscle Building, Fat Burning Workouts
If Takeout is a Must, Make the Healthiest Possible Choices
My Favorite 55 Hard Body Foods
For Ultimate Fat Loss and Muscle Gain, Focus on Both Consistency and Variability
Healthy Saturated Fats? Yes, You Heard Me Correctly
Antioxidants - Add a Lean, Muscular Body to the List of Advantages!
After Workout Nutrition: Secrets to a Hard, Lean Body
Cardio Lovers - Discover a More Effective Training Method for Fat Loss and Heart Health!

Mike Geary's Ab Secrets eBook

The Truth About Six Pack AbsThe Truth About Six Pack Abs
You Will NEVER Lose Your Excess Stomach Fat and Carve Out Those Rock-Hard Six-Pack Abs that You Desire by Wasting Your Time with 100's of Crunches and Other "Abs-Pumping" Exercises...

Nor with Those Bogus Ab-Gadgets, Gimmick Diets, "Fat-Burner" Pills, and "Miracle" Supplement Powders that are Scamming You Out of Your Hard-Earned Money!

Instead, Discover the Tried-and-True Training & Nutrition Secrets That the Super-Lean Use to Strip Away Stubborn Stomach Fat and Develop Sexy Flat Abs That Turn Heads With Mike Geary's Incredible Truth About Abs Program!


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