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Bench Press

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World Record Bench PressWorld Record Bench Press

On this page you can see a video of Ryan Kennelly performing the biggest equipped bench press of all time. Scot Mendelson currently holds the world record raw bench press. If you're looking for other world record bench presses you can visit the page above find the links to different powerlifting organizations. Each federation keeps track of their own records which is why there are so many "world record bench press" holders.


Increase Bench PressIncrease Bench Press

The Critical Bench Program. This bench press program is a power program designed to help you increase your one rep max by an average of fifty pounds during the ten week training cycle. It is different from other programs because you are provided with the actual weights you will be using on bench day and given a full body lifting split to follow. Over 9500 powerlifters, weekend warriors, and athletes have had success with our system. Get more in depth information so you can increase bench press.


Bench Press WorkoutBench Press Workout

The Internet is full of different bench press workouts. They're spread out all over the place, so we took the liberty of gathering them all and listing them on our bench press workouts page. Winters, Kennelly, Arcidi, Ken Lain, Coan and other great bench pressers share their bench press routines. When we find a new bench press routine worthy of addition you'll see it added.


Bench Press


Bench Press Max CalculatorBench Press Max Calculator

Bench press max calculators can be easier to use than typical bench press charts. Just type in the weight you used, than the number of repetitions you bench pressed and hit enter. Whalaah you get your projected one rep max. When you visit our fitness calculator page you'll find the bench press max calculator at the bottom underneath the bodyfat and protein calculators.


Bench Press ChartBench Press Chart

This bench press chart has been published since 1999. If you can't figure out how to use it, don't email us. Just use the bench press max calculator instead. Or use them both and compare. If it were me I'd pick the bigger projected max. What's the point of a bench press chart?

It's a chart that can be used to determine your projected maximum bench press without performing a 1 repetition max. Some athletes "get psyched" for a maximum lift, while others get psyched out by the number 300,350, or 400. But as a rule, the chart gives a good indication of what an athlete is capable of for a single lift. And yes you math majors it can be used for other lifts!


Bench Press ShirtBench Press Shirt

Huge bencher Shawn Lattimer wrote an outstanding article about bench press shirts. Quoting Shawn, " Many people are always asking me questions about bench shirts. Which one I use, and which one I think is best are a couple of the most common questions I get from other lifters. Beginners often ask the question, what is that thing? Hopefully, the following article will help educate many, and dispel some of the rumors that seem to hover around bench shirts."


Incline Bench PressIncline Bench Press

The best place to buy an incline bench press is at
TheBenchPress.com. We recommend the Wilder incline bench press. Retails for under $400.

If you don't know what an incline bench press is you're in trouble. Actually you'll be okay. We have pictures, a description and a sample video of how to correctly perform an incline bench press in our exercise database.


Bench Press RoutineBench Press Routine

Stop Making Excuses About Your Weak Bench Press and Start Making Progress with...The Ted Arcidi "Boss of the Bench Press Routine". In 1985 Ted Arcidi shocked the power lifting world by becoming the first person to officially bench press 705.5 lbs. This interview format e-report reveals how he did it.


Average Bench PressAverage Bench Press

How Does Your Bench Press Compare? Do you have an average bench press or an above average bench press? Use the charts on the following page to rate your bench press and squat in accordance to your body weight. The charts were written by Dale Harder, author of "Strength & Speed Ratings".


Bench Press PyramidBench Press Pyramid

Doberman Dan Barks Bench Press Pyramiding Bites! "Why I Think 'Pyramiding' Sucks! And How You Can Add Up TO 50 Pounds To Your Bench Press IMMEDIATELY By NOT Pyramiding!" Great article that discusses how you drain your energy for your heavy sets when you do all these extra bench press pyramid sets. Makes sense.


Bench Press TechniqueBench Press Technique Articles

If you need to improve your bench press technique or just read a wide variety of opinions and recommendations you have to see our bench press articles archive! There are over 100 bench press articles in this section. If you read them all it would be hard not to improve upon your bench press technique. You can add chains, bands, triples, gear, boards, negatives, lockouts and many other techniques to help you up your max.



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