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Thank you Mike for providing the best hands down bench routine. In the past year I made huge leaps in the bench going where I've never gone before evolving into a monster. I gained about 20lbs body weight and went from mid to high 300s to 430 and a 285 military, everything keeps going up at 52 years of age. I've been using your course since 2001. Have you ever thought about being a trainer for pro-sports teams.


I bought the criticalbench-program a few weeks ago. The couple tips and tricks I learned are beneficial! In the past I didn't like to bench,I always had shoulderpain,especially in my left trapezium. After the first week,I still had the shoulderpain but it was less irritating. Now after the second week,..no reaction! Looking fwd to progress,my first goal is 230lbs in 8 weeks from now. I did the Lee Hayward 21day muscle-program,I'm strong again but my bench is laim is comparision to other bodyparts! I dumbell-press(incline) with 75's..but I still sucked in benchpressing. I was doing it complete wrong!


I am on my 5 week of critical bench and i'm telling you i love it. i lift more weight every workout i do and i love that feeling. I never really need to gain weight but i started the program at 182 pounds and today i stepped on the scale and i was 190 pounds. I'm just wondering because i wasn't on any weight gainer or tried to gain weight. so i was wondering if it was just my body natural thing to do because i was just getting stronger and stronger every week that my body just had to gain weight. Because when i take my shirt off it looks like i lost weight and i look great.


Here is the picture from Camp Buerhing Kuwait I weighed 168 at the time and was benching 295 then my shoulders gave out and I had to get surgery because of all the years of not having the right form while I was working out, I recovered from both surgery and with your technique I am benching over 350 now, By the way I am 35 and will be 36 in May 2011 I still look the same as the picture I can see about getting some of me benching.

bench press successBench Press Gains

Ryan Gay

I am on the 9th week of the bench program and my bench has gone from 350 to 405 breaking the 400 lb mark for the first time in ten years. I ordered your program ten years ago when it first came out and loved it! I had to re-order it two months ago and I am back. My overall goal is 500 lbs. I know CB will get me there. Thanks for the program!!! I would love to become an affiliate someday and look forward to building my own website!


DeJay Wiedrich

My G-d son is experineincing some SERIOUS success with the program! He even looks awesome with his muscles and his tight shirts. Saw him last night for the game and he is very greatful for the bench program and is sharing it with his brother!

Your the man bro thanks so much!


Hey Mike,
Today was my max out day and it was awesome. I pushed 560 like it was not nothing so a friend of my mind said I should just try 600lbs to see how it felt. I pushed it half way up before I got suck. I want to be apart of the 500 club on your website so what do I need to do. I noticed that you have not had anyone posted in a while and I would like to change that. I just want to let everyone know that your bench program is the best.

The Sky is the limit. World Record here I come (715).

Darries "Tank" Griffith

I just completed my Critical Bench program and met my goal of adding 50lbs. to my bench press, without supplements, energy boosters, steroids, etc. It was all natural. I had to delay it a few weeks due to a serious illness, complications, side effects, etc. My doctors have given me a clean bill of health and I am back on schedule. Your program really works. If a 58-year-old man like me can do it, anybody can.

Thank you so much for helping me accomplish a big goal at this time in my life! I look forward to breaking more personal records!

Jorge Rivas
Brownsville, Texas

Hey mike thanks bro. by the way I just got done With critical bench and I put 45 pounds on my bench Just wanted to say thanks it's an awesome program and I'll def Be using it again.

Ben Sullivan

I absolutely loved your program I started lifting hard my senior year in high school and I am a sophomore in college now and I was stuck at 315 for my max for what seems like forever and I stumbled across your program and figured I would give it a try and at the end of it I maxed out at 360! This program was fun and I looked forward to every day of lifting because of the way it is set up and how you mix things up every week! I highly recommend this program to anyone no matter what the situation you are in. It is a great program and I saw results every week which made it exciting to do!

Thanks a lot Mike!

Hey Mike I dont know if this is where I contact you but the other day I purchased your book after reading over it a couple times I was at the gym yesterday using your set ups an right ways to bench and WOW I was always stuck on 225 no more then 5 times well yesterday i used your set up an got 225 12x. Thanks so mauch man, this is the begginging!

Robert Craig

Mike -
"With The Critical Bench program, I saw more dramatic results than when I was playing sports in high school and college. When I started Mike's 10 week program, I had just turned 39 and my goal was to bench 300 lbs by my 40th birthday (December 2010).

After running 7 marathons and many triathlons, I realized that my upper body had disappeared and I did not want to look like a skinny runner the rest of my life. I ordered the Critical Bench program and after one 10 week plan, I increased my bench press from 235 to 295 lbs. At that point, I took 30 days "off of the critical bench program" and then went back for round number two…by June 15, 2009, I maxed out at 315 lbs! Fifteen pounds higher than my goal and 6 ˝ months before my deadline! Mike's Critical Bench program works - end of story!

My upper body muscle mass has increased dramatically and my body fat percentage has dropped 7%. By having the exact exercises spelled out day-by-day, even a guy like me with ADHD can follow it and see huge results."

Todd Tyler
Charleston, SC

Hey Mike,
Here are some stats for you to comment on, after seeing your video on critical mass.com with regards to benching and adjusting my training to suit, the gains I'm starting to make have really impressed. I'm 49 yrs old and 2 yrs ago I was 158 kg(350lb) at 44% bodyfat, I have train pretty constantly 6 days a week some times twice a day to reduce my fat levels, not only was I training but I was also doing approx 8 miles on the xtrainer as well after weights, that jumped started my metabolismm along with 7 meals a day. The point is that for the last 3 months my weight has plateued around the 120 kg(264lb) at 29% bodyfat with minimal fluctuations, since I watched your video I've concentrated on power and strength training and have done so for the past 2 weeks, since adding extra carbs and cutting my cardio down to 3 times a week I've dropped 5 kgs(11lb) of weight with a 7% drop in bodyfat and have added an extra 6lb in lean mass, my bench has increased from 220lb for 6 sets of 6 to 255 lb for 6 sets of 6, my weights in all other bodyparts have been of similar increases, out of all this was what blew me away was the fact that during my 30's my best bench was 172kg(387 lb) for a body weight of 242lb which I was quite chuffed but to see your stats for the same bodyweight pales in comparison. Thanks for showing me the light, my goal now is to better my previous best before I turn 50,once again thank you!

Regards, Steve

Hi to everyone at Critical Bench,
The last two years have been a crazy ride. I had a rotator cuff injury that set my bench way back for a long time. When I finally went back to benching heavy the best I could manage was 355x2. I revisited my old Critical Bench Program from a couple of years ago, and not only did I get back to my old max of 405, I far surpassed it with a new max of 440 pounds and got it on video. In the end, 355x2 to 440x1 only took me 16 weeks. I'm 24 years old and weighed 238.5 pounds when I performed this lift. I couldn't be more pleased with your system!

Here's the video!


Hi Mike,
I ordered your Critical Bench Program several years ago and gained allot of strength from it. At the time I was 165lbs and my bench went 275 to 325 lbs. Like I said that was several years ago. I am now a US security contractor in Afghanistan I have allot of time to get in the gym.

I now weigh 205lbs and my bench is right around 430lbs. Although I have long since used the program, actually I loaned it to a friend and he never gave it back. I still use the principles from it. I was surfing the net and came across your site and just felt compelled to write you. Anyway I will be ordering another program just wanted to say your program works.

Danny Johnson

I am writing you to let you know that i have 4 weeks left of the Critical Bench Program and I will be maxing on the 5th week. I have already trippled my max before the program so I know that it is working wonders. I will be in touch with my results vid in 5 weeks. Thanks alot Mike for putting together an awesome program!

Joseph Price

Thanks a million for your Critical Bench Program, which greatly helped me to quickly re-enter a weight training program after a long layoff (15 years ago and now 39 years old).

At the conclusion of the CBP I added at least 40 pounds to my bench press. Five weeks later, I have concluded that I have added another 10 pounds or more (now a total of 50). I am between 10 and 15 pounds of achieving a 300 pd bench press. After last night's workout (weight seemed light), I know that I will be able to get there very soon and be able to continuing to increase my strength once that goal is achieved.

In addition to increasing my bench, I also put on a 1/2 inch on my arms and 1 inch on my chest. Thanks again for helping get back on track. Your program is money well spent!

There are so many fake programs out there that lead the "Average Joe" down the wrong path. I am glad that you are honest, up front, and willing to share your knowledge in order to help average people obtain their training goals. In addition, your knowledge is shared at a price that is affordable for everyone.

Thanks Again,
Thad Elliott

What a great bench workout! I worked out about 5 months and started to plateau on my bench. That's when I found the Critical Bench Program, I gave it a try and followed the program to a T. Next thing I know, I'm putting up weight that I thought was years away, from the progress I was getting prior to the program! I'm glad I purchased the program and would recommend it to anyone who wants to increase there bench in an effective and fast way!

Ed Nowalk

I have been using Critical Bench for the past 2 years now, and I have to say it definitely works. There are even times I think it could have worked twice as good had I followed it completely to a T, but there were the occasional sicknesses, and every year once football started, the heavy lifting stopped. I am now in college, and I am continuing to use this program, and have actually used it with my friends who have also made dramatic gains (50+ pounds on their bench press, now benching 240). Now, I am a fairly skinny guy, so packing on muscle was not easy. This program is no miracle program, it does require work and rest, but it will get you results. My bench went from 140 pounds to 225 pounds. Thats 85 pounds! NO OTHER PROGRAMS THAT I HAVE COME ACROSS WILL GET YOU THESE RESULTS! Critical Bench worked for me so it can definitely work for anyone else out there.

nfljoe81 at aol.com


I am 16 years old..I found your program and wanted to boost my bench as much as i could by the time i became 16..i was stuck at 225 for a while and after i did your 10 week program my bench went up to 300lbs! I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to boost their bench.. I am only 5'8in tall and i only weigh 150lbs.

bench press successBench Press Gains

Colton Strout


This is a great program! The best routine for increasing your bench I have ever tried. Granted I still have a long way to go to bench 350, but I am getting there faster and with better physical results using the critical bench program. I started out being able to only bench 225 for a half dozen reps or so but after 11 weeks using the program I benched 285 twice and then 3 weeks after that I went for another max and benched 295. I will be using the critical bench program of some time to come and anyone else looking to bench more weight in a short time frame should use it to.

Trent- Boise, Id

Bench Press Crew

hey this is Mike Houghton again letting you know i am 7 weeks into the program and i have already gone up 40 pounds.... i maxed out at 290 and 295 half way up, i have 3 weeks left and i know ill hit 300... i am only 16 and my birthday 5 months away..... i weigh 195 pounds at 5'9 and a half and am very lean.... i have been working at this since age of 13 with an undying devotion to wieght lifting.

Mike Houghton

I just finished your 10 week bench program . I went from 345 to 385 I was very happy with my progress. I am wondering what I should do next ? I want to continue gaining on my bench should I go light for a couple weeks or get another program from you . Also allot of the guys at the gym are using power bands can these be added to your program? I fell pretty good at 39 years old being able to bench this much.

Thank you
Mike mc

My name is Pat Mulrooney and I have had great success with the critical bench program in the past. I used the program as a junior in high school and my bench press went from 245 to 300 in only 10 weeks. It was amazing. I am now a Junior in college and have been lifting consistantly and playing football for the last 8 years. I am currently a starting defensive lineman for a D3 football college football team in New york state. My current stats are BENCH- 350, CLEAN- 325, SQUAT- 450. I am 6'2", 240lbs. Thanks again.

Pat Mulrooney
Prospect, CT

Hi Mike,

Sorry for the delay in responding. I have great news, I got up 360! About midway through between week 5 and 6 I had the flu and missed a few workouts, I can't help wondering if I hadn't maybe I would have hit 365. How long should I wait before starting the program over again? You'll be hearing from me when I hit 400, which thanks to you shouldn't be too long. This is the first product ever, including all the "magic" routines in the muscle mags that delivered what was promised and then some. The whole system has made me stronger in every way, I can't thank you enough.

Thanks again and take care,


"Just wanted to tell you how much I love the Critical Bench Program. The setup of the exercises is great without the structure of the workout I probably would not have finished. I'm 33 years old I quit smoking in Sept. of 04 with the thought in mind of getting back into the shape I was in ten years ago when I got out of the Army. But after ten weeks and the Critical Bench Program I'm benching more the I was then you helped me to increase my one rep max from 170 to 260. YEP 90 lbs in 10 weeks. Thank you. I'm now doing a 18 week program, the Optimum Anabolics workout. After that I'm going to order the Critical Bench program to increase once again Iknow I will not see a 90 lb gain again but i know i can get the 50 lb increase. With my main goal being to bench at least 350 by the time I'm 35. Again thank you and I will be in touch."


Rich Hayden

P.S. The girls on the site are the hottest. Especially Nikki Warner.

"I purchased the critical bench workout to get to a 500 max.I followed the program to the tee my bench went from 465 to 500 plus in the short time of 11 weeks. I continued on my muscle mass grew and the strength continued to go up I broke the Alabama state record with a 540 press at weight of 210 in the WABDL world championship held in Reno, NV 2002. The program has worked so well for me that I presently have a 580 lb at the same body weight with more lean mass.The work has allowed me to compete in bodybuilding and powerlifting.I would to send you some photos and info to join the 500 club ; 600 is my goal or 3 times my bodyweight and still compete in both sports."

BIGIRON, bigiron600@yahoo.com


I am almost 49 years old. I began lifting again a year and a half ago after a 20 year hiatus. My previous best bench was 310 lbs at a bodyweight of 195 when I was 29 years old. This time around I was stuck at 300 lbs for four months. I ordered your program in an effort to get off this plateau. I live with all the distractions and maladies which make it difficult for guys my age to stick with any program. (Job and family pressures, travel, and in my case Sciatica etc...) Anyway it's been 12 weeks now. I adhered to the program as best I could. Today I benched 325 lbs at a bodyweight of 205. ( I just missed an attempt at 335). I am absolutely delighted with these results and can readily see how a young man's efforts could pay off with much larger gains. I intend to go on a maintenance program, lose ten pounds and order your program again in the spring. My ultimate goal is to begin benching competitively in another year when I can join the over fifty group.(The AAU Raw record for us old guys is only 335 in the 198 lb class) It's a pleasure to deal with a company which delivers on their promises. Good luck in the future and Thank You very much."

Fran Clark, Johnson City NY

"Critical Bench Brothers,
I am 43 years old and I weigh 212. I entered my first powerlifting competition on 1/18/03 "Deal with the Steel" a Jamie Harris production. I successfully won the 220 lbs. Masters and Open class with a masters world record, 600 lbs bench press on my 2nd lift. Just missed a 625 on my 3rd lift. I am getting stronger and learning so much more about the bench. I will be at the Masters National Championships in Daytona come this May. I will accomplish a 650 bench press at this competition. July 5th, I will be at Bench America televised on Fox sports net. I will accomplish a 675 Bench press a this competition. I'm very new to the sport but I've always had a strong bench press. I've only used a single ply shirt at this point. (Imagine...) I'm excited and and thankful for some of the tips I've gotten from critical bench. This is an awesome web site and "yes you can teach an old dawg new tricks". My quest for 700 is in my grasp!!!"

Mark Carter

"I am 15 years old and I ordered the Critical Bench program and loved it! I have been lifting for a year now and I have been stuck at 165 as a 1 rep max and I could never break it. I searched around the internet for different workout routines and I found this bench program. I decided to order it and I was so glad I did. My bench press went from 165 to 205 in 11 weeks. I am definitely going to try this program again."

Sincerely, Kyle Wells

"Critical Bench,

I wanted to take the time to write you a quick note about all of the feedback I am getting about your Bench Pressing Program that you offer there at Critical Bench. As a business owner myself, I always feel obligated to pass along information and feedback when I can. Over the last year or so that I have become aware of Critical Bench and your Bench Press Program, I have talked to and run into customers of my own, Pro ranking Bodybuilders, Strongmen, Powerlifters and other business associates etc. that have had nothing but Outstanding things to say about Mike Westerdal, Critical Bench and your Excellent Bench Pressing Program. Seems that these days I can't turn without Critical Bench coming up in a conversation. I personally know several people that have used your program with max results. You have developed a great program and it indeed works very very well. I continue to recommended your Bench Pressing Program to anybody that I come in contact with."


Alan Thomas
Owner APT's Pro Wrist Straps

I am 54 years old and was about 182 at the time of starting your program. I was in pretty good shape and have been working out for years. I am a certified personal trainer and an investor in Southlake Nautilus Systems a 3-store chain of health clubs here in Northwest Indiana.

The immediate results of your program have been incredible. Although I have watched my diet for years my body fat never seem to get below 15% no matter what I did. In order to be succesful I decided to get real serious with your program and to follow it verbatim. I put new rigor in eating enough protein and found I was hugely focused on your ideas. In a few short weeks I have lost 3% bodyfat while only losing 2-3 lbs. My strength in every bodypart has gone up tremendously and everyone at the club has been asking me what I have been doing so others have noticed as well. Sure feels good to have members of the opposite sex compliment an old man. This program has been perfect for me and proved that as I suspected my previous workout program of full-body 3 times a week was overtraining. End result, I am looking at a wastline that is only a inch away from college days and I feel terrific. I am entering my first competition (yes, I know it is mid-cycle in your program) this Saturday and looking forward to seeing what I can do. It is not about winning but having fun and proving the value of your training methods. I thank you for your program."

-Steve Moskowitz, Merrillville Indiana

"Dear Critical Bench,
When I ordered your program my max was about 210. After the 10 weeks I put up 255! I couldn't be happier with the results. After a few weeks of light workouts I started the program again. And last week, weighing 160 at age 16 I maxed at 285! (with the help of only protein and multi-vitamins). I was shocked. My goal now is to bench twice my bodyweight by the end of senior year, and thanks to what I've learned from critical bench, I don't think I'll have any trouble."

Thanks for the gains, David Sorensen

"Before your program I was maxing out at 270 lbs and wanted to get past the 300 lb barrier. In 11 weeks I got up to 305 lbs, a 35 lb increase which was far more than I expected. Not only did my max go up but your program totally revised my approach to working out. Before I was benching 2 times a week and not seeing results. The program is set up perfectly so I got sufficent recovery for all of my muscle groups. I still adhere to the rep ranges and exercises it outlines and I'm steadily getting stronger and stronger. Thanks a lot for the great program!"

-Jason Coelho, Chicago IL

"Hey guys: I have learned an awful lot from your site. I was recalled from the Reserves after 9/11 and took my first critical bench hat with me to Afganistan. So everyone put something on a significant hill. Mine had a American flag and some other items on it. So know you can say your company is part of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. I sure liked it and often am given the opportunity to share your website with others because they see the hat."

-Gregg L. Ramsdell, Special Operations, USA

"To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Chris Liekweg and I am a senior at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. I am studying sport psychology and am very much interested in your Web site and the progress that your company has and will continue to make. I purchased your program last fall and increased my max, just like you said, from 245 to 295. I wanted to thank you for what you have given to me. You see, I love my training and therefore treat it with the highest interest and respect. Very rarely do I let what I read or hear interfere with how I see myself achieving my goals. But when I came upon your Web site, read the testimonials and saw the pictures, I knew your program wasn't out there for the money. I knew your mission statement was more than just adding a few pounds to the bar. You saw and continue to see the mental battle that takes place between the bench and the athlete. For that, I thank you. Lying underneath the bar has always been more of a mental challenge than any other. I consistently, "psych myself out," but with your help I am learning to approach that same cage of steel with a different vision. A vision of myself already blowing through the weight with perfect form.

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to share my views with you. I appreciate what you have done for me as an athlete and as a student of sport psychology."

Sincerely, Christopher Liekweg

"I received your program back in May 2001, starting with a 1 rep mass of 280lbs. I finished your program and ended up benching 315lbs. A gain of 35lbs, your program has helped tremendously."

-Kevin Schmidt

"My name is Steve Bennett I am 15 years old. I am about 6'2 and 270. I play football for my high school in WEST MILFORD BABY. Critical Bench has helped me reach high numbers in my bench press in a short term. Age 15 benching 335, I think that's descent."

-Steve Bennett

"Hey Mike,
I thought I would email you and tell you how much I am enjoying your program. I've found that this Progressive Overload training works great. The best part about it is that it has helped all across the field. Now I am working every muscle once a week mostly on seperate days. At first I was a little skeptical about only doing bench once a week and doing squats once a week but I've found that when you bust your ass twice as hard one day a week it works alot better than working that same muslce twice a week just not as hard each time. Plus seperating all the main muscle groups onto different days helps as well. Everything has went up for me and I'm only half way through the 2nd week of the program!!!Also, with the way the program is set-up there is a day specificly for "back" so I've finally been able to work deadlifts into my lifting schedule. I'm really looking forward to finishing out this program. I'm thinking I will be able to surpass my goal of 315 on bench by the end of the program. I'd just like to say thanks for this great program."

-John Cook, dragracingrulz@yahoo.com

"Dear critical bench I've just completed your program and I thought it was great. My MAX was 330lbs and now when I max a week early I hit 385lbs. For people out there who doubt this program it's proven to work. To sum it up, when you're working out before the program, It's like you're not focused. You're running around doing everything. With little results, but with the program it's got you focus on one thing your bench MAX. It's easy at first, then its get hard, and before you know BOOM! Max goes through the roof and you're telling your friends. How great this program and how they get one. and to CRITICAL BENCH.... YOUR PROGRAM IS THESE BEST.. and thank you for the hint on the shark cartridge it works great on my elbows. I'm still trying for 405lbs next week. I think I can get it cause I still feel strong 385lbs felt light but I didn't won't over do it sorry I didn't seen a picture I was just to excited."

-Your friend John Corey Williams, insane69@bellsouth.net

"Mike - Just wanted to let you know that I started the Lean Mass program yesterday. I barely finished. That thing absolutely kicks ass. I am so sore today, I can hardly move. Can't wait for tomorrow. Thanks for a great workout."

-Jason Spradling, Greensboro, NC

"What do you suggest for a maintenance program to keep the 405 strength. You do have a great program. In one cycle I broke through a barrier I've been working on for years. In essence I've gained 40-50 pounds on my max. Let me know your thoughts on direction from here."

-James Dobie, JaDobie@aol.com

"I just finished my program and before I did it my max was 300. At the end of the program I hit 350. Plus, now I can rep my old max for 4 reps. The program is the SH*T. I will order another soon."

-Richard Dial, Laurinburg, NC

"I ordered your bench program while back, good program, went up 40 lbs, finally got me over my 315 plateau, thanks."

-Josh, Dallas, PA

"I increased my bench by 75 pounds in 8 weeks, it works amazingly. I was shocked. I am weighing 155 lbs in my sophomore year of high school. I did only bench 215, now I am up to 290 in 8 weeks. This program surprised many people thanks."

-Matt Shelton, NYC, NY

Just wanted to pass along a note saying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Your program is DA BOMB! I just finished my 11-week program yesterday, and my bench increased 50 pounds from a one-rep max of 420 to a one-rep max (I probably could have gotten two, but I didn't want to be greedy) 470! I must admit, I was skeptical at first, having tried different programs with minimal or no results, but make no mistake, I am very pleased! I'm sure I have to take a break now, but for how long? I was thinking of trying to get 500 by New Year's. Any input?"

-Jay Jones

"Well yesterday was it! It was the final chest day per your program. I starting by saying my one lift max was 300 and I wanted to get to 350. Hahahahahahaha! Yeah right. Yesterday I lifted and went ahead and lifted 365 5 times!!!! So that would only mean I should do more right? Well after about a 10-minute rest I went for the whole kahuna. Yep 405! I actually did it twice. Never would I have thought that when I got serious about 8 months ago I would be benching 405. It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. Thanks for the program! It really set me in the right direction. Now I am going to start a cut program but in the winter I will do your program again and next time hell 500 is looking pretty damn good! Thanks for everything and keep up the good work. Oh and by the way.... I also went up everywhere else too. Squats 405. Deadlift 455. Power Clean 225. And the list goes on and on."

-DJ Jones- Humble, Texas

"Hi, you guys know me as Big Flex. My friend talked me into ordering your program and I'm glad he did. I went from benching 525 to benching 565 in 10 weeks! I'm not putting anyone else down but I did this without the help of steroids, hormones or any of that other crap."

-Sam Miller

"I sent off for you program this past summer and a buddy of mine and myself used it together. I was at 285 for my bench and it took me to 320 in 12 weeks! I am 46 and weigh 200lbs. and will be 47 in December. Your program worked great! I want to shoot for closer to 400 and maybe start entering some meets in the masters division."

-Tom Weidner

"Hey I just wanted to let you know that I just finished my bench program and I put up 300lbs. That's up 70 lbs from 11 weeks ago. Thanks a lot. In about 7 weeks I'm going to do another program."

-Tom Meinert

"I am 21 years old, 5'11" and weigh 201 lbs. I have been weight training for around 15 months I have just completed the 10 week program you sold me. My 1RM 10 weeks ago, was 230 lbs. Today, 10 weeks later, I maxed out at 280 lbs - a 50 pound increase (Just like you said.) Thank you for you expertise and help in approaching my goal of 300 lbs. It's great to see that the program works for the relative newcomers as well as the more experienced lifters."

-Andrew Rouse - Sydney, Austrailla

"I decided to test my max on week ten instead of eleven because of a nagging shoulder pain, and I felt my body badly needed a break. Well, I didn't get my projected max of 300, but I did get 290. That's a 35 pound increase in ten weeks, so I'm very satisfied with that. I probably could have got 300, but I work out alone using a power rack, so not having a lift off took away some strength and got me out of position."

-Andrew Evans

"I just finished my program a few days ago, It's a very nice program, and I went from 340 to 375 with good form, very happy with the results. Thanks."


"In eleven weeks I went from maxing out at 175lbs. to 225lbs.... I was skeptical because there's a lot of junk on the internet, but this program was definitely worth buying."


"Awesome program! I'm 16 years old and before i started this program, i maxed out 235. I knew I hit my wall cause I was stuck at 235 for a couple months. Then i heard about you guys so i decided to try the Critical Bench program. While doing the program i knew it was working because I felt stronger every week. My bench went up to 275! I couldn't believe i made such gains in such little time. My goal is to bench 300 before my Sophomore year ends.. Thanx."

-Nick D.

"Thank you Critical Bench! I benched 380 on 12-10-00 in the 220 class, weighing 207. I used your program for my next meet, and I benched 407.7 on my third attempt. Again I was in the 220 class weighing in at 209. That is close to a 30 lbs increase. I use a single ply bench shirt. I honestly believe I was good for a 424.2."

-Frank Shuetz

"I ordered the bench press program about 14 weeks ago. My 1RM was 245 and now it is 310. I had only been lifting weights for about 5 1/2 months before I bought your program. I gained 65 lbs on my bench in 12 weeks using your program without the use of any drugs. Thanks, I'll be recommending the program to everyone."

-Soheil Javaherian

"The program went awesome. Me and a buddy did it together. He was stronger than I was when we started. He went up 35 lbs and can now bench 350 lbs. I went from 315 to 375 lbs in the end of it all. This is the best program I have ever used."

-Murray Karakochuc

"Hello There. Today the 16th of April I did a 300lb -Bench Press. I only did one rep but felt that I could have done two. I did not have a spotter so I only did one. Before I couldn't get past 250lbs. Now I can do five reps. That in itself is a big improvment. Your -Program Really Does Work. After some light workouts I'll go for 315lbs or what do you think? Thank You for your help with the program. My Doctor and friends say I look like a bodybuilder. Your Program is Fantastic."

-Raymond Wallace

I am a football player sophomore in high school. I used the critical bench program to go from 365 to 405 in 6 weeks. Amazing way to increase strength fro football.

Height- 6ft1

Current bench- 405
Bench increase- 40 pounds
Time period- 6 weeks

Critical Bench Program Success Story


Reading these e-mails can be quite motivating. If you want to learn more about our programs visit this page: http://www.criticalbench.com/weightliftingprograms.htm

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