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October 27, 2021

E-mails From Satisfied Customers

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Wow! I spoke with you last time around 11-12 weeks ago at this point. When I walked into Critical bench, these were my maxes.

285- Paused Bench Press

310- Touch and Go Bench Press

350- My ass was off the bench and I only had to lower the bar 6 inches or so.

Yesterday, I maxed out with good form. I had a very large arch in my back for my max sets, but the last set of my warm-ps was a very long paused 275 that went up like a joke. My heaviest single yesterday was 350 pounds! Except this time, I had to lower the bar much further and it was practically paused. I didn't actually pause it, but it stalled on my chest for about one second. Anyways, enough of all of that crap. Thank you Mike Westerdal for putting 40 pounds onto my bench press in only 10 weeks! I got more on my bench press with this program then I did in the past 12-14 months combined.

cyberkai99 at yahoo.com

Dear Mike I've been working out for more than 5 years,and always trying to find new ways to help me getting stronger and bigger.I've read lots of articles on bodybuilding.com and other sites. To tell the truth each of them says something different!I was so confused!!I've tried different types of routines but couldn't get the result I was looking for! And then I found your site.The good thing about your program is that not only it is simple and easy to follow but also I've been getting stronger week after week!My max was 110 kgs when I started your program but I'm sure I can lift more even now,at the middle of my program!I've been trying to do exactly what you said in your e-book,and I've been getting good result!My max squat's gone up more than 30 kgs to 150 kgs in only 5 weeks!! I hope I can continue your other programs after I finished this 10-week program! Thank you.


Mike, I just wanted to drop a line to you and all of the fans of CRITICALBENCH.COM. I just wanted to let you know I am still doing my best to workout over here in the Middle East. Every Monday is still Bench day, I make sure I wear my CRITICALBENCH.COM shirt for added motivation and focus. I can't wait until I get back to the states to start really training again. By the way how do you like the weights on the bench? Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.


Mike: I did the Critical Bench Program before my basketball season started. I was benching 225 pounds at the beginning of it and I ended benching 275 pounds (50 lb increase). Besides that I was stronger and more powerful on the basketball court. I had a great improvement on my rebounds. I'm 32 years old, 6´3 tall and I weight 200 pounds. Now I'm ready to start the program again to hit my 315 pounds goal.

Cheers, Jorge

Hey Mike, No problem on the delay. I ended up doing the static contraction method on the negative week. I think it worked out well. I didn't do the one rep max routine in week 11, I'm not a big believer in maxing out. I can tell you that if I did I would have nailed at least 50 pounds over my previous max. The big downer is I after the 10 weeks I took a week off for recovery and the week I was supposed to hit it again I contracted strep throat. So I was off another week, couldn't eat, and lost 15 pounds of bodyweight in 3 days. So when I finally got back in the gym I had lost some of that muscle. On the upside I have finally caught back up. Your guys program is the best I have ever followed. I think I was in need for a change, I usually hit the gym 3 days/week doing multiple body parts each workout. This is the first time I had ever done one muscle group per day. Its unbelievable the difference that makes mentally. I knew I could lift with everything I had and not have to worry about having energy to blast another group of muscle. I plan on completing the critical bench program once per year, ordering the program with my new max each time. Thanks a lot for the email.

God bless
Psalm 62:2

Mike, I just finished your 10wk bench program and was able to increase my bench press by 45lbs. I have finally been able to blast past a plateau I've been stuck at for over 5 years. We still have more time left to serve here in Iraq so I hope to do the program again after a brief rest period.


John J Byers DO
Captain, U.S. Army Medical Corps.
BN Surgeon 2/69AR BN

By the way, I got my max up to 315, my ultimate goal, about 5 weeks ago. Now it's time to cut up, hopefully!! Thanks for your program and everything it's done for me, my first max was 240 about 4 years ago and I put up 3 plates last month, couldn't have done it without Critical Bench! Talk to you later.

Justin Farrell

Dear Mike: A while back I purchased your program form my self and my 16 year old son. I wanted to share our results. Before the program my son was benching around 190lbs to may 200lbs on a good day. He weighs about 180. The program added a 35 pounds to my sons max bench press. No he didn't gain 50lbs, but he did gain! We were both extremely pleased with the results. We plan on trying the program again after football season ends. By the way the program added about the same weight to my max. I was stuck at 265 for a long time, I couldn't believe the results. I didn't get my goal of 315 but I did hit 290.


Kevin Gray
Leesburg, Virginia

"Just wanted to thank you very much for the tank tops you sent me. I didn't expect to receive them free, but your generosity was greatly appreciated. I have been a big fan of Critical Bench since I first purchased the bench press program a couple years ago. I want from 250 to 290lbs and was well on my way to 300, when a shoulder pull set me back. I am a personal trainer and have been in training and nutrition for over 20 yrs. You guys do a fantastic job of providing solid training info and motivation. I 'm ready to start the lean mass program I got a couple months ago. Again, thanks and I will continue to recommend your web site to all.

Yours in fitness,
Steve Moore ISSA CPT, SPN

"I just wanted to thank you for this amazing program.i am only 5 weeks into the program and i can already see a great increase on all of my lifts,not just the bench press.i have already ordered the lean mass program so that i can use it after im done with the bench program.thanks again and i will definately be a loyal customer for years to come."


Critical Bench
I completed the critical bench pogram a couple of weeks ago and am very happy with my results. I increased my one rep maz from 230 lbs to 275 lbs. With this new max it will help me become a starting linemen for football team when im only a sophomore. Thanks critical bench.

Joe Rencsok

"Thanks for returning my email Mike. I started this program with a 290 max.On week 12(one week being sick), I put up 365. Your program is great.I am so pumped right now. I definitely recommend it to my friends at the gym. It's easy for them to see that it works now. I will take 3 or 4 months of lighter training and go around again for 400. I just want to thank you so much.Powerful thoughts,No doubt,and a great workout regimen will enable anyone to acheive this."

Thanks Again,
Shawn Keller

"As a personal trainer and lecturer and lover of all matters 'weighty', i adore the emails that i get from critical bench. the info is really useful and ispirational for me training my clients as well as incorporating into my own training programme. i also regularly use the motivational quote for my students as well (thanks because it makes me look really well red at school) It would be very good to see some articles on static work (often overlooked by the big guys because it involves the dreaded DROPPIN' the weight!) as well as the benefits of incorporating core stability training into resistance. It would also be beneficial to see how best to involve cardio into a weight training programme (no point being able to lift a bus if you can't run for one!) Thank you again for this informative newsletter and keep up the good work."

Claudia Jordan
Sport, Leisure and Tourism
London Leisure College at CAFC

"There's only one thing to say about this program, and that's that it works, no questions asked. I was a skeptic before trying this program, being a victim of already buying two other "Put __ Pounds on your Bench in 2 Months" online workouts. So coming from a guy who never benefited from an online workout, this one's the real deal, not a gimic. Not only was this the one program that worked for me, it worked really well, and I'm not a very big build, being 5'9 160, but I still easily increased my bench by 55 LBS after the 10Week Program, jumping from 160LBS to 215LBS, no supplements either. So coming from a small guy who has done everything, and nothing has worked- this is the one, it worked for me, and it could work for you, don't turn down the opportunity of a lifetime and pump up the volume on your bench."

Clark C
Provo, Utah

"Just wanted to tell you guys something, I've been working out for about 25 years and this is the best workout ever. I finally feel the extreme pump Arnold is always quoted as feeling. This was the best money I have ever spent. Thanks Critical Bench for delivering exactly what you promised."

Bryan Surgi
Gulf Breeze, FL

"Critical Bench is one of my favorite sites, one of the best fitness sites on the web. I've been an avid reader your “Bench Press” Weight Training Tips eNewsletter for quite some time."

Michael Francis

"Sup Mike.....when i started my max was 225........now i do 260 easy......its awesome, i also have a sense of confidence....like i know i could of done 265 last chest day.....this upcoming i'm shooting for 270....thanks again Mike....maybe i'll keep pumpin hard and take some lessons from your program and send you one when i'm qualified for the 300lb club ;) ...ok thanks again man!"

Matt Davis

"I must say your program really works. I am 15 years old and weigh around 187 lbs. My max was stuck at 205 for months. Your program helped my max go up to 230 lbs. I now max at 235 lbs. (week 13) I am lifting different now and I will restart your program again. I thought it was not working for the first 4 weeks, but after that my bench just started to increase. Is their another program for increasing your bench or should I just follow the program I reordered. Thanks, and your program is great. I recommend it to all my football friends."

Steven Ladouceur

"I must say your program really works. I am 15 years old and weigh around 187 lbs. My max was stuck at 205 for months. Your program helped my max go up to 230 lbs. I now max at 235 lbs. (week 13) I am lifting different now and I will restart your program again. I thought it was not working for the first 4 weeks, but after that my bench just started to increase. Is their another program for increasing your bench or should I just follow the program I reordered. Thanks, and your program is great. I recommend it to all my football friends."

Steven Ladouceur


All I can say is THANK YOU! today was the max day, and my training partner KILLED the sets. the weight/rep scheme was perfect. what really inspired both of us was my set right before I maxed at 290. it literally felt like 185. I could've done five reps if I had to. and to think that was my max 10 weeks ago! (285) so when I got under 335, we both knew after that explosion of 290 that I had 335. surely enough, I got it. it was a slow but very controlled rep. I got stuck at my sticking point for a few seconds, but then I just broke through it and had one of my most clean reps of all-time. I had my CB shirt waiting for me in the locker room, and told myself I can only wear it once I max at 335. so right after I pressed it, I ran into the locker room and put it on with pride. but the fun wasn't over there.

After maxing, my buddy and I decided to rep out at 225, due to the adrenaline we had going through our veins. (he maxed at 315) then, we decided to go over and break pr's on incline db's. we both repped the 115's for our final set.

It's been a glorious day, and it's thanks to your program. I'm going to do my best to get the word out about the program, and will wear this shirt with pride. (thanks again, by the way!) it's been a grueling 10 weeks, but all more than worth it for what happened today. I can't wait to get a set of Bungee Bands for Christmas, and start really training with some explosive power.

Maybe this time next year I'll be joining you in the 400 club! but for now, I'm more than happy. I've wanted to hit 335 ever since I started lifting, and today I did that.

thanks, Mike. this program is the best routine I've ever tried. not only did my bench go up, but my incline bb/db press, military db/bb press, and my tricep strength is also through the roof.


-Ryan Goldstone, UMASS


I just completed a program that I purchased 12 weeks ago and WOW...at 42 years old I blew past my previous max of 275 and put up 315 off with just a liitle stall in the bottom half...BUT NO HELP....Your program truely does work and as a Personal Trainer I think there are very few like this one that really gets results like this. Thanks again the program is great and highly recommend it to anyone that wants to set a personal best.

Thanks again,"

Roger, West Islip NY

"Critical Bench,

Thanks for sending me the program and shirts/hat. I like the logo. You really have a nice package that you put together. We have our workout days set up similar to yours. I really like the presentation of your bench press program. In fact, I just recommended to a friend who has been stagnant in her workouts. I will continue to mention it to others and will try it myself if I become burnt out on our program.

Thanks again,"

Jennifer Thompson
I.P.F. World Bench Press Champion

"Dear Critical Bench

I want to say that my bench went up from 430 to 480. It was amazing bench pressing 480. I never thought a person who weighs 230 pounds can bench press more than double his weight. I tell everyone at my gym who asked me how did you get so strong, I tell them go to criticalbench.com. I want to say to everyone if you want to get to weight that you never imagine you can get go to this web site. Now my goal is 500. I am sure with this program, I will get that in no time.

Thanks for your help."

Joseph Rybaruk, Jr.
East Haven, CT

"Hello, I would like to thank you, your excellent workout routines, they have really helped me excel in Body Building, Power Lifting, and Rugby."

Colen Green, Dunville, Ontario Canada

"Hey Mike,

Just wanted to let you know i competed in a bench press contest over the weekend and got 1st place. I finished with a 405 bench which is what i was going to end up w/ at the end of the cb program, but i'm only in the 8th week. It was a co-efficient lift and i was in the 226-250 weight class. I know i still have a long way to go in that weight class, but i reached a personal goal that has motivated me even more. Thanks for all your help and the cb program is awesome. If you want go to www.ottumwabeach.com. Click on special events and it will take you to the bench contest photos. I'm the guy in the white muscle shirt and red hat in the 2nd row of the group photos. Thanks again."

Your Friend in Iowa, Cameron Cooksey

"Hi Mike,

I just want to let you know I am starting week 3 this Sat. I am very happy with the program. My upper body is getting big and tighter, I took a picture on 10-26, to compare after week 11. I have been doing inclines as well I got a great bench from a person who didnt want the bench anymore!! I am taking creatine the way you told me to. Now a guy said to stay on it. After week 11 I was going to go off,but he says take only 5 grams a day. My weight has gone from 160 to 164. I know God willing I will do 250. Then I would like to bench 300."

Frank Poltrack, Stamford CT

"Hey guys, 3 weeks ago i finished my first critical bench workout program, just wanted to let you know i went from 330 to 380 in 10 weeks, i'll soon be ordering my next workout and look forward to the new squat workout you are about to start."

Rodney Davis, Wynne, AR

"Good morning Mr. Westerdal,

I would just like to say thanks for the bench program I purchased from you going on eleven weeks ago. I am thrilled to say that your program did infact increase my bench "EXACTLY" fifty pounds. I just benched 425 on Friday. It was one helluva hard fought rep, but I got it. I plan on repeating the program again but my only question is is how long do you recommend I should take for a recovery period. Maybe not so much a recovery period, but how many "light" weeks do you recommend I take just after finishing your program??? Anyway, I look forward to your response and "THANKS" again."

Chad Rutler

"My name is Alan. I just recently turned 18 years old. I am 6'1 and 190 lbs. I got into lifting weights because I teach karate; and they guy I teach are all older and bigger than I am...so if you wanna teach the 'big' boys, you gotta get big too. Critical Bench has definately helped me reach above and beyond what I had planned for. Not only was I putting up bigger numbers, but my weight increased, and my chest increased in size as well. After 10 weeks I was definitely ready to play with the big boys. Thanks a lot."

Alan Miller, Providence RI

"I just wanted to say how great this program was for my benchpress i went from a 295 pound max to a 335 pound max in just 5 weeks. I would have completed the program, but football started up."

A Spinnato

"I just wanted to send you a note on my recent success with the Critical Bench program. I had decided to begin serious weight training in February of 2002. I have always been slight of build and not very strong, so I was very self conscious and even more so in the gym. Luckily my training partner is a great motivator and urged me on. My one rep max at the beginning of my training was 135 pounds. I reached 220 by December of 2002, but could not get any further. In February of this year, we decided to both use Critical Bench. On May 12th I benched 270 pounds. In about 16 months, I have doubled my one rep max. I am definitely a fan. Thanks!"

Michael A West

"Shortly after 9-11-01 I began to take a closer look at my life and how I was living it. I was a 2 pack/day smoker and a somewhat heavy drinker. I decided to get into better health. I had attempted to get into shape on many times before but I always set un realistic goals, became frustrated and quit. A few months ago I discovered Criticalbench.com and the rest is history. The program helped in many ways. It kept me focused, I set reasonable goals and the results were tangible. Thanks guys! I started the program benching 205 lbs, and I put 45 lbs on my max in 10 weeks. Thanks again, and I look forward to trying your fat burning program."

Jason Neyhart, Duluth, GA


CriticalBench.com has grown into a fantastic site for training information that is important to athletes and bodybuilders. Your programs are well written and filled with valuable tips to help all of us reach our fitness goals. Thank you for creating an interesting website that is fun to browse and loaded with meaningful content."

Joe Scardino
Sports Nutrition 2000

"Critical Bench,

I wanted to inform you of my extreme pleasure in your successful, awesome, and probably most notably, amazing program. While in college I became a competitive power lifter but was strung with a serious pectoral tear near my own venture to a 400 pound bench press. Needless to say, I thought my strong bench pressing days were over, but when I found your site, I figured I had nothing to lose except the thoughts of never being able to achieve the strength I had always dreamed of. In a short time, your program put me back on the map and increased my strength considerably. Most notably, your program helped me achieve my bench press goal of over 400 lbs (I actually got 420!!!) while weighing a mere 185 pounds. I never thought this was possible and I owe it all to you and you and your program; you not only helped me achieve my goal, but helped me overcome a pesty; chronic injury increasing my esteem and building back my "strong man ego." Thanks for everything and I would be more than happy to recommend your site; it is truly amazing; thanks again."

Scott Denisar

"Hey Mike -

It was kind of a bittersweet day at the gym. When I started this workout, I was benching 350. Today, I tried 405 (which has been my dream now for a while). My spotter says he helped just a bit at my sticking point and then I locked it out. I was having one of those days where you just don't feel as strong as others. So I almost got my goal. I would like to ask your advice as to what to do now. I am thinking about going back and redoing weeks 9 and 10 of the workout and adding about 5-10 pounds per set and then retrying my max.

Anyway, overall, I have loved your workout and am looking forward to the Lean Mass Program."

Jason Spradling
Greensboro, NC

"The Critical Bench program worked great for me. My ultimate goal was to reach 300 pounds and starting the program with a max of 260 I was planning on it taking two Critical Bench cycles to get there. How pleasantly surprised I was to be doing 295 on my fourth set during week 10. I ended up putting up 305 after 11 weeks. Critical Bench has enabled me to reach goals I never thought would have been possible. Next up...315!"

Justin Farrell
Salt Lake City, UT

"When I used your program last year, i had broken my leg and was on crutches for 4 months. As hard as it was being immobile, working out using your bench program was one of the things that kept my spirit up everyday. I went up 35 pounds on my bench from 250 to 285. My workout partner Matt went up 45 pounds from 250 to 295."

Dave Smith
Warren, MI

"I just started really lifting about a year ago, and I’ve been trying to get my bench up to a respectable weight. Well when I saw your program on-line, I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do. So, about 10 weeks ago I started your critical bench program at a measly 250 lb max. Making 300 has been my biggest goal since I started lifting, and I figured if this even had a chance of working I needed to try it. Following all of the details of the program was difficult because I go to the United States Coast Guard Academy, and the regimented life style that comes with going to a military academy doesn’t allow for the sleep or nutrition. However, I did manage to not miss a lift over the ten weeks. Today I maxed out for week 11, and no shit, I put up 300lbs. My lifting partner Phil started with around a 200 max, and following the program as close as he could put up 260 today. I have to say that the program was successful and worth every dime, and so next week I’m starting your Critical Ripped Program. Hopefully, it’ll be just as successful. Thanks!"

Kirt Linegar

"I just finished your critical bench program and gained 50 pounds on my bencch. I benched 300 without struggling at all. I probably could have benched 315-320, but I followed your program to a "t"."

Ryan Fay

"Critical Bench,

Let me tell you, I am so pumped up right now!!! I just got home from the gym and pushed my new max of 325 LBS. I pushed the weight easy. Your program was great. I started out benching 275 for one and progressed to 325 in a mere 11 weeks. Awesome. We hae a gym at our police station and I had two of my buddies there for support and also to have witnesses. We get pretty competitive. Just wanted to update you on my success. I'm still pushing for 385 for the police olympics in June. Thanks for all your help."

Francis Speranza

"Anyone that asks about your company will only hear good stuff from me. Hopefully they all call and buy your program because it works. If you hang out in a hardcore powerlifting gym you might be able to get a good workout but these pretty gyms don't know shit about lifting heavy. Your program works. I'm 40 years old in April, weigh 275, and have benched over 400. My goal is 450 which hopefully will be by this summer completely natural with no juice!"

Thanks for your help,

Al Belfield

"I found your website 11 weeks ago and ordered the critical bench program. Prior to the program my max bench was 240. I followed the program and recently met my program goal, easily benching 290. I am 42 years old and stronger than I have ever been. It's a great program!"

C.S. Swarens

"The Critical Bench Program went great. I was trying to really bulk up as well...not to just increase my bench. I increased on my squats and leg presses tremendously. I treated them like the bench press........progressively heavier less reps. I gained over 15 pounds, mostly muscle, some body fat too. My bench has gone up at least 40 pounds and this is the end of my 9th week. I really didnt care so much about the 50 pounds on the bench as I did with just getting bilked up. Great Program.....very intense, not for the faint of heart!!"

Wayne Thibodeau, Cushing ME

"Well Debbie Byard and myself (Herb Heald) did better than we expected. The last meet I was at I only lifted 250 this meet 285 and second place. I attempted 295 but I was given a no lift for double pumping? but I did get it up. Debbie took third at 90 pounds, she also had a prolem, her second lift called for 90 pounds, they put on a 100, half way up on her lift the spotter stoped her. Then she had to lift 90 pounds back to back. Needless to say sh was upset. i tried to get them to rotate and give her a forth lift but no go. Lesson learned for both of us is to make sure what they have on the bar for each of us. But she was happy with third, one up from her last meet. I can truly say that your program has worked for both of us. Thanks"

Herb Heald

"I used to bench 300 for the longest time. Id always get frusturated watching m friends increase and i wasn't. So i tried the program and my bench went up 40lbs in 10 weeks. My clean and jerk ( which is mainly a power clean and jerk) also went up about 35 lbs to an awsome 320lbs. Thank You critical bench because of you guys i won Metros as a 219 lifter. Im 17 i weigh 217 and im 6' 2". Thank you."

Joey, JJSBOARDER1@aol.com

"Thanks for making the hard copy for me. I wanted to tell you that the bench program worked great. I gained 65 lbs on my bench from 375 to 440. Thanks again."

Doug Walters, zmaster@yahoo.com

"I purchased your Critical Bench Program a while back and had great success! I want to thank you for the great workout program. Thank you again for the program, I went from a 315 max to a 370 max in 10 weeks."

M. Thoni, umlautthoni@earthlink.net

"I love your program and I always support critical bench its awesome."

Brian Holbach, U.S Navy special forces

Thanks. I forgot to mention in my last email that I just got finished with the "critical bench" program. I increased from 220 to 260 in 10 weeks....I probably would have done better, but I wasn't as committed as I should have been. I had a bunch of 12 hour shifts at work plus college, but I plan to follow the "lean mass" program precisly, and then try for the "critical bench" again...I hope to be putting up 350 in less then a year. Thanks for putting out these programs, they really work."

Stew, 1swtsix@comcast.net

Hello, My name is Shawn Rainey and I bought your program about a year ago. Since I started using the program my bench press has shot up. When I bought the program I was bench pressing 435 after a few months I hit 518 last year in June at the WABDL National Championships. It has gotten better since then. Recently I competed in the 2010 WABDL Nationals on march 13th, and bench pressed a State Record of 578.5 lbs in the 259 Class, and also I have hit 600 lbs a few times in the gym. This is a great program and I recommend it to many lifters all the time.

Shawn Rainey

Critical Bench Program Success Story


Reading these e-mails can be quite motivating. If you want to learn more about our programs visit this page: http://www.criticalbench.com/weightliftingprograms.htm

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