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Bench Press Records

In order to assure that all the statistics are kept current and up to date we have linked directly to each federation's records page. Some site use frames, in this case you'll need to click on the link that says "Records". Upon clickin on a link a new browser window will open so that you can easily return to the main listing on this page. If you just want to know who the strongest benchers of all time are according to bodyweight and you don't care what federation they're in, than read on.

For links to more orginizations and federations please read our questions and answers article about how to chose a powerlifting federation.

The All-Time Biggest Equipped Bench Press Record - Non Drug Tested

Ryan Kennelly 1050lb World Record Bench Press - 12-1-07 APA

The All-Time Biggest RAW Bench Press Record - Non Drug Tested

Scot Mendelson holds the biggest RAW bench press of all time too. Scot has bench pressed 715lbs RAW which is more weight benched raw in competition than any other man has been able to bench RAW before. He accomplished this bench press on the date of May 31st, 2005 at the New England Bench Press Classic. Scot performed this World Record Lift in the APF powerlifting Federation. Scot weighed 314 pounds when he broke this record.

The All-Time Biggest Drug Tested RAW Bench Press Record

The biggest IPF drug free bench press (RAW) was done by James Henderson at a bodyweight of 390 pounds in 1997 we believe. He bench pressed 711lbs with bodybuilding technique.

All Time Historical Men's Bench Press World Records in Pounds/Kilograms

Listing compiled by Michael Soong
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Savannah, GA 31419
PH (912)-920-2051
E-Mail Address soongm@comcast.net
Records accurate (as to the best of my knowledge) as of 7/19/06

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