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June 12, 2024

Bench Press World Record Page

View Some Of The Top Powerlifting Video Clips Of All Time

Below you will find links to some amazing feats of strength. Some of the strongest men in the world demonstrate what it takes to hold a bench press world record. However not all of the powerlifting video clips are actual world records because many were filmed during training. To view official bench press records visit our bench records page. We have put together a page of top video clips for your viewing pleasure. Note that the type of view these powerlifting vids open in will depend on your cpu settings.

  1. Ryan Kennelly Benches 860 Pounds

  2. Dr. Fred Hatfield Squats 1000+

    One of the greatest powerlifters of all times.

  3. New Linebacker Terry Tate Movie

    Okay this has nothing to do with powerlifting but we just love the office linebacker!.

  4. Scott Mendelson 875 lb Bench

    875 Pounds? Need we say more. Experience it for yourself.

  5. Ryan Kennelly's 800 lb Bench Press

    Want to bench 800 yourself? Read Ryan's book.

  6. Mike Tyson Highlight Reel

    Okay this isn't powerlifting related, but it's still pretty cool!


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Ryan Kennelly All Time Biggest Bench Press
1075 Pounds at 308


Ryan Kennelly Is Sponsored By APT Pro Gear


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