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Bench Press Ratings - Do You Have An Average Bench Press?

How Does Your Bench Press Compare?

The following charts allow you to rate your bench press and squat in accordance to your body weight. The charts were written by Dale Harder, author of "Strength & Speed Ratings".

Bench Press Ratings by Bodyweight
Body wt.114123132148165181198220242275SHW
World Class215253300355400435462492525540560
Natl. Class175230275340380420450485515529540
College Star160180200250300330340350375390400
Coll. Letter140155180200250275300315320340350
HS Star125140170190200215225230250270300
HS Letter115135150180190200210220225250275
JH Star90100135160180190200210220230240
JH Letter8090115130150170175180185190200
Squat Ratings by Bodyweight
Body wt.114123132148165181198220242275SHW
World Class330380450515585605675722738755793
Natl. Class270325385501556600655698710730775
College Star235300350425470500545570585615640
Coll. Letter205265310375405425460470480490500
HS Star180240270330360380400425450460470
HS Letter160200235250270280290300320340360
JH Star135175200220240250260270280290300
JH Letter115150165180190200210220230240250


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