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Muscular System - Abdominal Muscles

About Your Abdominal Muscles

The Abdominals are composed of several muscles: the Rectus Abdominus, Transverse Abdominus, and the External and Internal Obliques.

The Abdominal muscles sit on the front and sides of the lower half of the torso, originating along the rib cage and attaching along the pelvis.

The Rectus Abdominus muscle is commonly known as the "six-pack" muscle of the abs. Thin bands of connective tissue give it that appearance.

The Transverse Abdominus (also known as the Transversus) is the deepest muscle of the core (meaning it's underneath all the other muscles). It wraps laterally around the abdominal area.

The fibers of External and Internal Obliques run diagonally on the body, allowing for angled movement.

Abdominal MusclesAbdominal Muscle Functions

Rectus Abdominus
Flex the spine (bringing the rib cage closer to the pelvis). This is seen in the abdominal crunching movement. When the movement is reversed, the Rectus Abdominus acts to bring the pelvis closer to the rib cage (e.g. with a leg raise movement).

Transverse Abdominus
Acts as a natural weight belt, keeping your insides in. This muscle is essential for trunk stability as well as keeping your waist tight.

Internal and External Obliques
Work to rotate the torso and stabilize the abdomen.

Abdominal Muscle Exercises

Bicycle Crunch
Stability Ball: Crunch, Reach, Pass
Stability Ball Log Roll
Stability Ball Pike
Stability Ball Oblique Crunch
Stability Ball Oblique Crunch Version 2
Stability Ball Ab Tucks
Stability Ball Ab Crunch
Hanging Knee Raise
Hanging Leg Raise
Twisting Abdominal Crunch
Lying Leg Raise
Full Rotation Hanging Knee Raise
Bent Leg Abdominal Crunch


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