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Muscular System - Adductor Muscles

About Your Adductor Muscles

The Adductors are a group of muscles that include: the Adductor Magnus, Longus and Brevis, the Gracilis and the Pectineus.

The Adductor Hiatus is simply a space in the attachment of the Adductor Magnus.

The Adductors originate on the pelvic bone and attach at intervals along the length of the femur. This interval attachment provides the most power and stability for the hip joint and the femur.

Adductor Muscle Functions

adductor muscles

The primary function of the Adductors are adduction (the movement of the leg in towards the centerline of the body).

The Adductors also serve to stabilize the hip joint.

Adductor Muscle Exercise Example

Machine Adductor

The muscle anatomy descriptions and picture on this page were provided courtesy of Nick Nilsson.


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