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April 2, 2006
Female Bodybuilder Desiree Ellis Tribute

Female Bodybuilder Desiree EllisDesiree Ellis's Official Website:

Desiree Ellis's Bio

I was born in London, England. I have 4 sisters and one brother. I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba from the age of nine, and then moved to Vancouver BC a year after graduating high school.

I was always athletic growing up. I ran track all through high school as a sprinter and a hurdler. I also played soccer, which was my favorite team sport, and did a bit of gymnastics. I also have a martial arts background in kickboxing and kogido.

I used to be a cardio person. I was a runner, then taught aerobics for a few years. Also did a lot of cycling. I found weight training very boring at first. I didn't really start weight training until I was 24 years old after spraining my ankle very badly one day while running and couldn't run for 5 months. During this time I started spending a lot more time in the gym doing weights just to stay in shape since I couldn't do anything else. I never trained my legs for the first few months because they were a lot bigger than my upper body from all those years of running.

After doing weights for a couple of months I started noticing the definition I was starting to get in my upper body and liked it. So I continued and have been hooked on it ever since.

I had my daughter a year later in 1990, then started back with the weights when she was 6 months old. I had no intention of being a body builder at first. People in the gym would tell me I had a good physique and should try competing. After about a year, my daughter was a year and a half, I was talked into doing a show. So I did, and won, and have been competing ever since.

I love training hard and pushing myself to the extreme. I also love the challenge of competing and the discipline it takes when trying to sculpt your body into the best shape possible. I competed in 8 shows between 1992 and 1996, always placing in the top three positions until finally winning my pro card at the Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships in 1996 by taking middleweight class and overall title. My forth time there. Bodybuilding has been a great experience for me and has gained me a lot of recognition in the magazines and in my community. It's now 2006, it's hard to believe sometimes that I'm still competing after 14 years. A lot has happened over the years, I've met a lot of wonderful people and have had many positive experiences. I finally make it to the Ms Olympia Contest in 2004, something I never dreamed of when I first entered this sport, and have since competed there twice now. But my biggest moment I have to say way getting my first invite to the Arnold Classic in 2005 which was such an honor. To be recognized as one of the top athletes in the world in your sport was really amazing, and since then I've had 2 invites. I still enjoy competing and training and pushing myself to the limit, and will continue to do what I've always done and that is to just take it one show at a time. I'd like to thanks once again all my family and friends who have supported and stood by me over the years. Also a big thanks to all my fans who have followed my career over the years for always being so supportive.

Personal Training

I am nationally Certified Aerobics Instructor and former track and field athlete. My experience in fitness, health, and nutrition is extensive.

With a successful background in competitive Body Building, my discipline and drive have earned me numerous physique titles, most notably: the '95-'96 North American Middleweight Bodybuilding Champion, and the '96-'97 Canadian Overall Bodybuilding Champion.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Educator, and over the past decade have gained fitness and nutritional knowledge through independent study, hands-on weight training and personal contest preparation.

As one of Canada's top competitive Bodybuilders and a member of the I.F.B.B Pro Elite, my passion and determination for "personal best" keeps me highly ranked among the worlds best female physique athletes.

With a reputation for motivating and pushing clients to their limits, I enable every client to successfully achieve their fitness and nutritional goals and objectives.

Desiree's Competition History

1992 - Golds Classic - 1st Middleweight
1992 - B.C. Provincials - 1st Middleweight
1993 - Western Canadian Bodybuilding Championships - 2nd Middleweight
1993 - Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships - 3rd Middleweight
1994 - Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships - 3rd Middleweight
1995 - North American Bodybuilding Championships - 1st Middleweight
1995 - Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships - 3rd Middleweight
1996 - Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships - 1st Middleweight
**Overall Bodybuilding Champion**
Received Pro Card after wining the Overalls at the 1996 Canadians

Desiree's Pro Contests:

1997 - Jan Tana Pro Classic - 16th place finish out of 29
1999 - Women's Pro Extravaganza - 6th place finish out of 14
2000 - Jan Tana Pro Classic - 4th Middleweight
2002 - Southwest USA Pro Cup - 2nd Middleweight
2003 - Night of Champions - 2nd Middleweight
2004 - Night of Champions - 5th Heavyweight
2004 - Southwest USA Pro Cup - 2nd Lightweight
2004 - Ms Olympia - 5th Lightweight
2005 - Ms International - 3rd Lightweight

Desiree Ellis's Videos

Desiree Ellis Bodybuilding Routine

Desiree Ellis At The Arnold


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