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April 2, 2006
Female Bodybuilder Dayana Cadeau Tribute

Dayana Cadeau PicsOfficial Site


Vital Stats:

Name: Dayana Cadeau
Place of Birth: Haiti (Carribean)
Date of Birth: June 2nd, (Gemini)
Home: Now living in Florida
Occupation: Esthetician, IFBB Pro, Model, Personal Trainer
Measurements: 38DD, 24, 35
Weight: 140 lbs. (off season); 128lbs-130lbs (contest shape)
Height: 5' 4" 1/2
Eyes: Light-Brown
Bodybuilding Background: Been competing for 13 years; Turned Pro in 1997 Favorite Body Part: My legs
Favorite Body Parts to Train: My back and abdominals
Favorite Food: Italian and ice cream
Favorite Colours: Red, Purple and Black
Hobbies: Reading and listening to romantic music

Competitive Record

  • 1992: Won the Quebec city contest Overall
  • 1993: Won the Rovincial show in Montreal overall(Heavy weight)
  • 1994: Finished 2nd in the Canadian show womens heavy weight
  • 1995: Finished 3nd in the Canada cup canadian show womens heavy weight
  • 1996: Finished 2nd again in Canadian show womens heavy weight
  • 1997: Won the woman heavy weight and Overall(Turned Pro)
  • 1997: Finished 10th at the first "JAN TANA CLASSIC" first pro show against 30 women.
  • 1998: Finished 3rd at the Jan Tana(Qualified for the Ms Olympia)
  • 1998: Finished 11th on my first Ms Olympia
  • 1999: Finished 10th at the Arnold Classic
  • 1999: Finished 6th at the Womens Extravaganza
  • 2000: Finished 2nd at the Jan Tana Light Weight at the Jan Tana Classic (Qualified for the Olympia)
  • 2001: I won the Miss International light weight!!!
  • 2001: Finished 3rd at the Miss Olympia light weight
  • 2002: Finished 2nd at the Miss International light weight
  • 2002: Finished 5th in heavy weight at the Miss Olympia
  • 2003: Finished 4th at the Miss International light weight
  • 2003: I won the Jan Tana middleweight!
  • 2003: Finished 2nd in light weight at the Miss Olympia.
  • 2004: Won the Ms International light weight category.
  • 2004: Won the Miss Olympia light weight category!!!
  • 2005: Got the 3rd place in the Ms Olympia contest
  • 2006: Got the 2nd place in the Ms International contest.

Dayana Cadeau Videos

Dayana Cadeau at the 2007 Arnold Classic

Dayana Cadeau Working Out

Dayana Cadeau Bodybuilding Posing Routine

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