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June 12, 2024
Orlando Barbell APF Classic Results & Photos
October, 2008 - Orlando, FL

Tony pulls big at the Orlando Barbell Classic
Best lifter Tony Garland getting ready to pull.
Thank you to Spacecoastbarbell.com for the photos!

Co-Sponsored by CriticalBench.com

Raw Unity Powerlifting Meet


Meet Summary by Brian Schwab

Thanks to everyone involved for making yet another Orlando Barbell meet a huge success. Thanks to everyone from Orlando Barbell for helping to move equipment, spot, load, judge, score, announce, and everything else involved. I'd list you all off, but am afraid I'd end up leaving someone out.

Thanks to Tampa Barbell and Space Coast Barbell for providing us with their monolifts to use as well as some great lifting by their team members.

Thanks to Southside Barbell and the Fort Myers Power Performance Team for bringing their teams to compete as well.

Thanks to our sponsors EliteFTS, Critical Bench, and my client Al Reiss.

John Hawley already has the meet pictures up and the videos ready to order at:
www.spacecoast.barbell.com and www.musclepapa.com

I have to congratulate my training partners who competed. Kalin Chester, Mark Lessmann, Tom Walyus, and Jim Lynch all got at least one PR.

Here are the meet results as best I could post them on here:

Full Power Division
Weight Class-Squat-Bench-Deadlift-Total-Place

Tony Garland-Open 181-690-510-530-1730-1st and Best Lifter
Tom Walyus-Open 198-675-395-620-1690-1st
Lee Hosterman-Submasters 198-555-410-550-1515-1st
Daniel Jenkins- Junior 220-725-480-505-1710, 1st
Mark Lessmann (Who competed with a partially torn bicep)- Junior 220-705-320-465-1490, 2nd
Christopher Despain-Open 220-605-500-580-1685-1st
Eugene Fair- Open 242-770-565-620-1955-1st
Sam Ho- Open 242-625-435-570-1630-2nd
Brad Thomas- Open 275- 685-500-650-1835-1st
Greg Staruk- Open 275- 600-430-570-1600-2nd
Lester Estevez-Open 275-0-0-705- Out
Charles Fay-Open 308-975-0-0- Out
Matthew Fields- Open SHW- 550-505-500-1555 1st
Robert Weistein- Masters40-44 242- 750-545-610-1905- 1st place
Thomus Bodenbender-Masters40-44 242- 700-525-545-1770-2nd
Shawn O'Malley-Masters 40-45 198-700-400-540-1640-1st
Jim Lynch- Masters50-54 220- 600-375-600-1575-1st (All lifts State Records)
Bill McGuire- Masters 65+ 220-400-335-274-1120-1st

Ironman Division
Weight Class-Bench-Deadlift-Total-Place

Shawn O'Grady- Subm 148-375-430-805- 1st
Patrick O'Grady- Subm 165-355-475-830-1st
Patrick O'Grady- Open 165- 355-475-830-1st
Orlando Garcia- Open 220-425-625-1050- 1st
Brad Thomas- Open 275-500-650-1150-1st and Best Lifter
Mike Stuchiner- Open 308-560-0- Out

Bench Only Division
Weight Class-Bench-Place

Brian McDaniel-Subm 181- 415 -1st
Woody Hurley- Open 275- 525- 1st
Jim Hoskinson- Open 308- 705-1st and best lifter (It was nice to have a fellow Elite Team member competing. Thanks for coming Jim).
Michael Churchman- Masters65+ 242-405-1st and National Record

Raw Full Power Division
Weight Class-Squat-Bench-Deadlift-Total-Place

Anthony DiBiase- Teen 17-19 SHW-550-360-0- Out
Jason Fudge- Open 165-295-225-345-865- 1st
Joey DeGiovine- Open 275- 650-575-710-1935-1st and Best Lifter (This is a huge raw total)
George Montgomery- Masters 40-44 242-465-370-505- 1st

Raw Bench Only Division
Weight Class-Bench-Place

Kalin Chester- Open 165- 375- 1st
Mike Wood- Open 275- 315- 1st

Joey Best Raw Lifter
Best Raw Lifter - Joe DeGiovine

2008 Orlando Barbell APF Classic Video

OBB APF Classic

All photographs from the 2008 Orlando Barbell APF Classic are copyright protected by spacecoastbarbell.com



OBB Photo Gallery from Critical Bench.com

Sam Ho of Tampa Barbell


Gene Fair of Tampa Barbell


Tom Bodenbender of Tampa Barbell


Rob Weinstein of Tampa Barbell


Jim Hoskinson Benches 705


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