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January 31, 2023
Raw Unity Meet 2 - Videos Pics & Results
January 24th, 2009

Ryan Celli RUM 2 Middleweight champ and best bench
Middleweight Champ Ryan Celli & Best Bench
Photo by SAS Digital Memories - www.sasdm.com


Scott Weech 1st Place for the Heavy Weights
Scott Weech, Jr. Takes 1st Place in the Heavyweights with a Raw 2123 Total!

Co-Sponsored by CriticalBench.com

Raw Unity Powerlifting Meet


Eric Talmant Totals 1353 @ 165
Sponsored by BMF Sports


Raw Unity Met Random Vids/Highlights


Big Beau Moore Celebrating a big bench


1st Place and New World Record Holder Tony Conyers
Legendary Tony Conyers Takes 1st Place In the Lightweights & Sets New World Record



Top 3 Results For Each Category

RUM 2 flyerWOMEN - $400
1. Taylar Stallings - 517.5
2. Ellen Stein - 350
3. Natty Fried - 302.5

1. Scott Weech, Jr. - 537.6015
2. Scott Smith - 535.587
3. Mike Tuchscherer - 522.62925

1.Ryan Celli - 514.4755
2. Jeremy Hamilton - 483.585
3. James Jacobs - 478.629

1. Tony Conyers - 517.9835
2. Brian Schwab - 485.375
3. Hennis Washington - 484.8265

1. Ryan Celli - 242.5
2. Mike Hummell - 235
3. Joe Hill - 197.5


Raw Unity Meet 2 Photo Gallery

Tony Conyers - Pitbull Gym - 1st Place Lightweights


Scott Weech, Jr. Squats 836 Pounds @ RUM2


Ryan Celli Totals 1804 @ 198 - Wins Best Bench
1st Place Middleweight


James Jacobs of Pitbull Gym Totals 1782 @ 242


Critical Bench Sponsored Big Jo DeGiovine Totals 1854!


Brian Schwab of OBB Competes At the RUM2


For More Pics Official Results and Final Standing Visit www.RawUnityMeet.com


More RUM2 Sponsors

To Buy Professional Photos From the Meet or To Get Videos Contact:
SAS Digital Memories Online At: www.sasdm.com

Note From Brian Silk the Owner of SAS:

RAW UNITY DVD is ready! It is 3 DVD’s one for each lift. All the loading & unloading has been edited out & a the sound muted and a music background added. It has chapters for each flight & each attempt is in its own menu

It is only $30. Here is the link if you would like a copy:

I also have some excellent still pictures of all the lifters. I can offer a CD of all your images that I will touch up & crop and save as JPEG & PDF files. For $25. This is not on the website so you would have to email me and I would add to the “custom projects” section.

If you would like both the DVD & a CD I will do that for $40

Here is a highlight clip I did of the meet. Keep in mind it is sped up and only a partial “taste” of the DVD….. & You Tube does not do justice to the video quality


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