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July 14, 2024
NEW Joe DeFranco's Super Strength DVD - Free Shipping

Joe DeFranco Super Strength DVDSUPER-STRENGTH reveals...

....the strength training system that Joe DeFranco and his staff uses to create some of the strongest & most explosive athletes in the world!

Joe DeFranco’s strength training system is based on the Russian Conjugate Method. Conjugated periodization means that multiple abilities are coupled together and trained simultaneously throughout the year. This is much different than the more popular Western method of periodization in which different abilities are trained separately throughout the year.

The abilities that DeFranco’s System is centered around are the MAX-EFFORT METHOD, DYNAMIC-EFFORT METHOD & REPEATED-EFFORT METHOD. In this video, you will learn how to organize & manipulate these 3 methods to develop STRONG & EXPLOSIVE athletes!

High school, college & professional athletes from over a dozen sports are represented in this DVD. This system of training will give almost any athlete a significant advantage over his or her opponent. Get an edge on your competition today and check out this video!

DeFranco Super Strength Training DVD Super Strength DVD Chapters include:

Chapter 1: Theory/Introduction

Chapter 2: Proper Warm-up

Chapter 3: Max-Effort Method

Chapter 4: Dynamic-Effort Method

Chapter 5: Repeated-Effort Method

Chapter 6: Unilateral Lower body exercises

Chapter 7: Posterior Chain exercises

Chapter 8: Uncommon Exercises

*Running time – approx. 1 hour 20 minutes

Super Strength WorkoutsIncludes Bonus Super Strength Workouts For:

College Football Player (off-season)
High School Wrestler (off-season)
College Female Volleyball Player (off-season)
High School Football Player (in-season)
College Hockey Player (off-season)
Pro Baseball Player (off-season)

Who Is Joe DeFranco?

Joe DeFranco Joe is one of the country’s most highly sought after performance enhancement specialists. This is due to his reputation throughout the country for producing extraordinary results with his athletes. These results have not come by accident. Joe’s academic background, coupled with his “in the trenches” experience, has proven to be a recipe for success.

Some of Joe's clients include:

Brandon Short, linebacker Carolina Panthers
David Diehl, offensive lineman New York Giants
Dhani Jones, linebacker Philadelphia Eagles
Dan Klecko New England Patriots
Jim Finn, fullback New York Giants
Vinny Ciurciu, linebacker Carolina Panthers
Carlyle Holiday, wide receiver Arizona Cardinals



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