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December 7, 2023

Bodybuilding Book Publishing

bodybuilding book publishing"How To Get a Bodybuilding Book Published"

by Dennis B. Weis "The Yukon Hercules" Muscle Niche Writer

A complete step-by-step guide by a successful best-selling bodybuilding author who shows you exactly what to do to get your bodybuilding book published.

Just Released! The Secrets Are Revealed to All

Get a look into the world of top muscle writer Dennis B. Weis as he shares his ultimate how-to secrets, tips & info in his 200-page eReport on CD-rom.

Here are just a few of the topics revealed:

  • Find out how to get articles published in the mainstream mags and make money doing it!

  • Learn how to avoid writer's block.

  • Actual information dense letters from 3 of the most brilliant bodybuilding writers of our time. All their strategies and techniques revealed.

  • Communiqu's and support documents for getting a bodybuilding book published.

  • The 7 "Inside Secrets" of a 'Muscle Niche Writer'

  • Muscle Chess Techniques that guarantees an audience with any magazine or book publisher and more importantly acceptance of an article or book manuscript.

  • What Differentiates My Writing From Other Published Writers and how to duplicate my strategy to guarantee your success.

  • Red Hot "trigger words" guaranteed to keep your reader on the edge of his seat voraciously devouring every single word you write!

  • Words That Should Never Be Used When Ghost Writing.

  • One Absolute Rule About Writing Ad Copy- If you don't know this, your book will never sell!

  • 3 Decades Past "In-the-Trenches" Research Strategy.

  • Muscle Questions Magically Answered: The Houdini Concept.

  • Techniques for 'Writing Tighter' & More Accurate.

  • Kinesthetic Writing Sense.

  • The 7X 2 Key To Successful Proofreading.

  • S.B. Editing.

  • 3 Step Formula For Becoming a Successful Writer.

  • One Thing Publishers Absolutely Don't Like.

  • Ernest F. Cottrell's Strength and Power-Training Program!

  • Seven 20-30 minute "Brief and Brutal" Workouts.

  • Larry Scott Approved Six-Day Super Advanced Routine.

  • And Much More...

--If you're a writer--any kind of writer--you will learn from the fascinating journey of one of the world's top bodybuilding writers, on how it's done, & how you can do it, too.

Dennis will take you step-by-step through the process...

...with nothing left out--which shows you how he went from a passionate bodybuilding enthusiast to one of the top iron writers in the game!

Along the way, you'll share the fascinating story of the personal drive, difficult struggles--& humorous incidents which not only give a look into the heart of the writer's life, but will show you how to apply this same drive & perseverance to whatever you're doing.

This inspiring, motivating and captivating 200 page eReport titled: Getting A Bodybuilding Book Published is your backstage pass into the real-world of bodybuilding writing...how the stories get told! You are there with a first-hand look, on the scene, as Dennis B. Weis takes you there. Enjoy the journey!


"Herc, Just finished your new e-report. This should be required reading for all students taking journalism or writing. It is great." "It has inspired me and shown me many of my faults. I feel it will make me a better writer." "I can't tell you how fired up your new e-report has gotten me." Respectfully yours,

Alan Palmieri
Jefferson City, TN

Hi Dennis, "You stopped me in my tracks today." "I was on my way to working out when your new e-report CD "Getting A Bodybuilding Book Published" came, so I just had to look at it." "Before I knew it, I was engrossed in it & read it all in one sitting." (Yeah, eventually I worked out.)

"What a unique piece of work." "Although I am a longtime veteran writer for MuscleMag International, I was fascinated by the process you went through & the correspondence was enlightening." I can even say I learned a few things." "I really enjoyed reading your report."

Take care,

Greg Sushinsky
MuscleMag International
Contributing Consultant


I want to thank you for sending the CD. Here I am at 11:15 still here because I became captivated in your story. I learned a ton and it was just so interesting to me as I have read your articles and books from the beginning with no idea of the behind the scenes stuff.


Roger Riedinger
Beverly International Nutrition, Inc.

Dear Dennis:

"Got your CD (How To Get A Bodybuilding Book Published) and must congratulate you on a fine job. Your information on getting any book published is valuable for someone who is looking for help."

Bill Pearl

This e-Report is New and Different

It's New-so new in fact that much of its contents has never appeared in print.

It's Different-no e-report like it has ever been written on this important subject.

It's Authentic-every statement is backed by 28 years of muscle writing experience.

It's Up-To-Date-contains last minute information on the latest discoveries for becoming an article & book writing-machine.

It's Fearless- The 7 "Inside Secrets" of a 'Muscle Niche Writer' are all boldly exposed.

It's Practical-it tells you what to do and how to do it.

It's Complete-every possible secret I've discovered for getting your articles published by the magazines and how to successfully get your bodybuilding book published are revealed in complete detail is considered.

bodybuilding book publishing This Must Have e-Report is Now Available

Unlock Your Muscle Writing Potential

It's easy to order - and only costs $47

Just click here to order via our online secure server.

As soon as you send us your order we will PRIORITY ship the eReport on CD-rom to you.


Dennis B. Weis

Or you can mail your payment to:

Critical Bench
PO BOX 17959
Clearwater, FL 33762


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