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August 12, 2020
Bodybuilding Information...
For Natural Drug Free Non-Competitive Bodybuilders on CD-ROM
by natural bodybuilding guru Alan Palmieri

This Is The Information the Muscle Mags Don't Want You To Know About!

Natural Bodybuilding Information The ranks of individuals involved or who want to be involved in Natural Non-Competitive Bodybuilding is swelling and bursting at the seams. Never before in bodybuilding history has there been such an interest by men, women, and teens to build up, slim down, or improve their physical being. They want to be bodybuilders for their own betterment but they do not want to be competitive bodybuilders. The best part is they want to do it naturally, without the use of steroids and other dangerous muscle enhancing drugs.

As "Baby Boomers" start hitting that sensitive point in life where their health and physical condition becomes a priority, many have taken up various activities in an attempt to "shape-up." Some by walking, riding bicycles, jogging, aerobics, yoga, and other activities designed to make them healthier and more physically appealing. A great many have taken to bodybuilding knowing it works and produces results but they do not wish to compete. Their desire is health and a well developed physique.

Others; men, women, and teens have taken to bodybuilding to add those additional pounds to their frail thin bodies or to shed those unwanted pounds knowing that bodybuilding works and is one of the best and fastest ways to achieve safe and lasting results. These individuals do not wish to become competitive bodybuilders either; they just want the benefits bodybuilding provides.

Until now, exactly how to accomplish the task of being a natural drug free non-competitive bodybuilder has been treated as an unknown or deep secret. A great many bodybuilders who claim to be drug free simply aren't. They just won't admit it for any number of reasons. Then you have the natural bodybuilder who works himself to death just trying to keep up with all the different workout routines and programs published each month in a dozen or so magazines. Let's not leave out the ones who search the internet and read tons of books on bodybuilding only to become more confused then when they started.

Yes, the search for the elusive secret of natural bodybuilding continues on. I wish I could say there was a secret so I could sell a million books but the truth is… there is no secret. It's all in how and what you do.
No dark hidden secret exists.

bodybuilding information Those new to bodybuilding often fade quickly as they are uncertain what they should be doing and what to expect. Intermediate bodybuilders often suffer from the lack of guidance or understanding. In some rare instances even advanced natural bodybuilders often seek a new or different approach as sticking points, diet, and the same routine becomes stale.

A great many people who seek the insight of bodybuilding are timid of asking questions. Some are fearful of not knowing what to ask or how to ask it. Others feel more comfortable if they could learn what to do on their own. "Information For Natural Drug Free Non-Competitive Bodybuilders" provides a wealth of information. Does it provide the answer to all the questions everyone might have… no it doesn't. No source does. "Information For Natural Drug Free Non-Competitive Bodybuilders" does however, provide simplicity for the beginner, variation for the intermediate, and tools for the advanced.

"Information For Natural Drug Free Non-Competitive Bodybuilders" was written for the man, women, or teenage who wants to be a bodybuilder but does not want to compete.

"Information For Natural Drug Free Non-Competitive Bodybuilders" provides details, workouts, charts, and a lot of other helpful information for those desirous of becoming bodybuilders but who for personal reasons, does not want to step on stage and pose.

"Information For Natural Drug Free Non-Competitive Bodybuilders" presents actual routines and information, not just super-hype often used to sell some publications. The information, charts, and tools contained on this CD-ROM can be a valuable asset to your training and a definite resource for understanding.

Just a few of the testimonials...

...received for the "Information For Natural Drug Free Non-Competitive Bodybuilders" CD-ROM.

Excellent and informative…. P. P., TN

The charts and tools are worth the price of the CD…. S.S., LA

Valuable information, full of details… R.H., NC

This has been a great help for both me and my son… S.W., TN

The Table of Contents provides you with exactly what information is covered in the "Information For Natural Drug Free Non-Competitive Bodybuilders" CD-ROM.

Table of Contents - 121 Pages!

Bodybuilding Information Chapter 1 Bodybuilding History
Chapter 2 Starting
Chapter 3 Steroids and Muscle Enhancing Drugs (MED)
Chapter 4 Understanding
Chapter 5 The Garbage - The Truth
Chapter 6 Best Tips For Losing Weight
Chapter 7 Best Tips For Gaining Weight
Chapter 8 Weight Training Principles
Chapter 9 Beginning Workout
Chapter 10 Intermediate Workout
Chapter 11 Advanced Split Training
Chapter 12 Advanced Training
Actual Workout
Favorite Body Part Exercises
Diet - Supplements
Basic Kinesiology Chart
Body Part Exercise Chart
Muscle Anatomy Chart
Basic Anatomy Chart
Find Your One Rep Maximum
Percentage Chart
Max Percentage Chart
Ultimate Strength Chart
Workout Log
Meal Log
Progress Record
Food Value Chart
About The Author

"Information For Natural Drug Free Non-Competitive Bodybuilders" is available in CD-ROM format only and can be shipped world-wide.

Order you CD-ROM of "Information For Natural Drug Free Non-Competitive Bodybuilders" Securely Online TODAY!!

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Or Send Order and Payment (U.S. Funds Only) To:

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