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July 14, 2024
Super Bodybuilding Brain Stack CD-ROM

knowledge is powerMore Powerful Than Any Supplement/Drug Stack

Critical Bench & Dennis B. Weis "The Yukon Hercules" are offering a priceless 'custom' made (PDF format) collectible super CD data package which contains 9 of Dennis' extensive 'world famous' easy to read e-reports ($155.00 VALUE):

With Your CD You'll Learn About:

  • Cinderblock Abs the Australian Way
    (pgs. 33)…$10.00 value
    All of the time-proven secrets for developing superb, sculptured, deeply etched, rippling, cinderblock abs are revealed in this ultimate instruction-packed report.

  • Special Report Big Arms: Neural One-Day Blitz System "Add ½ Inch in One Day"
    (pgs. 62)…$20.00 value
    You have to fight for big arms, and the 16 Stepping Stones revealed within the pages of the Special Big Arms Report will give you all the edge you need to accomplish this goal.

  • Buyer Beware! Mail-Order Muscle Ads
    (pgs. 30)…$20.00 value
    The purpose of this e-report is to give you a personalized glimpse, glance, and analysis regarding the true factors and the charades behind select mail-order marketing trickery classified and display ads.

  • The Triple Phase Powdered Creatine Report
    (pgs. 15)…$10.00 value
    This e-report reveals all the potentially revolutionary nutritional secrets of creatine supplementation. You will learn the "secrets" for making it work correctly.

  • The Jettison Technique: Blowtorch-Intensive Resistance
    (pgs. 12)…$15.00 value
    This comprehensive and definitive E-report contains explicitly calculated, NEW, state-of-the-art training methods to help you add natural muscle. I unveil an innovative dual-resistance training system that can't help but deliver a Super Mega-Pump to your muscles.

  • Muscular Size and Strength for a Championship Physique -- The Chuck Sipes Super-Seminar
    (pgs. 28)…$15.00 value
    Get ready to step back into the 60's and check into the mind of one of pro-bodybuilding's best and begin to absorb the knowledge of the training and nutrition stragegies it took to win an IFBB show.

    (pgs. 93)…$25.00 value
    Bodybuilding's Original Iron Knight speaks…in this rare hardcore series of unpublished direct training communiqués. "Chuck Sipes Lives Again." Through the 20th Century-21st Century millennial time barrier comes the incredible human strength and bodybuilding fire power wisdom of one of the 20th Century's greatest Bodybuilding legends.

  • Massive Muscle Pumping -- Gain 25 Pounds in (A) 21 Day (Mass Up Cycle)
    (pgs. 106)…$25.00 value
    … is a (Mega gaining database formula)" e-report which contains the most dynamic and unorthodox advanced training principles available NOW.. The revolutionary training techniques revealed within this (Mega-gain) e-report (are beyond normal) by 21st century training standards. But you are not looking for (low level time factored) training results; you are looking for (advanced bio-reactive instant forced gaining potential).

  • Ted Arcidi "The Boss of the Bench Press"
    (pgs. 28)…$15.00 value
    In addition to some in depth questions this 28 page e-book also covers Ted's training outline, perfect bench press technique, and Ted's blueprint for championship bench pressing. You'd have to agree that we all could learn a thing or two from this pioneer in the sport.

Order Now And You'll Receive The Following Super Bonuses Valued At OVER $100!

The bonus report titles read as follows:

  • Hip Belt Squats: "The Anabolic Equalizer"

  • EMBRYONIC BODYBUILDING "The Original Not The Imitation"

  • Armed Power Now!

  • Natural Contest Training

  • The Barbell Clean & Press

  • Bits of Advice and Routines

  • World Class Bench Pressing

  • Fred C. Hatfield's (Dr. Squat) Heavy Iron Seminar

The e-reports and bonus articles comprise a 'massive' 550+ pages worth of The Behind Closed Door Training Secrets Of The World's Most Successful Bodybuilders!

The E-reports, and the feature length BONUS reports contained in The Master Bodybuilding Data Hardcore Super Brain Stack' package' if purchased separately would cost $255.00. Order NOW and you can have this package for only $65. That's a $189.00 saving!


Super Bodybuilding Brain Stack CD

Review of Brain Stack CD:

Nobody else but Dennis B. Weis, the Ketchikan, Alaska power-bodybuilder, trainer and bodybuilding journalist, could have created the incredible "Bodybuilding Brain Stack CD." This inimitable writer has put together all 19 of his dynamic e-reports on one CD--an encyclopedic venture which is a virtual bodybuilding library in itself.

On this CD you'll find info on: how to put pounds of muscle on in weeks, not months. How to increase your bench press. How to grow your arms, get massive and--well, just about anything you want to do with your bodybuilding, you'll find out how to do on the Brain Stack CD.

And it's not hype! Why not? Because Dennis B. Weis, a name in bodybuilding that shines with integrity, has and is living the life. Dennis has committed most of his life to the doing and learning of bodybuilding, from the most humble, unlikely beginnings, through his perseverance and guts to achieve an admirable physique, great power--and he's done it. And that's not all. He didn't stop with his own achievements, but learned everything he could & passes it on to others, via his numerous articles, best-selling books, personal instruction, & now this fabulous, invaluable CD filled with his information-laden e-reports which are like found gold for bodybuilders.

A fraction of what you'll learn in the Brain Stack: the benching secrets of Ken Lain & Ted Arcidi, two legendary 700 lb. bench press kings, unique methods of putting on pounds of muscle in a 21-day massive cycle, a big arms program unlike anything you've seen, as well as a rare window into the training wisdom of the late, legendary Chuck Sipes, the power storm of bodybuilding, and so much more.

The Brain Stack features years of practical training information & wisdom--which only Dennis B. Weis could have gleaned and presented with his hard-hitting, strong writing style. You will not only be engrossed in the terrific material, but after you are done, you'll have more information to take to the gym to try out than you could use in several training lifetimes. It is hard to convey the impact of the Brain Stack, but when you get it and read it (and re-read it, again & again), you will find yourself saying, "this is the best value in bodybuilding." And you know what? You'd be right!

In our industry which so often favors hype over substance, the Brain Stack CD is a refreshing departure. It features not only great bodybuilding information--information you can immediately put to use--but wonderful writing & insights & personal glimpses into some of the personalities of the iron game, some legends, some not, but all of great interest, as Dennis B. Weis has cast his spell of insightful & wonderful presentation of these people & practical ideas of bodybuilding.

The Brain Stack CD should well become a bodybuilding classic.

Dennis, congratulations on simply great work.

--Greg Sushinsky


Hi Dennis, "Thanks so much for the seminars and reports." ("My personal favorite is the Buyers Beware, naturally!") "We'll have fun with them-good luck with the sales!!"

Your Pals, Laree & Dave Draper

Dear Dennis, "I like your writing style (e-reports) very much." "Crisp, bouncy and clean."

Bob Fritz, Author of EVO Bodybuilding

"Dennis Weis is a guy who has seen it all and done it twice. He provides detailed information which is foolproof and dead on. It you want to know how to get stronger and more muscular, listen to what he has to say!"

Nelson Montana, Renowned Columnist for Muscle Mag Int'l

"The Dennis B. Weis specialized 'e-books' on training for precision and rapid fire results are the 21st Century's modern way to learn the secrets and facts of safe Bodybuilding anabolic growth, gaining dense muscle mass and producing extreme strength contraction forces." "These cyberspace 'e-books' muscle up databases are a perfectly clear, instructional and motivational read for…the man or woman, athlete, home trainer, gym trainer, and even the professional personal trainer."

DENIE: former sports magazine editor, photojournalist and the IFBB Medical and Press Liaison

Dear Dennis: I have thoroughly enjoyed your writing for many years. Your books and reports are some of the most informative, interesting and, valuable anyone interested in bodybuilding and weightlifting could obtain. Each provides far more in value than the price. I highly recommend anyone with interest in the sport seek out your work. The honesty and insight you provide is exceptional by any standard.

Alan Palmieri
Jefferson City, Tennessee

Super Bodybuilding Brain Stack CD


Or Send Order and Payment (U.S. Funds Only) To:

Critical Bench
PO BOX 17959
Clearwater, FL 33762


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