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July 18, 2024

Exercise: Stability Ball Chest Bounce & Hold

Chest Bounce Physio Ball Exercise Example VideoPrimary Muscle


Secondary Muscles

Core, Triceps, Shoulders

Equipment Needed

Stability Ball

Mechanics Type


Proper Exercise Technique

A great ballistic exercise. Hold your body in a prone position with your hands on the ball, feet on the floor in a strong push-up position. Let your body drop to the ball making contact at your chest with enough force to bounce back up and catch yourself by re-establishing control of the stability ball with your arms. This is an advanced exercise and may take some time to master.

Stability Ball Chest Bounce & Hold Exercise - Start Position

exercise ball chest hold<

Stability Ball Chest Bounce & Hold Exercise - Finish Position

stability ball chest hold bounce

Stability Ball Chest Bounce & Hold Exercise Video


Stability ball Chest Bounce Exercise Video Free Example



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