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The Jettison Technique e-Report

The Jettison Technique "Add Inches to Your Arms & Shoulders. Gain Solid Natural Muscle Fast Without Anabolic Steroids"

This comprehensive and definitive E-report contains explicitly calculated, NEW, state-of-the-art training methods to help you add natural muscle. Within the pages of THE JETTISON TECHNIQUE, I unveil an innovative dual-resistance training system that can't help but deliver a Super Mega-Pump to your muscles.

I don't care what segment of the Iron Game fraternity you represent -- hard gainer, genetic superior (champion), and/or anabolic steroid user -- you're going to become bigger, thicker, and stronger by implementing the powerful JETTISON TECHNIQUE into your training regimen. Highlights in this breakthrough manual include:

  • Unique Latex Cable/Free Weights Technique

  • 25/25 Giant Cycle Principle

  • 25/25 Reverse Giant Cycle Principle

  • Technique Emphasis System

THE JETTISON TECHNIQUE is logical, comprehensive, and purposely presented to be learned quickly and easily with as little fuss as possible. Prepare yourself for one of the most dramatic and powerful, super-intense workouts you will ever experience for stimulating explosive muscle growth.

The closely guarded secrets contained within the covers of THE JETTISON TECHNIQUE can be yours. Get the results all the others will miss. Order today for only $15.00

     $15. Download a copy of The Jettison Technique over the Web. See the program now.

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About the Author

Dennis was first published over two decades ago (1976) in the pages of Iron Man magazine. Since that time he has become known to almost every mainstream bodybuilding/physique magazine's readership throughout the United States and Europe. The magazines that publish his articles include and are not limited to Bodybuilding Monthly (U.K. publication), Exercise For Men Only, Hardgainer (Nicosia, Cyprus, publication), Iron Man, Muscle & Fitness, Muscle Magazine Int'l, and Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness.

     $15. Download a copy of The Jettison Technique over the Web. See the program now.

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