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July 18, 2024

Exercise: Explosive Band Knee Ups for Abs

Band Knee Ups ExercisePrimary Muscle


Secondary Muscles


Equipment Needed

Bands, Cables

Mechanics Type



Explosive Band Knee Ups for Abs Exercise Video Technique

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Bench Press Powerlifting BandsBench Press & Powerlifting Bands
Powerlifting bands provide one way to incorporate what's often called the contrast method into your program, which means the weight changes at different points of the lift.

In the case of bands, the weight constantly increases throughout the concentric movement, sometimes called 'accommodating resistance.' Bands make the eccentric portion of the lift considerably harder as well, and are great tools for learning speed and acceleration, maybe through a sticking point in your lift, or just to increase your starting strength or lockout ability. - 6 products



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