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July 18, 2024
Octacosanol Review & Information
compliments of Bodybuilding.com

Octacosanol Supplement Guide:
Increases The Body's Ability To Use Oxygen!

Octacosanol Supplement Review and Guide What is it and where does it come from?

Octacosanol (C28H58O) is a 28 carbon long-chain saturated primary alcohol, and is the active ingredient in wheat germ oil. It is found in wheat germ oil, spinach and sugar cane wax.

What does it do and what scientific studies give evidence to support this?

Octacosanol is believed to perform a number of beneficial actions in the body.

Chief amongst these is its ability to enhance athletic performance by increasing the body's ability to use oxygen during exercise. The hard working muscles of an athlete need oxygen to perform and recover. Octacosanol improves oxygen usage by strengthening the heart, supporting low LDL cholesterol levels and higher HDL levels, thereby maintaining healthy heart function.

Octacosanol also acts to increase exercise endurance because of its high vitamin E content. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and free-radical scavenger. Vitamin E protects muscle tissue and DNA from damage, and immune function from oxidative stress. By preventing the buildup of lactic acid and increasing the body's ability to store glucose as muscle glycogen, octacosanol can improve muscular strength and endurance.

Who needs it and what are some symptoms of deficiency?

All persons can benefit from supplementing with octacosanol. Athletes in particular can benefit from its use because of its ability to enhance endurance and improve oxygen usage.

Octacosanol is not an essential bodily constituent and there are no symptoms of deficiency.

How much should be taken?
Are there any side effects?

Adhere strictly to label guidelines.

The effects of this supplement may take several weeks to notice and clinical studies have shown that long-term octacosanol use did not produce negative effects.2,3

Republished from Clayton South's Health Facts.

Top 5 Selling Octacosanol Products

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2. NOW Energy
3. NOW Wheat Germ Oil
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5. Berkeley Premium Altovis





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