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May 19, 2024
Revealed to the public for the first time ever

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The Secret Training Methods That Transformed A Scrawny Former Marathon Runner Into A Massive Power-Bodybuilder-
Bench Pressing 515 Lbs And
QUADRUPLING Overall Body Strength & Power.

Dear Friend,

Are you satisfied with your current bodybuilding progress?

Would an extra couple of inches of muscle on your arms, chest, thighs, and calves...while trimming some fat off your waist...help transform your physique?

If so, then reading this letter will probably be the turning point in your bodybuilding and strength training.

Here is why:

There is a new training manual that was just released called,

"Hampton Strength Systems". It was written by Dave Hampton, a former endurance athlete who discovered the secret of transforming his formerly skinny "marathon runner" physique into a huge, powerful and intimidating mountain of muscle.

Dave has only revealed these secrets to a few of his personal friends that he trained to be champion powerlifters. He has never revealed any of this information to the general public - until NOW!

Here is just a brief glimpse of the stun gun technique secrets Dave's sharing in his new eBook manual:

Bench Press Routine

This is the routines that dave put together which doubled his bench press in 3 years (225-450 pounds). Through trial and error dave developed a unique 4 cycle rotating bench press blueprint plan. He tried many other plans but none of them produced an increase in his and many others' bench pressing strength like the one presented in this chapter.

The uniqueness of dave's 4 cycle rotating bench press plan is in its simplicity. He uses very practical methods that are virtually guaranteed to maximize the bench press poundages of the anabolic drug-free power-bodybuilder. Dave strongly suggests that anabolic drug-free power-bodybuilders must train differently than the drug users and proves it.

If you are desperate to improve your current bench press poundage big time and want to do so for years to come then you will definitely want to read this chapter.

Strength Training Methods

Dave is always quick to point out that he is not a powerlifter. He is a strongman who performs - feats of strength, and over the last decade has created many - different strength traiining methods, many of which are contrary to the conventional wisdom of training.

The strength training methods espoused in this chapter have worked incredibly well for dave and many others who come to him for such advice. Dave is quick to point out that these are not the typical power lifting methods one would use for developing tremendous strength. Check out this chapter and discover dave hampton's secret strength training methods.

How To Build Powerful Legs

Large powerful piston like legs along with the back are the cornerstone of overall body strength. Power legs are absolutely critical in the performance of all sports and without them and a powerful back a person will not be able to maximize their performances in other lifts such as the barbell- deadlifts, bench press and power cleans.

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big strong back How To Build a Strong Back

A strong back is the foundation for overall body strength. Whether it is lifting on the job or in a weightlifting contest, or playing sports of all kinds, a powerful back can make or break you. In this chapter you will learn how to build strengh and bold thicknesss from the upper to lower back and how to build lats that are essential to upper body strength and the development of the rear shoulders.

How To Build a Powerful Chest

Large impressive and powerful chest muscles are of vital importance when pushing the big, big poundages in the bench press. this chapter continues - where chapter one (bench press routine) left off.

How To Build Large Shoulders

The shoulders or delts are a vital key to pushing and pressing strength. They determine how much a person will be able to bench press, press overhead and even the potential for arm growth. This is a must read chapter for everyone who wants to become big and strong.

Large Arms How To Build Large Triceps

As you may already know, the triceps make up about two thirds of the upper arm size and coupled with the shoulders they are also responsible for pushing and pressing power. The bottom line is that if you want really large, strong arms, triceps training is a must and this chapter reveals how.

How To Build Large Biceps

The routines in this valuable chapter shows what it really takes to build large strong biceps. Dave talks about the role of genetics, core exercises, sets and reps and diet as it applies to the role of obtainining really huge biceps.

Progressive-Rep Training

The simple technique revealed in this chapter will blast your strength into another realm, if you keep at it consistently. learning this simple secret which, when applied, will keep turning your strength up level after level and most importantly keep you injury free. It's a technique no strength athlete should do without!

Basic Barbell Exercises

For the would be power-bodybuilder who is short on training time dave outlines a time sensitive program consisting of the 8 best core exercises. Best of all it is a total body workout that can be accomplisehd in about 30 minutes.

Specialized Training For Feats Of Strength & How To Perform Them

feats of strengthThis chapter is very unique to say the least because big dave hampton reveals the planning, strategies and specific type-of training that is involved in the performance of feats of strength.

Dave reveals how to pinpoint the specific muscles that are involved with each particular feat of strength that he performs and how he goes about training the involved muscles with specific exercises that virtually mimic the muscle action of the feat of strength he will be performing.

For instance, when pulling dump trucks or cars chained together, performing barbell back squats to build a foundation of leg strength is a waste of time and effort. Why? Because squating action does not contribute to the success of the two feats of strength just mentioned. In this chapter you will learn the seldom revealed strength methods necessary for performing feats of strengh.

Within this chapter dave talks as well - in detail about his training philosophies and why they work! He offers examples such as power lifters who are bigger and stronger in the squat, bench press and deadlift but cannot even come close to performing the feats of strength that he -performs on a regular basis.

CLICK HERE for the NEW Hampton Strength Systems

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