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April 2, 2006
Female Bodybuilder Anita Hess Tribute

Anita Hess Pics About me:

Name: Anita Hess

Date/place of birth: 1976, on 27th of August in Rostock (Germany)

Sign of zodiac: Virgin

Residence: Frankfurt am Main

Profession: I work in an Office Height: 172 cm

Weight (Offseason): approx. 75 kg

Match Weight: 65 kg


German Champion 2005 / Superbody Class & Overall Champion


Champion of EUROPEAN WEIDER GRAND PRIX 2005 in Montpellier (F)

Ms World 2004 & Overall Champion of all Classes (Slovenia)

German Vice Champion 2003 Figure Class

German Champion 2002 & Overall Champion Figure Class

Westgerman Champion 2002

Official Site:





EUROPEAN WEIDER GRAND PRIX in Montpellier - 1st Place

NABBA Universe England 2005 - not in Final


Ms. World 2004 (Slovenia) – Overall Champion

NABBA Universe England 2004 - 3rd Place


NAC-International/Mr. & Ms. Universe 2003 - 3rd Place

German Championship 2003 – 2nd Place Figure Class


W.A.B.B.A. Weltmeisterschaft 2002 Teneriffa - 7th Place

Deutsche Meisterschaft 2002 - 1st Place & Champion Figure Class

Westdeutsche Meisterschaft 2002 - 1st Place

Hessen Cup 2002 - 3rd Place


Hessen Cup 2001 - 1st Place

German Championship 2001 - 4th Place

Ms California Kassel 2001 - 5th Place


Großer Preis von Norddeutschland 2000 - 2nd Place

The most important to me, and what I like most:

- honest and trustworthy people

- extended sun baths

- to go out with friends

- my parents and our dog Moses II

- dining at my favourite Spanish restaurant "The Barrel"

What I hate:

- liars and envious people - but they too belong to life - otherwise I wouldn't appreciate my true friends

- insincere people

- intolerance

- always having to defend and justify my sports - it's boring

- moving from one town to the next

Very early my parents noticed, and were concerned that I do to much sports. After high diving and swimming was not as successful as I hoped it would be I changed to handball. I loved it right from the beginning I was passionately fond of this sport for 17 years. Unfortunately this sport .brings along various sporting accidents so that I decided to go on for another kind of sport.

Looking for the right sport I went to different institutes and in April 1999 I dropped into a fitness studio and I loved it from the beginning. The fate struck me as I got hold of magazines like "The Flex" and "Sport Revue". These magazines pointed out how aesthetic good formed bodies look like. It took only a half year and I was training with the guys. I love this sport and was hot to do an concentrated training for my first contest. My first contest was the North German Championship in 2000 were I achieved 2nd place. Lacking experience during my first competition I wanted to know it again in 2001. The result was amazing, I became Mistress of Hessen. Here I don't want to miss to thank Jaro, Erich and Silly from the bottom of my heart for their support. And too my colleagues, who suffered with me. They had a hard time during my diet phase putting up with my bad moods. Without you pushing and supporting me, I guess I would never have made it. THANKS!!!

I changed my studio and now I do my workout in Kelsterbach. Amongst remarkable bodies, like-minded people and loud music I am pushing myself and I am look forward to my next competition.

I feel great and enjoy the regards I get from strangers. It makes me smile and too it hits me, when I hear both good and bad comments.

I can recommend "Body Shaping" to everyone. This sport is a sport were one can actually see what nutrition and hard perseverance training does to your body, and how your figure changes.



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