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April 2, 2006
Female Bodybuilder Valentina Chepiga Tribute

Female Bodybuilder Valentina Chepiga Valentina's Stats

Height: 5'5'' – 165 cm

Weight: 135 lbs. - 61,2 kg

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Measurements: 36C, 24, 35 inches (91, 61, 89 cm)

Born: Apr 27, 1962

Valentina's Bio

Valentina Chepiga was born in Kharkov, Ukraine, on April 27th, 1962. She started bodybuilding in 1988. She won Ukrainian championships in the same year. Up to 1992 she worked as an engineer in her city. In 1992 she started working as a personal trainer and the year after she moved to Kiev, Ukraine's capital, and worked as a personal trainer.

She competed as a middleweight (from 52 to 57 kg – from 114.6 to 125.6 lbs.) in national and international championships as an amateur bodybuilder. Here you can see her contest history as an amateur.

1993 IFBB European Championships, middleweight 3rd

1994 IFBB European Championships, mw 2nd
IFBB World Championships, mw 7th

1995 IFBB World Championships, mw 7th

1997 IFBB European Championships, mw 1st
IFBB World Championships, mw 1st
IFBB World Championships, overall 1st

In 1997, Valentina became a professional bodybuilder, and she took part to 1998 Ms. Olympia, held for the first time in history in Europe, and exactly in Prague, Czech Republic; she placed 12th. In 1999, she took part to Jan Tana Pro Classic, where she finished 3rd, and in Ms. Olympia, where she finished another time 12th.

The next year, new rules of IFBB female professional division allowed two categories for Ms. Olympia contest: lightweight (up to 135 lbs. - 61,2 kg) and heavyweight (more than 135 lbs.). For other contest, there were also three classes. Chepiga won 2000 Jan Tana Pro Classic (middleweight category) and Ms. Olympia (heavyweight category). In 2001, Valentina took part only to Ms. Olympia, but she finished 4th in heavyweight class. In 2002, she placed 1st in lightweight class of Ms. International.

1998 Ms. Olympia 12th

1999 Jan Tana Pro Classic 3rd
Ms. Olympia 12th

2000 Jan Tana Pro Classic, middleweight 1st
Ms. Olympia, heavyweight 1st

2001 Ms. Olympia, heavyweight 4th

2002 Ms. International, lightweight 1st

The weight of Valentina is so near to the limit of the two classes (135 lbs. - 61,2 kg) that she compete sometime as an heavyweight and sometime as a lightweight. Valentina has a slow metabolism and she eat fonts of slim proteins like chicken breasts and egg whites, and rice and potatoes. She doesn't like to grow so much in off-season periods.

Valentina Chepiga Videos

Valentina Chepiga Bodybuilding

Valentina Chepiga

Valentina Chepiga


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