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September 1, 2010

Fitness Model & Figure Competitor Karen Ficarelli

Fitness Model Karen Ficarellin

Female Fitness Model

Hi, I'm Karen Ficarelli, Fitness Author, Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates' Instructor, Sports Nutritionist and Fitness Model, whose passion is motivating and inspiring other women to help them achieve their individual Health & Fitness Goals! A wife and mom to three boys (ages 11, 16 and 19!!), I know what it's like to have a busy schedule. I also know the desire to attain a slim, well-toned and healthy body is as important as any other dream on this planet. But to achieve that dream, you must first believe in it.

A woman's body is different than a man's, it's imperative that as women we create time for ourselves. Time to dream, share, nourish, replenish and time to rejuvenate our bodies. That's why I developed Fitness4Her, a diet and exercise program specifically dedicated toward women's fitness.

I believe every that woman deserves a beautiful body that she can be proud of. Whether your dream is to be slim and trim or lean and mean, my program will work for you. Designed for women of all fitness levels, newbie to seasoned athlete, slim to full-figured, from eighteen to eighty, Fitness4Her will help you achieve the beautiful body that you deserve.

Karen's Web site: www.fitness4her.com


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