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February 1, 2023
Ben Tatar's 2008 Olympia Photos & Coverage

Ben Tatar at the 2008 Olympia

The Deadlift King. Andy Bolton is the only man to have deadlifted over 1000lbs. At the Olympia Expo Andy Bolton was going to shock the world by deadlifting 800lbs for over 10 reps. Andy Bolton deadlifted 800lbs for 5 easy reps, until the weights came off the bar.

Olympia Pics - Andy Bolton


Dexter Jackson Wins Bodybuilding The 2008 Olympia is known for its bodybuilding competition. The winner of the 2008 Olympia bodybuilding contest was Dexter Jackson. Bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler placed second and Phil Heath placed third.

The placings:

Mr. Olympia Final Results

1. Dexter Jackson
2. Jay Cutler
3. Phil Heath
4. Dennis Wolf
5. Toney Freeman
6. Melvin Anthony
7. Silvio Samuel
8. Dennis James
9. Mo Elmoussawi
10. Gustavo Badell
11. Darrem Charles
12. Johnnie Jackson
13. Craig Richardson
14. Ronny Rockel
15. David Henry
16. Kevin English
17T. Fouad Abiad
17T. Sergey Shelestov
17T. Leo Ingram

Fun Events At The Olympia

The 2008 Olympia Expo had "The Animal Cage" where people would try to bench press their weight for as many repetitions as possible. There were also strongman stations where people would flip tires and press logs over their heads and deadlift and curl stations for reps. Finally, there was a station where people had the opportunity to bench press a weight that looked like 585lbs which in reality weighed only 250lbs. Here is a picture of me bench pressing the 250lbs that looks like 585 for 2 sets of 20. I personally felt it was just as light or if not lighter than 225.

Bench Pressing Fake 585

The Fight

My favorite event at the 2008 Olympia Expo was the boxing ring. Big Bill and I went at it like men, and we didn't even wear head protection. I prevailed in the end, but it was the most hardcore bout of the 2008 Olympia expo according to the referee. I challenge anyone to come to Vegas and fight me in the ring in 2009!

Oversized Boxing gloves at the Olympia


2008 Olympia Pictures - Page 2 Pics - Click Here


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