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January 31, 2023
Ben Tatar's 2009 Arnold Photos & Coverage

Ben Tatar and MIndi Smith

I have met many big names in the industry so there was no telling what the 2009 Arnold would be like. I wasn't going to the Arnold as an excited/nervous rookie who felt like a kid in the candy store, I was going to the Arnold as someone who has been there and done that. I was going to the Arnold with connections and someone who knew the ropes.

I was going to see my old friends and meet new friends in the industry. I was going to use my experience to create an Arnold that would be remembered for ever and boy did I ever! I must say that the Arnold never gets old and through experience, each Arnold event gets better. Follow me through my report, as I show you one amazing experience as you go through the Ben Tatar 2009 Arnold Classic!

MMA Fighter Dan Puder
MMA Fighter Dan Puder giving Ben Tatar a kick for the 2009 Arnold!

Jennifer Rankin
Ben Tatar & Jennifer Rankin

Biggest Monster At the Arnold!

When I first arrived at the 2009 Arnold, the first person I met was the World's Strongest Man Mark Henry. Mark Henry and I talked for awhile. Mark has been WWE's ECW champion and has won the World's Strongest Man contest at the Arnold. Of all the huge monsters that I have seen Mark Henry is the biggest and freakiest powerhouse.

Mark Henry

Vanessa Van Overmeer and the Muscle Werks Booth

Vanessa Van Overmeer I give a lot of thanks to Vanessa Van Overmeer for making this trip memorable. She has been a long time friend of mine in the fitness industry, and she made this trip very interesting for me. Vanessa gave me the opportunity to pick out the booth girls to work the Max Muscle Booth at the 2009 Arnold. I had fun picking booth girls for her, and she also gave me FREE tickets to attend the UFC LIVE. Vanessa is a hard worker and a great person. She made this trip memorable.

Mary Schmidt from Tallahassee Florida flew to Ohio to work as a booth girl at the 2009 Arnold. Mary is a very genuine and talented person. We hope to see her at many more fitness events. Here is a picture of Ben and Mary working at the 2009 Arnold Expo!

Mary Schmidt

Kelly Howard
Kelly Howard was another booth girl who I selected to work the Muscle Werks booth. Kelly worked very hard and has a very smart mind. We hope to see her at more events ahead.

Full Contact Fighter Dan Puder also helped out with the Max Muscle Booth.


Muscle Werks

The First Human Barbell!

Playboy model, Brittany Nicole made her debut as the first human female barbell. At the 2009 Arnold, I got to paint her silver, and put black t-shirts over her head and her feet to look like plates. I had the honor of bench pressing the first ever human barbell. See the video below:

Everyone always ask me how I pulled it off because you don't see people bench pressing a human female barbell, let alone a playboy model. All I can say is that I had many females who wanted to do this. Brittany was selected by me to do this project, and she made history!

I hope to use Brittany for more Critical Bench creative projects at future Arnolds

Human Barbell creative project

Ben Tatar's Arnold Trip Highlight Video


2009 Arnold Pictures - Page 2 Pics - Click Here


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