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September 30, 2023

ATX Athlete Nutrition Supplement Deals

ATX Athlete Nutrition Supplements

Our mission is to help athletes succeed by offering them the best, next-generation nutritional supplements available. Our goal is to take the mystery out of choosing the right nutritional supplements for your specific sport.

Our nutritional products support the specialized training you do, as a serious athlete. With ATX, you save valuable time and money while enhancing your training results.

ATX: Our Story

ATX was founded in 2002 based on a simple proposition: "One size fits all" isn't true for athletic equipment, and it sure isn't true for athletes, either.

In fact, every sport places specific demands on an athlete, a unique profile that ATX calls a Physiological Fingerprint?.

ATX Athlete Nutrition Supplements

Using that profile - studying athletes and working with trainers - we apply a proprietary, patent-pending ATX process called Functional Physiomics? to create our unique formulas.

In 2002 we developed formulas for boxing, martial arts and combative sports that were hailed by managers and fighters alike as "impressive" and "worthwhile investments," used by among others a champion kick boxer, an Ultimate Fighting legend, and one of the leading boxing trainers in the USA.

We followed those products with a football formula in 2003 that has delivered record breaking performances by several athletes at the 2004 NFL Combine*.

As the future approaches, our scientists are developing nutritional supplements for Soccer, Running, Basketball, Baseball and Hockey.


Best Selling Most Popular ATX Athlete Nutrition Supplement

Martial Arts Recovery - Advanced Formula!
Martial Arts Recovery Supplement


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